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#30395 Item named after me!!

Posted by Damien on 02 August 2013 - 09:27 AM

Damien's Ice-Vein Mask
I made it into the game! Vlad's probably going to be jealous tongue.png

#18145 Kanrethad Guide - Warlock Green Fire - Video and Guide by Ackthal

Posted by Ackthal on 17 March 2013 - 12:05 AM

Guide to Kanrethad Ebonlocke
by Ackthal

Kanrethad is the final encounter of the quest line for warlocks to obtain green fire spell-effects. At the time of this post, he is one of the hardest solo encounters to date; from experience I’d say it’s more difficult than the benediction/anathema event. I’ve also been told it’s more difficult than the solo encounter to obtain Teragosa.

There are many ways to approach each facet of the encounter and this guide contains what I have found to work best. It is by no means an all-inclusive guide but I will try to shed light on some of the more important factors of the encounter.

My video guide of the fight:

Please post reply and +1 if you enjoyed this or found it helpful Posted Image

All three specs work for this encounter but I have found that destruction is the easiest to pull it off with and it is what I’ll be using in this guide. With destruction you have only one DoT to track and it has one of the most basic spell rotations. This will allow you to mindlessly cast while dedicating almost all of your attention to the mechanics of the fight.

Destruction contains some very nice burst (both AOE and single target), which will be Important during the Imp and Felhunter phases (covered in detail later). The ability Ember Tap can also be useful when low on HP.

Icyveins guide to Destruction Warlocks: http://www.icy-veins...w-pve-dps-guide


Soul Leach: Provides you with 10% of your damage as an absorption effect, a nice passive ability that will add a lot of points to your overall HP pool during the fight.

Shadowfury: Used during the Imp and Felhunter phase to reduce damage received.

Sacrificial Pact: Used to soak Chaos Bolt or other incoming damage.

Unbound Will: Used to dispel yourself when you can’t use your Pit Lord dispel.

Grimoire of Sacrifice: You will be enslaving a Pit Lord the entire encounter so you will not be able to have one of your own pets out, might as well pick up the extra damage and regeneration. Be sure to sacrifice the Imp for Cauterize Master, which can be used in conjuncture with the Pit Lord Fel Flame dispel and Unbound Will (more on this later).

Kil’jaeden’s Cunning: There is a lot of movement in this encounter and being able to cast while doing so will dramatically increase your DPS.


Glyph of Siphon Life: Provides passive HP regeneration.

Glyph of Healthstone: 100% more HP from your healthstone, nice in clutch situations.

Glyph of Ember Tap: Provides 5% extra healing from your ember tap ability, but over 10 seconds. You may choose to not use this glyph if you will be relying on a quick injection of hp (preparing for incoming Chaos Bolt).

Glyph of Dark Soul: If you have T14 set bonus Dark Soul will be off cool down most of the fight since you will be saving it for the Felhunter phase, this is where this glyph will benefit you most. You may feel that you can manage the timing of the cooldown to be able to use it in-between each Felhunter phase (I like to use it a second time during each cycle in-between Doomguard and Imp phases), if so, don’t use this glyph, but be warned that having it ready for the Felhunter phase is a MUST.

Glyph of Enslave Demon**: You need to use this for this encounter as the Pit Lord will Charge you and stun for 5 seconds if you don’t get this cast off fast enough. You will casting Enslave Demon more than once throughout the fight.

Glyph of Gateway Attunement** (or alternatively a Gateway Control Stone): Allows you to walk through your demonic gateway to use it, rather than having to click it. Since using the gateway as much as possible is a necessity in this fight, this glyph (or the stone) is a must.

Kanrethad Abilities:

Curse of Ultimate Doom: 2 second cast debuff- 500 million damage after 7 minutes. This is Blizzard’s way of capping the time limit on the fight. It can be easily dealt with by using a Purification Potion to remove it once, potentially extending the time to 14 minutes.

Excruciating Agony: A slow ticking DoT that will build up in damage as it stays on you (must be dispelled).

Seed of Terrible Destruction: A debuff that will expire after 15 seconds, randomly applying one of three effects.

1.) Annoying Imp: This is an undispelable debuff, an Imp will latch on to you and interrupts casting and stops movement every 2-3 seconds.

2.) Void Zone: Knocks you back about 20 yards and generates a void circle about 10 yards in diameter at point of knockback. If you step into this void circle it will suck you in and trap you while doing continual damage, eventually killing you.

3.) Backfire: Debuff that provides a 25% damage increase.

Seed of Terrible Destruction must be dispelled before expiring. The 25% damage buff is nice but you have a 2/3 chance of getting screwed if you allow it to tick off.

Soul Fire: 35k damage – 3 second cast; uninterruptable single target cast, easily mitigated with Pit Lord tanking and self-regen/absorbs.

Chaos Bolt: 450k – 6 second cast; he will cast this on you about every minute, you can choose to line of site Kanrethad to avoid this or absorb it with Sacrificial Pact, Twilight Ward, and Unending Resolve. I would not recommend using the Pit Lord Charge to interrupt this spell as it will be needed to interrupt Cataclysm.

Cataclysm: Inflicts 25k damage over 15 seconds, at the end of the 6 second cast it does 1 million damage to all targets within 100 yards. During phase transition Kanrethad will run to the center of the room and start casting Cataclysm, if this is not interrupted with Pit Lord Charge ability before the cast finishes, it will nuke the hell out of you and you will die a horrible death while being thrown one hundred feet into the air.

Summon Pit Lord: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and summons a Pit Lord; this thing has a lot of HP and must be enslaved immediately with Enslave Demon (use a macro). You will rely on the Pit Lord’s abilities and large health pool to complete this encounter. If the Pit Lord is left uncontrolled you will quickly find out he can make your life very difficult with 100k cleaves.

Summon Wild Imps: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and begins to summon 60 Imps to attack you; he will continuously summon Imps until the cast finishes. These will take you down fairly fast if left unchecked.

Summon Felhunters: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and summons 3 Felhunters, these do some damage and dispel your Enslave Demon on the Pit Lord (more on how to deal with this later).

Summon Doom Lord: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and summons a Doom Lord to attack you. The Doom Lord can be banished, but I prefer to let the Pit Lord tank it so I don’t have to re-banish throughout the fight.

Pit Lord Abilities:

Cleave: His main attack, this should be on passive auto-use and is none of our concern.

Fel Flame Breath: A frontal cone AOE that does 25,000 damage per tick and each tick also dispels one of your debuffs. It has a range of about 10 yards and has an 8 second cooldown. This should be used as often as possible to constantly be dispelling yourself and to provide another source of damage/aggro for your Pit Lord. Make sure this ability is macroed and bound. In this guide I instruct you to only use it on yourself with the macro provided below then you can direct it where you want with your own movement.

Charge: Charges the target and stuns them for 5 seconds, while stunned the target takes 100% increased damage. Save this ability for interrupting Cataclysm during each phase transition; it has 20 second cooldown. I recommend binding this ability with a target focus macro.

Demonic Siphon: An ability that will heal you for 200k hp, it has a 20 second cooldown. This should be bound/macroed and used whenever you have some missing HP.

Abilities to pay attention to outside of your “normal” rotation:

Demonic Gateway: This is your bread and butter for surviving the fight; use it as often as possible (when off cooldown). Be sure to have the stone or the glyph so you don’t have to click on your gateway to use it. I found the best positioning for me is to have one end near the center of the room and the other end in front of Kanrethad’s gateway (as seen in the video); this allows you to line up your Pit Lord’s Fel Flame Breath for maximum damage and dispels since Kanrethad sits in the same two spots for most of the fight.

Demonic Circle: Use it to travel key locations quickly, whether it is to line of site Chaos Bolt or positioning for Imp and Felhunter phases.

Singe Magic: Use this to dispel your debuffs when you are unable to use Pit Lord’s Fel Flame.

Soulshatter: A nice aggro dump, save this for Felhunter phase (more on this later).

Shadowfury: An excellent utility spell, use this to stun Imp/Felhunter groups for reducing incoming damage.

Sacrificial Pact: Save this for incoming Chaos Bolt’s or emergencies.

Twilight Ward: Save this for incoming Chaos Bolt’s.

Unending Resolve: A nice damage reduction, to be used to reduce incoming damage during Imp/Felhunter phases or incoming Chaos Bolts.

Unbound Will: Very useful for removing debuffs when Pit Lord Fel Flame is unavailable, save this for the beginning of the Felhunter phase (more on this later).

The Fight:
As stated before, this strategy is what I found to work best and is by no means the only way to complete this encounter. The fight consists of an entry phase, and then it repeats a three phase cycle until the fight has been completed. There is a transition between each phase that is the same where he will run to the center of the room and cast Cataclysm.

Phase Zero (Pit Lord)
After clicking the soul well, a demonic gateway will pop up and Kanrethad will appear, PUT HIM ON FOCUS. Whilst bragging about his huge e-peen and talking a little trash, he will walk to one side of the platform. He is attackable about 5.5 seconds after he turns towards you, during this time I like to pre-pot with Jade Serpent Potion before combat begins. Make sure that you pot before combat begins as you can only use one potion per combat cycle and you may need to use Purification Potion later in the fight to remove Curse of Ultimate Doom.

You will have a good chunk of time to free-cast on Kanrethad before he summons the Pit Lord. Take advantage of it and use all your dps cooldowns, throw in a couple Chaos Bolts.

Enslave the Pit Lord immediately after it appears or you run the risk of being Charged and stunned for five seconds. Have the Pit Lord attack Kanrethad, use Fel Flame Breath on him and then jump through your gateway so your Pit Lord can get aggro and tank him. Kanrethad will be almost exclusively attacking the Pit Lord while throwing debuffs on you if you manage your threat correctly. Position yourself behind Kanrethad and use Fel Flame Breath (macro listed below) to damage Kanrethad and dispel yourself at the same time. Continue to use your gateway and Fel Flame Breath as often as they’re off cooldown.

**This fight is much easier when Kanrethad is aggressed on the Pit Lord at all times. I have found that he will cast chaos bolt much less while aggressed on the Pit Lord and you will receive little damage from Kanrethad himself if you are consistently dispelling yourself. That is why it is so important to constantly use your Demonic Gateway.

After a minute or so Kanrethad will run to the center of the room and begin to cast Cataclysm, use your Pit Lord’s Charge ability to interrupt Cataclysm and take advantage of the 100% damage increase on Kanrethad while he is stunned. I noticed that every once in a while during this first phase he will not cast Cataclysm after he runs to the center of the room, if you notice he doesn’t start casting it shortly after he gets to the center, it’s safe to use the Pit Lord stun to take advantage of the extra damage.

Phase 1 (Imp Phase)
After a minute Kanrethad will run back towards his gateway and begin the Imp phase. He will continuously summon Imps while the spell is being cast (10 seconds). I like to position my Pit Lord near the front center of the gateway (with ctrl+3), about 7 yards from it, and I like to position myself right in front of the Pit Lord, in between the Pit Lord and Imps. Save your damage cooldowns. As the Imps begin to flow out toss a couple Rain of Fires on the gateway, wait until all of the Imps have been summoned, then throw down your Shadowfury and cast Fire & Brimstone + Immolate on the Imps. Right after your F&B Immolate use the Pit Lord Fel Flame Breath on yourself and stand in the Imps. At this point most of them should be dead, you may need to toss another rain of fire to finish them off and use Demonic Siphon to cap your HP. Continue damage on Kanrethad.

Phase 1.5 (change phase)
Kanrethad runs to the center of the room and you interrupt his Cataclysm with Charge, SAVE YOUR EMBERS AND DPS COOLDOWNS, you will need them for the Felhunter phase. Immediately after the stun falls off you will manually move (default ctrl+3) your Pit Lord behind the pillar that is located behind the gateway and to the right (as seen in the video). This will allow you to move to the center-left of the room and deal with the Felhunters without running the risk of them dispelling your enslave demon. Continue damaging Kanrethad.

As your Pit Lord is running behind the pillar to LoS the incoming Felhunters you will be unable to use Fel Flame Breath to dispel yourself, use Cauterize Master as much as possible during this setup to reduce incoming damage and then use Unbound Will right as Kanrethad begins to cast Summon Felhunters to remove any further debuff you may have.

Phase 2 (Felhunter Phase)

Right before the first Felhunter comes out use Soul Shatter to clear your aggro table so Kanrethad will ignore you and run over to continue damaging the Pit Lord. Pay attention to your warnings because he may still cast Chaos Bolt on you while you are dealing with the Felhunters.

As the three Felhunters begin to come out, pop your damaging CD’s and use Chaos Bolt, I like to have at least 3 embers saved for this phase since it is the most difficult one to get through. Make sure immolate is on all of them and take one down at a time by using Chaos Bolt + Conflag + Incinerate + Shadowburn. You may need to cast additional Incinerates before you can Shadowburn depending on your gear or how lucky you get with crits. Remember that you can use Shadowfury on them to reduce incoming damage.

Phase 2.5 (Phase Change)
After all 3 Felhunters are dead command your pet to attack and continue damaging Kanrethad, he’ll go through another phase change by casting Cataclysm. Deal with it the same way as before, use your embers on Chaos Bolts while he is stunned. Keep using your Demonic Gateway and Fel Flame Breath!

Phase 3 (Doom Lord Phase)
This is the easiest phase to deal with. While Kanrethad is casting Summon Doom Lord, take advantage of this time to dismiss your Pit Lord and re-enslave him so you don’t have to worry about losing control of him later in the fight. Continue to damage Kanrethad while he is summoning, try to time your Demonic Gateway debuff so you will be able to use it right as the Doom Lord comes out, when this happens attack command your Pit Lord on the Doom Lord and use Fel Flame Breath. Jump through your gateway, the Doom Lord should be attacking your Pit Lord and you can command him to continue attacking Kanrethad.

Phase 3.5 and on to Cycle Repeat

Kanrethad casts Cataclysm and you interrupt it with Charge while continuing to use Fel Flame Breath and Demonic Gateway. The cycle of phases 1-3 will continue to repeat itself until you have finished the fight. Use the same strategy for each phase as it repeats. The only difference is that there will be a Doomguard out, but he should be attacking your Pit Lord the entire time and he will be of no concern. Deal with additional Doomguards the same way.

**Remember to use a purification potion before Curse of Ultimate Doom is allowed to tick. Make sure you don’t have the Excruciating Agony curse on you when you use it or the potion may be wasted. Wait to use it after Fel Flame Breath clears your debuffs.


Enslave Macro:
/target Pit Lord
/cast Enslave Demon

Fel Flame Breath (at self)
/cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath

Pit Lord Charge
/target Kanrethad
/cast Charge

Pit Lord Heal
/cast Demonic Siphon

Chaos Bolt Defense
/cast Sacrificial Pact
/cast Twilight Ward
/cast Unending Resolve

Important things to remember and Tips

-Have your Imp sacrifice, Dark Soul, flask, food buff, healstones, and potions ready before starting

-Put Kanrethad on focus

-Use Demonic Gateway as much as possible; get a Gateway Control Stone or the Glyph of Gateway Attunement so you don’t have to click your gateway to use it.

-Use the Fel Flame Breath macro on yourself as much as possible (make sure it’s up for Imps) and line up your positioning so it hits Kanrethad and the Doom lord(s).

-Use Singe Magic to dispel yourself when Fel Flame Breath is out of range or on cooldown

-Make sure your DPS cooldowns are up and you have at least 3 Burning Embers going into Fel Hunter phase.

-Save Sacrificial Pact and Twilight Ward for incoming Chaos Bolts

-Use Ember Tap + Healthstone if you get a little low and the Pit Lord heal is on cooldown, I like to use these in conjunction with their glyphs during Imp Phase while I’m waiting for all of the Imps to appear before blowing them up.

-Use your Shadowfury on Imps and Felhunters

-Save Soulshatter and Unbound Will (to remove debuffs) for when Kanrethad is summoning Fel hunters

-Pre-pot with Jade Serpent Potion, don’t use any potions during combat so you are able to use Purification Potion to remove Curse of Ultimate Doom.

-When you see Kanrethad running to center of the room to begin casting Cataclysm, anticipate it and begin to cast Chaos Bolt before he starts casting Cataclysm. This way, right as you Charge him with the Pit Lord, a Chaos Bolt will land and you can get in an additional 2 chaos bolts before the 100% damage increase on Kanrethad fades. This can add up to a lot of extra damage if timed right. (Remember don’t do this during the change between Imp and Felhunter phase, you need to save embers for that!)

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you can post them here and I’ll try to respond. Please rate if you found it helpful.

#25641 5.4 Changes and Notes as of 7/10

Posted by Zagam on 12 June 2013 - 05:45 PM

Patch 5.4 Notes Changes - Voidwalkers now are passively under the "Will Chase Anything That Despawns Me" stance. This replaces Passive, Defensive, and Assist modes. - Imps now tell jokes instead of casting spells because they have become Impsters, the demonic incantation of hipsters. - Felguards now truly do all of their abiltiies backwards. Mortal Strike now increases healing taken by its target by 10% and your Felguard will now only repeat the saying "will it blend?" while performing Felstorm. - Succubi now wear complete goth suits including oversized trenchcoats. They also have had an attitude adjustment talking only about sewing, cooking, cleaning, and being proper female demons. No longer whips herself. - Felhunters now click "decline" when being summoned by their masters. They choose, instead, to frequent reddit/r/awww and can't be bothered from missing out on gathering more and more karma. Tier 6 Talents are now blank and do absolutely nothing worthwhile. In fact, choosing one is only deemed necessary to avoid the pop up bubble that states "you have unspent talent points." Demonic Circle: Teleport now randomly teleports you somewhere in Northrend. Demonic Gateway is no longer able to be used by the Warlock who generated it. Allies who take the Demonic Gateway yell out "WEEEEEE" in Demonic language when teleporting to the connecting gateway portal. Chaos Bolt damage has been reduced by 95%. Unstable Affliction no longer benefits from Affliction's Mastery. Mastery now only decreases the silence effect from dispelling Unstable Affliction. Metamorphosis now makes you hostile to all party and raid members enabling them to attack you and preventing you from receiving any beneficial buffs or heals. This effect also removes you from the party. You have 60 seconds to be reinvited before being teleported out of the instance.

#41271 [Frost] Akraen's Comprehensive Guide to 5.4 Frost PvE (Advanced)

Posted by Akraen on 04 November 2013 - 01:14 PM

Update: For more up to date info, please visit - I will no longer be maintaining this thread. Send me a PM on Altered Time for any individual assistance.
Akraen's 5.4 Frost Guide - Advanced
Moderator note: If you would like to get combat log analysis or anything that is not strictly related to improving this guide, please start a new topic and post it there instead. - Oltier
Disclaimer: Much of this guide covers technique and highlights key playstyle differences to promote success in raid boss encounters. At some points there may be conflict with simcraft or the experience of others. Please be aware that 5.4 frost is complex with no clear answers only best practices. If you disagree with something in this guide please respectfully post a reply but do not attempt to argue A is better than B.
This more or less concludes my 5.4 Frost guide. It's a constant work in progress. So please do not hold it against me for any fuzzy wording or confusing gist. I've attempted to be very clear here with the goal being providing some data and interpretative analysis for mages who consider themselves a little more advanced. This guide will probably not help anyone who can't already maintain bomb uptimes, track their buffs, or those who don't understand that icicles shoot automatically.
For those looking to have a set way, one answer that is the best: sorry, not this patch! Do what you can, and always remember skill is more important than anything. Work on your UIs, timing, focus, and knowing the fights. That's where the real DPS comes from.
Please provide suggestions and more information in a "scientific" manner and I will gladly add more to this and make it an even better guide! Thanks for reading my insane thoughts smile.png

#16704 5.4 Demonology Tips and Quirks

Posted by Zagam on 01 March 2013 - 04:14 PM

Greetings, Warlocks! This guide will be a source of supplemental information that is intended to help you get a better grasp on how to better play your Demonology Warlock.

Table of Contents
1) Demons and Grimoires
2) Demonology’s Feel and Nature
3) Demonology Resources
4) Opener and Execution Phase
5) Metamorphosis and Caster Form
6) Corruption and Doom
7) Hand of Gul’dan and Chaos Wave
8) Mastery, Haste, & Crit
9) Unerring Vision of Lei Shen and Wild Imps
10) AoE
11) Pandemic, Fel Flame, and Doomguard
12) Talents and Glyphs

13) Tier 16 Set Bonuses
14) Trinkets

15) Theorycrafting and Math



1. Demons and Grimoires

Demonology is all about you, you as a demon, and your demons corrupting and punishing your opponents with the art of dark magic. As a Mastery: Master Demonologist, your pets gain significantly more power than Destruction and Affliction’s pets. That said, your companion will be a trusty Felguard if you choose Grimoire of Service, Wrathguard if you choose Grimoire of Supremacy, and any demon you’d like to sacrifice with Grimoire of Sacrifice. Typically, you’ll prefer to sacrifice your Voidwalker for his Voidwalker: Shadow Bulwark ability or your Felhunter for his Felhunter: Spell Lock ability. If you elect to employ your demon instead of sacrificing him or her, you’ll be using Felguard: Felstorm or Wrathstorm to blend many opponents into gory remains.

2. Demonology's Feel and Nature

Demonology has been declared to be the hardest of the three Warlock specializations. Demonology requires paying attention to your demon, your mana bar, your unique resource, Demonic Fury, as well as 2 DoTs, a charge system for Hand of Gul'dan, and Molten Core procs which alter your rotation. This guide will try to diffuse some of the difficulty and explain all of the complexities of the class in easy-to-understand terms.

3. Demonology Resources

Demonologists have the following resources:

Mana – consumed in caster form to generate Demonic Fury and generated via Life Tap
Demonic Fury – consumed in Metamorphosis form
Molten Core procs – consumed with the use of Soul Fire
Hand of Gul'dan charges – regenerates over time, 2 total charges

Managing these resources is the key to optimizing your Demonology rotation and damage.

Mana management is rather simple as a Demonology Warlock. You'll use Life Tap to regenerate mana, but there are things to remember.

1) You don't need mana in Metamorphosis. Use long periods of Metamorphosis to passively regenerate some mana. This method won't be enough to rely on this method alone, but every global you don't spend using Life Tap is a DPS gain.

2) You should end the fight with very little mana. Finishing a fight with more than 25% mana means you used Life Tap at least one too many times.

3) Do your best to not Life Tap during periods of heavy damage or a future spike in damage.

Demonic Fury management is moderately more complex than mana. You need Demonic Fury to do high damage, so maximizing your Demonic Fury generation is key. This can be done by executing your rotation properly. There are a few Demonic Fury rules you should follow.

1) Try to never get above 900 Demonic Fury. If you come close to 900, shift into Metamorphosis and spend some until you are around 650 or 700 depending on the length of time until your next Dark Soul: Knowledge or a trinket proc.

2) Try to end fights with 0 Demonic Fury left. Maximize your damage by depleting your entire Demonic Fury bar before a fight ends.

3) Try to have at least 800 Demonic Fury for Dark Soul: Knowledge burns. You will be spending Demonic Fury and you do not want to leave Metamorphosis during Dark Soul: Knowledge. If you have the 2pc T15 set bonus, you should only need about 650 Demonic Fury for the same effect.

4) Deciding between Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos and Soul Fire as your Metamorphosis filler will depend on your Demonic Fury. Make sure not to use Soul Fire if you have less than 200 Demonic Fury while Dark Soul: Knowledge is up.

Molten Core charge management is rather simple. If you have a Molten Core charge, cast Soul Fire instead of Shadow Bolt in caster form. This will do more damage and generate higher Demonic Fury. Beware, however, that it will cost significantly more mana. You can have a maximum of 10 Molten Core charges. Try to follow these rules regarding Molten Core charges.

1) Never let yourself hit 10 Molten Core charges. Spend them either in Metamorphosis form or caster form.

2) Never ever cast Soul Fire without Molten Core charges.

Hand of Gul'dan management is discussed in section 7.

4. Opener and Execution

Demonology Opener involves some luck and finesse.  You'll be precasting Soul Fire to gain some extra Demonic Fury and give yourself a 20% chance to boost your opener by 20% with your 2pc bonus.


@ 4 seconds left, pre-pot

@ 3.5 seconds left, Soul Fire

Curse of the Elements
Grimoire: Felguard (if using GoServ)
Corruption + Felguard: Felstorm / Wrathstorm

Hand of Gul'dan
Dark Soul: Knowledge + Blood Fury / Berserking / Synapse Springs
Glyph of Imp Swarm (if using Glyph of Imp Swarm)

Shadow Bolt

Shadow Bolt

Hand of Gul'dan

Metamorphosis: Doom
Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos or Soul Fire if you have enough Demonic Fury to not drop out of Metamorphosis during Dark Soul: Knowledge.

Execution phase presents the situation where hitting an enemy below 25% with Shadow Bolt or Soul Fire will guarantee a Molten Core charge. This will slightly increase your DPS, but Soul Fire spam will either deplete your mana or your Demonic Fury rapidly, so use with caution.

5. Metamorphosis and Caster Form

Demonology Warlocks have two forms you will be performing your rotation from. One is caster form and the other is Metamorphosis form. Caster form has access to the core abilities Shadow Bolt, Corruption, Hellfire, Hand of Gul'dan, and Soul Fire. These abilities consume mana and generate Demonic Fury. Metamorphosis form turns Shadow Bolt into Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos, Corruption into Metamorphosis: Doom, Hellfire into Metamorphosis: Immolation Aura, Hand of Gul'dan into Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave, and modifies Soul Fire to consume Demonic Fury instead of generating it. These abilities consume Demonic Fury and do considerably more damage due to Mastery: Master Demonologist. If your Demonic Fury ever goes below 40, you’ll automatically be returned to caster form from Metamorphosis form. Maximizing your time in Metamorphosis will prove to be a challenging, yet very rewarding endeavor in boosting your DPS.

6. Corruption, Doom, & Snapshotting

Metamorphosis: Doom and Corruption play a large part into Demonology’s DPS, but perhaps not where one might think. Metamorphosis: Doom’s damage is pretty important to the overall contribution a Demonology Warlock brings, but Corruption’s damage is pretty small. However, they both play a part in optimizing Demonology DPS and should be treated with utmost concern. Your absolute number 1 priority is to keep both of these DoTs running on your target as well as any extra targets. Details of each follow:

Corruption generates a small amount of Demonic Fury, is refreshed by Touch of Chaos and Void Ray, and does a small amount of damage. This ability, if played corrected, should only need to be placed on its target one time as Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos is regularly used in your rotation and will extend the duration of Corruption 6 seconds. Metamorphosis: Void Ray will extend the duration of Corruption 4 seconds and will be refreshed this way during AoE situations.

Metamorphosis: Doom generates moderate to high damage in large intervals of time as well as providing an opportunity to generate a Wild Imp upon dealing critical damage. When Metamorphosis: Doom crits, it also generates 50 Demonic Fury. A special section is devoted further down in this guide regarding the trinket Unerring Vision of Lei Shen and what it means to Metamorphosis: Doom. Metamorphosis: Doom should always be cast on anything that will live for at least 1 tick of the DoT.

Snapshotting is an effect put into the combat mechanics of World of Warcraft that is used when any damage over time effect is placed on a target. Snapshotting means that when a DoT is applied, your stats are taken into account at that very moment and maintained for the duration of the DoT. When you have a proc of a trinket or Bloodlust, applying a DoT such as Metamorphosis: Doom will give that DoT a huge buff. The buff remains for the duration of the DoT, even past Bloodlust wearing off. This is a very important feature to remember as you try to maximize your DPS. This will be covered in the last section of this guide.

Metamorphosis: Doom and Corruption can be extended past their original durations of 18 and 60 seconds via Pandemic.

7. Hand of Gul'dan, Shadowflame, & Chaos Wave

Hand of Gul'dan uses a 2 point charge system. Hand of Gul'dan deals moderate damage to its target and splashes to targets nearby within 6 yards. When Hand of Gul'dan hits its target, it leaves a DoT called Shadowflame which has a slowing effect as well as generating Demonic Fury for the duration of Shadowflame. Hand of Gul'dan can stack twice due to the charge system. Both the damage and snaring component of Shadowflame are doubled upon the 2nd application of Shadowflame.

The proper way to utilize your charges of Hand of Gul'dan are to maximize the duration of Shadowflame while obtaining your 2nd stack. Since each Shadowflame duration lasts 6 seconds, you’ll want to apply the 2nd Hand of Gul'dan within 5 seconds of your first Hand of Gul'dan. Hand of Gul'dan has travel time, so you must consider this in wanting to properly utilize Hand of Gul'dan and Shadowflame. The way this can be accomplished varies by Haste levels but can always be done by this spell order:

1) Hand of Gul'dan
2) Shadow Bolt / Soul Fire
3) Shadow Bolt / Soul Fire
4) Hand of Gul'dan
5) Metamorphosis should be used directly after the 2nd Hand of Gul'dan in order to buff the damage of Hand of Gul'dan as well as the 2nd stack of Shadowflame.

With high levels of Haste, you can push a third spell in between the two Hand of Gul'dans to increase Demonic Fury and optimize Shadowflame damage.

Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave is the Metamorphosis form of Hand of Gul'dan. This does very high damage at the cost of a lot of Demonic Fury. This is great for burst AoE, but if the targets being hit would survive the duration of Shadowflame (6 seconds), then Hand of Gul'dan would be a better choice than Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave. Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave is very situational and is not commonly used.

8. Mastery, Haste, & Crit

There is an unwritten rule about Crit and Warlocks… “Crit is Shit.” You’ll typically want to avoid Crit the best you can because of how well Haste and Mastery act with Demonology. A great way to approach Haste and Mastery is not to think one is better than the other but to realize they work together with incredible synergy to maximize your DPS. Each fight is unique and may see Haste valued over Mastery or Mastery valued over Haste, but the best approach is to build for both.

When putting gems and enchants on your gear, prioritize gems based on your preference. If you are pushing higher Haste, then use the Haste version of gems. If you prefer Mastery, plug those in. For red sockets, you should always use the Intellect hybrid gems. For yellow sockets, you should use pure secondary stats, and for blue sockets, you should use either the Hit secondary hybrids or Stamina secondary hybrid gems. Stamina gems should only be used when you cannot possibly reforge out of any more Hit.

Red Sockets: Reckless Vermilion Onyx or Artful Vermilion Onyx
Yellow Sockets: Quick Sun's Radiance or Fractured Sun's Radiance
Blue Sockets: Lightning Wild Jade or Sensei's Wild Jade or Puissant Wild Jade or Forceful Wild Jade

There are many Haste thresholds which are not incredibly important to Demonology Warlocks thanks largely in part to Pandemic, but because it’s unreliable to find a solid breakpoint for Haste in terms of the spec overall, Haste breakpoints should be chosen based on how close you can get Haste and Mastery to each other. In terms of your important Haste breakpoints, these can be found at For simplicity, I will include the various values here on this page I feel are relevant:

*Assume 5% Raid Haste*

8064 Rating = 24.92% Haste = +2 ticks
14873 Rating = 41.75% Haste = +3 ticks - recommended

Metamorphosis: Doom

13153 Rating = +2 ticks - recommended

Glyph of Imp Swarm + Wild Imps
6074 Rating = 14.29% Haste = +2 Imps
14195 Rating = 33.40% Haste = +3 Imps - recommended


Therefore, recommended Haste threshold is:


14873 Rating - no Amplification trinket

14165 Rating - LFR Amplification (5%)

14032 Rating - Flex/Normal Amplification (6%)

13900 Rating - Warforged/Heroic Amplification (7%)

13772 Rating - Heroic WF Amplification (8%)


This threshold will cover the breakpoints of Shadowflame, Corruption, and Doom.


Corruption breakpoints are negligible due to the nature of it being constantly updated via Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos and its relatively minor damage.

It's almost impossible to get to a 1.000 second Soul Fire or Shadow Bolt under normal situations. However, at 40.60% personal Haste + 5% raid Haste + Bloodlust + Tempus Repit, you can get to a 1.000 second Shadow Bolt. Under the same scenario, Soul Fire reaches 1.000 second cast with 15% personal Haste. Building for this scenario is foolish and would only be obtained under rare situations and a high personal Haste rating which I discourage.

In terms of Haste and Mastery, keep them close together in value. And remember, reforging won’t make your DPS skyrocket. Your secondary stat allotment is a small contribution to your DPS. Focus more on perfecting your rotation to see the largest increase in potential damage.

9. Unerring Vision of Lei Shen and your Imps

There is a game-breaking trinket for Demonology, and it’s called Unerring Vision of Lei Shen. It drops from Lei Shen in the Throne of Thunder raid and it is absolutely beautiful. What this trinket does is snapshots any DoTs you might cast under its proc called Perfect Aim, and makes it so they will always have a critical hit. While snapshotting Corruption is nice, it really doesn’t compare to what snapshotting Metamorphosis: Doom does.

Remember that when Metamorphosis: Doom does critical damage, you spawn a Wild Imp which will generate 50 Demonic Fury. When Perfect Aim procs, you should apply Metamorphosis: Doom. This will result in a plethora of Wild Imps and this effect is only increased with multiple targets. Your absolute number 1 priority in this specialization is to apply your 100% guaranteed crit Metamorphosis: Doom to anything without it.

Without this trinket, Demonology’s DPS suffers a bit. With it, Demonology becomes one of the top specs in the game. Acquire this trinket at any cost if you want to be a serious Demonology Warlock.

As of 5.4, Unerring Vision has been modified to the point where it is no longer the best possible trinket for Demonology.  It no longer procs at the beginning of fights with consistency and its proc rate no longer super inflated by Haste. 


10. AoE Damage

AoE is one of Demonology’s specialties. Whether it is burst AoE or sustained AoE, Demonology has one of the best toolkits in the game to deliver.

For 4 or fewer targets, you’ll want to apply Metamorphosis: Doom and Corruption to everything, maximize Shadowflame and Hand of Gul'dan damage, and perform your single target rotation in a rotating manner so that you don’t let Corruption fall off. It will get refreshed as you bounce from target to target and apply Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos. The rule of thumb for Metamorphosis: Doom is apply it if it will tick at least one time. Remember to use Felguard: Felstorm or Wrathstorm on cooldown.

For 5 or more targets, assess how long they will live. If it is more than 20-30 seconds, apply Corruption and Metamorphosis: Doom to all of them. Maximize Hand of Gul'dan and Shadowflame damage, apply Metamorphosis: Immolation Aura, use Carrion Swarm on cooldown (make sure it’s glyphed), and spam Metamorphosis: Void Ray. As always, Felguard: Felstorm and Wrathstorm should be used on cooldown. When you run out of Demonic Fury, use Hellfire to quickly generate it then pop back into Metamorphosis and continue your onslaught.

11. Pandemic, Fel Flame, and Doomguard

Pandemic is a passive ability acquired by Warlocks at level 90 that give them the ability to extend DoTs past their original duration, up to 50% of the original duration. Pandemic can be used to extend DoTs when you get a great proc and utilize your ability to snapshot your stats. Pandemic increases the effect of your DoTs as seen here:

Corruption: 18 seconds -> 27 seconds
Corruption + Glyph of Everlasting Affliction: 27 seconds -> 41 seconds
Metamorphosis: Doom: 60 seconds -> 90 seconds
Metamorphosis: Doom + Glyph of Everlasting Affliction: 90 seconds -> 135 seconds

Fel Flame is an ability that was utilized lots in the previous expansion to be able to cast and move at the same time. It was even built into a set bonus to make Warlocks want to use it. Casting Fel Flame was mana inefficient in 5.3, but in 5.4, it had its damage buffed and mana cost removed making it a very solid spell to cast while moving.  If you avoid the KJC talent in favor of AD or MF, then Fel Flame will be a staple part of your rotation while moving in caster form. 

Doomguard and Terrorguard are 10 minute cooldowns that, when utilized, will contribute a small portion of your damage. Doomguard and Terrorguard do 20% more damage when a target is below 20%, but they also scale with your stats. It’s almost always more beneficial to cast your Doomguard or Terrorguard at the beginning of combat when all of your trinkets, potions, and other buffs are live. Doomguard and Terrorguard DO NOT benefit from Haste. They will cast 17 Doom Bolts and no more. Casting them at the beginning of fights also ensures you get the full utilization out of them. If you wait until execution phase, they may not get in all 17 of their Doom Bolts.

12. Talents and Glyphs

Icy-Veins does a great job covering the Talents and Glyphs. Mandatory Glyphs are Glyph of Imp Swarm, Glyph of Shadow Bolt and Glyph of Everlasting Affliction (with Unerring Vision of Lei Shen.)


As of 5.4, these glyphs are no longer necessary.  Imp Swarm has been reduced to 4 Imps bringing it in line with not using the glyph at all and Everlasting Affliction has been removed and replaced with Glyph of Unending Resolve.


Talents and Glyphs are often situational. Please refer to the T15 Warlock-centered guide for more information on a fight by fight basis.

13. Tier 16 Set Bonuses


Demonology's T16 2pc Set - Soul Fire has a 20% chance to increase you and your pet's damage by 20% for 10 seconds.  This 2pc bonus will put a higher prioritization on Soul Fire when you don't have the buff up and a lower prioritization on Soul Fire when you do.  You don't want to clip the proc of this, nor do you want to waste your Molten Core charges while you have your buff up.  You'd be better off spending your Molten Core charges to maximize uptime of this buff.  This will also make it so you do NOT desire the Imp Swarm glyph.  You'll want a constant flow of Wild Imps in order to get a more steady flow of Molten Core charges. 


Demonology's T16 4pc Set - Shadow Bolt, and Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos have an 8% chance to proc a Hand of Gul'dan on your target.  This bonus Hand of Gul'dan cannot stack beyond 2 stacks as it does without the set bonus.  If you're in Metamorphosis, you'll cast Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave as a bonus spell. 


The synergy between these two effects is quite high.  It will be highly recommended that you spend your time casting Soul Fire as long as you have Molten Core charges to get your 2pc to proc and then switch to Shadow Bolt, or Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos to proc your 4pc bonus as often as possible.  There's no real change to your rotation from normal except that you'd want to cast Soul Fire any time you got a Molten Core proc and didn't have the 2pc buff.


The 2pc bonus value is dependent on the RNG of your uptime.  Since it's a 20% damage buff, the uptime of the buff coorelates directly into a damage increase.  If it's up 10% of the time, it'll be a 2% DPS gain.  20% = 4% DPS gain, etc.  Modifying our rotation to pool Molten Core charges should make it so that prioritizing this set bonus is achievable.  Since the proc rate is 20%, or 1 in 5 casts, I would estimate this set bonus's uptime to be somewhere between 20% and 40% giving it a worth of approximately 4% to 8% of your DPS.


The 4pc bonus value is, again, dependent on RNG.  With an 8% proc rate, it would also depend on whether or not you cast a Hand of Gul'dan or a Chaos Wave.  Regardless, extra free damage is always nice.  This set bonus explodes in effectiveness if more than 1 target is available.  While the value of this 4pc is dependent on the number of enemies, it should be deemed necessary, contrary to T15.  Prioritize at least 4 of the T16 Tier pieces.


14. Trinkets


1. Purified Bindings of Immerseus

2. [wowicon=inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_13]Kardris' Toxic Totem

3. [wowicon=inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_02]Black Blood of Y'Shaarj



15. Theorycrafting and Math

Imp Swarm Math
Imp Swarm is an interesting Glyph in that it alters the CD based on Haste Rating. Here, we can see some various CDs along with how long the base CD on Demonic Calling is.

Wild Imps should be summoned when all of your Haste procs are live in the opener. These procs will be +5% Haste + Bloodlust + Tempus Repit. If you are a Troll, using Berserking will have an even greater effect. Note the following Imp Swarm CDs with these procs live:

+5% Raid Haste + Bloodlust + Tempus Repit = 77.5% Haste
0% Haste = 67.6 sec
10% Haste = 61.5 sec
20% Haste = 56.3 sec
30% Haste = 52.0 sec
40% Haste = 48.3 sec
50% Haste = 45.1 sec

(Troll) +5% Raid Haste + Bloodlust + Tempus Repit + Berserking = 112.9% Haste
0% Haste = 56.4 sec
10% Haste = 51.2 sec
20% Haste = 47.0 sec
30% Haste = 43.4 sec
40% Haste = 40.3 sec
50% Haste = 37.6 sec

Remember, Demonic Calling's base CD is 20 seconds. This value can be reduced by Haste as well. The synergy of these two effects has some importance tied into Haste. Demonic Calling remains on CD while Imp Swarm is on CD and using the Glyph of Imp Swarm adds a 4 sec CD to Demonic Calling, so we're looking at 24 sec baseline if using the Glyph. Here are the two scenarios, glyph and no glyph:

NO GLYPH OF IMP SWARM (assuming only 5% Raid Haste for Imp proc rate)
0% Haste = 19.1 sec
10% Haste = 17.3 sec
20% Haste = 15.9 sec
30% Haste = 14.6 sec
40% Haste = 13.6 sec
50% Haste = 12.7 sec

Looking at 30% Haste, we see a 14.6 sec CD on Demonic Calling which translates ROUGHLY to 4 Imps per minute. If we look at it on a 2 minute baseline, we'd see roughly 8 Imps proc in 2 minutes. This number would vary as Tempus Repit and Bloodlust were applied, but to keep things simple, let's just assume none of that applies. If not using the glyph, there is no Haste threshold for Imps. More Haste = more Imps, plain and simple.

WITH GLYPH OF IMP SWARM (assuming only 5% Raid Haste for Imp proc rate)
0% Haste = 22.8 sec
10% Haste = 20.8 sec
20% Haste = 19.0 sec
30% Haste = 17.6 sec
40% Haste = 16.3 sec
50% Haste = 15.2 sec

These values tie into the CD of Imp Swarm when used. The opening Imp Swarm will have a greatly decreased CD because you'll have all of your procs running live. The following values assume that you are popping Imp Swarm with Dark Soul and letting Imp Swarm be available but not used until Dark Soul comes off CD (120 sec).

0% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 114 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 22.8 sec = 6 Imps per 2 minutes
*This would mean Imp Swarm would come off CD 114 sec in and Demonic Calling would proc an additional Imp. 6 seconds later, Dark Soul would be available, so you'd apply Dark Soul and pop Imp Swarm imposing an additional 114 sec CD on Imp Swarm. What we try to find here is the thresholds of maximum Imps proc'd between Imp Swarm uses.*

10% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 103.9 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 20.8 sec = 6 Imps per 2 minutes (next Imp would be at 125.7 sec meaning you'd have to delay DS/Imp Swarm for 5.7 sec)
20% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 95.2 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 20.8 sec = 7 Imps per 2 minutes (next Imp would be at 136.8 sec meaning you'd have to delay DS/Imp Swarm for 16.8 sec)
30% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 87.9 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 17.6 sec = 7 Imps per 2 minutes (next Imp would be at 123.1 sec meaning you'd have to delay DS/Imp Swarm for 3.1 sec)
40% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 81.6 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 16.3 sec = 8 Imps per 2 minutes (next Imp would be at 130.5 sec meaning you'd have to delay DS/Imp Swarm for 10.5 sec)
50% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 76.2 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 15.2 sec = 8 Imps per 2 minutes (next Imp would be at 121.8 sec meaning you'd have to delay DS/Imp Swarm for 1.8 sec)

Remember, this is worst case scenario (no Bloodlust used, no Tempus Repit procs) so you'll likely see higher Imp rates than what is listed here. However, the value we want to see is at what Haste % you JUST get another Demonic Calling proc and Dark Soul and Imp Swarm come off CD. You can see that value lies somewhere between 10% and 20% and another between 30% and 40%. Those values are:

14.29% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 100.0 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 20.0 sec = 7 Imps per 2 minutes
33.40% Haste: Imp Swarm CD = 85.7 sec, Demonic Calling CD = 17.1 sec = 8 Imps per 2 minutes

14.29% Haste = 6,074 Haste Rating
33.40% Haste = 14,195 Haste Rating

These thresholds are not meant to be aimed for when reforging and gemming. This is just a value that shows how many additional Imps you would get if you didn't use Bloodlust or have 0 Tempus Repit procs. The actual required Haste Rating will be much lower because of temporary procs.


As of 5.4, Glyph of Imp Swarm is no longer necessary, and in my opinion, no longer desired, especially when the T16 2pc bonus is acquired.  All text with a line through it is old math derived from 5 Imps.  New math coming soon.

Spell Cast Times

Read Chart with Character Haste at the top.


#5386 Giveaway #47 - 3 Mounts

Posted by Damien on 31 August 2012 - 07:28 PM

This week's giveaway is special. Patch 5.0.4 exceeded all our expectations, so we are going to offer a mount of the Blizzard Store to 3 different winners. Winners will be able to choose between Celestial Steed, Heart of the Aspects, and Winged Guardian.

To enter the contest, simply reply something nice to this thread. Constructive feedback about the website is considered "nice" Posted Image

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#56028 3 Years of Icy Veins!

Posted by Damien on 21 March 2014 - 09:00 PM

Icy Veins is 3 years old! We have been a bit silent lately, so click and read some more to find out what we are up to.

3 years ago, we were launching Icy Veins with a couple of class and raid guides. What initially started as a very modest World of Warcraft fansite slowly evolved into a much more comprehensive resource, to the point where, last year, Vlad and I switched to working full time on it. We still have many plans for the future and I am going to talk a bit about them here.


As you may have noticed, we have not really posted anything in the past 2 months. The reason is that our strength lies in writing technical content (guides) for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, not writing news. So, we kept copy-pasting the announcements published on, grew tired of it (especially with the emergence of the launcher, which presents players with all the announcements from Blizzard), and eventually stopped.

The news section will live again soon, but in a different form. We do not plan to provide our readers with news, in the strict sense. MMO-Champion already does that and they do it well. Our goal is to have articles of interest to our readers published on a regular basis. By articles of interest, we mean interviews, world first race coverage, important changes in the way classes are played, important strategy changes after hotfixes, new transmogrification sets, Hearthstone-related stuff, etc. We also want to have mini-guides (professions, farming, etc.) featured in the news section. Finally, we will do weekly recap of the important news from Blizzard and will post a website changelog whenever we feel that we have made enough updates to the website to warrant an article. The idea is to provide readers with articles that have synergy with the rest of the content we have on the website.

Updating the guides on the website and working on new features is already a full-time job in itself for Vlad and I, so we hired Miyari, former Content and Community Manager at Wowhead (from 2008 to 2011). This is pretty exciting news for us and we hope that the first articles will be released next week or the one after!


In early November, right before BlizzCon, we published a few basic decks for Hearthstone to see if they would attract new visitors. The experiment was very successful and we decided to keep publishing more guides and decks. Eventually, we reached the same situation that we reached early last year with WoW when we started having all our class guides reviewed by top players. We realised that we needed someone with a lot of experience in online card games to help us make sure that the Hearthstone content we were providing was of the highest quality.

At the time, we were looking for a new Protection Warrior reviewer (Sco no longer had the time), so we reached out to Poyo, Guild Master of Envy. It turned out that he is a former Magic the Gathering player and that he competed in many international tournaments, so we started collaborating on Hearthstone content. This collaboration has proved very fruitful and Hearthstone now accounts for 25% of our traffic.

Other Projects

In the near future, we are going to busy ourselves with 3 things mainly. First, we are soon going to release profession guides for WoW that will blow your mind. Second, we intend to cover Heroes of the Storm as soon as the beta starts. Third, we are pretty excited about Warlords of Draenor and we cannot wait to start writing about it.


Keeping Icy Veins going would be incredibly difficult, if it were not for everyone who helps us on the forums and the support we get from our visitors and the WoW Community Team at Blizzard. We also have very healthy relations with other WoW-related websites, such as MMO-Champion (and the folks over at Curse, in general) or Ask Mr. Robot.

#5310 5.4 Affliction Tips & Quirks

Posted by Zagam on 30 August 2012 - 01:31 PM

Here are some notes on how to better play your Affliction Warlock. Be sure to read through these series of posts to find other players' thoughts and ideas. I've done my best to summarize here.

Table of Contents

1) DoTs and You

2) Affliction's Feel and Nature

3) Affliction's Resources

4) Opener and Execution

5) Soul Shard Management

6) Agony

7) Unstable Affliction & Corruption

8) Dark Soul:Misery

9) Seed of Corruption and AoE

10) Stat Priorities

11) Empowered DoTs and maximizing your Warlock

12) Pandemic and Fel Flame and Doomguard...OH MY!

13) Talents and Glyphs

14) Tier 16 Bonuses

15) Trinkets

16) Affliction Math and Theorycrafting



1) DoTs and you

Affliction Warlocks are all about their DoTs and Mastery: Potent Afflictions.  In 5.4, this is even more true as damage has been pulled from Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul and put into Agony, Unstable Affliction, and Corruption.  Affliction's execution is based on keeping DoTs as powerful as possible by reapplying with procs, buffing with Haunt, and managing Soul Shards as its spec-dependent resource.  Affliction is all about making split-second decisions and reacting to things that change on a second by second basis. 



2) Affliction's Feel and Nature


Affliction is reverting back to how it felt before Mists of Pandaria which is a strong multidotting class with high potency in both single target and AoE scenarios.  You'll be spending over 60% of your time casting Malefic Grasp, but most of your damage will come from your ability to correctly apply procs to your DoTs and sustain them as long as possible.  With the 5.4 DoT buff, you're going to want to put DoTs on anything that is attackable.  If it's alive, DoT it. 



3) Affliction's Resources


Affliction relies on two primary resources: mana and Soul Shards


Mana is consumed by casting any spell and is gradually consumed during Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul on a per tick basis. Mana is regained by using Life Tap.  You will never need to worry about mana issues as an Affliction Warlock.  Your ability to recover large portions of mana with Life Tap is intended to be part of your rotation.  However, you should use it as little as possible and try to end each fight with very low mana.


Soul Shards are Affliction's specialization-dependent resource.  Understanding what they are, how to use them, and how to generate them separates mediocre Warlocks from great Warlocks.  Soul Shards come with an initial value of 4.  They can be spent in a multitude of ways, but your 3 primary damage dealing methods involve Seed of Corruption, Soulburn: Soul Swap, and Haunt.


Using Soulburn activates special properties for the next spell you cast.  For Seed of Corruption, it empowers the explosion that happens and makes it apply Corruption to each mob the explosion hits.  Using Soulburn before using Soul Swap enables you to apply all 3 DoTs to your target instantly.  Finally, casting Haunt will consume Soul Shards.  More will be discussed with each of these in subsequent sections of this guide.  Soul Shards are acquired passively outside of combat at a slow rate.  Inside of combat, there are only two ways to acquire Soul Shards: by killing something with Drain Soul applied to it or by proccing Nightfall.


Killing an enemy with Drain Soul will completely replenish your Soul Shards.  Any time you can kill an add with low health, you should employ this method to refill on your Soul Shards


When Corruption ticks, you have a 10% chance to proc Nightfall which returns Soul Shards to you.  In 5.4, this effect can no longer occur from all Corruptions currently applied.  It, instead, applies ONLY to your most recent Corruption



4) Opener and Execution


Affliction's opener should be like this:

(prepot) Curse of the Elements -> Dark Soul: Misery -> Haunt -> Soulburn: Soul Swap -> Malefic Grasp until all procs up -> Soulburn: Soul Swap -> Malefic Grasp spam + Haunt maintenance


This opening allows you to get Haunt out followed by all of your DoTs.  As your procs happen, your spell power will explode into a very high value.  You'll want to take advantage of this by reapplying all DoTs and taking advantage of Pandemic to lock in those procs for a long period of time.  A strong opener is important for Affliction.  Thankfully, it is very simple to execute.

Affliction's execution should be like this:


Soulburn: Soul Swap -> Haunt -> Drain Soul


As soon as an enemy hits 20%, you should no longer be casting Malefic Grasp.  While you are casting Drain Soul, each 2 ticks will generate Soul Shards.  You will use this mechanic to ensure 100% Haunt uptime during execution.  If your DoTs are about to fall off, reapply with Soulburn: Soul Swap.  Otherwise, refresh Haunt and keep Drain Soul applied. 


It has been said by a few highly skilled Warlocks that consuming all of your Soul Shards by spamming Haunt before going back to Drain Soul during execute phase is stronger with the changes to Affliction in 5.4.  I've not yet tested, but I trust these guys.  In execute phase, spam Haunt before going back to Drain Soul!



5) Soul Shards Management


Soul Shards management is VERY important to Affliction Warlocks in order to maximize damage.  Remember, Soul Shards can be regenerated throughout combat and you should always maximize your opportunities to do so.


During single target DPS rotations, you should optimize your DPS by performing your opening which will cost two Soul Shards.  After that, you'll be spending your Soul Shards on Haunt, which has been greatly buffed in 5.4.  Haunt now deals 50% more damage on hit as well as increasing all periodic damage by 45%, up from 30% in 5.3.  This puts a higher emphasis on maximizing your Haunt uptime via Soul Shards management.  Because Haunt has a high priority, you will not be wanting to use Soulburn: Soul Swap during single target DPS scenarios.  You'll want to reapply DoTs individually while using Haunt during periods of increased damage or high Intellect, Haste, or Mastery procs.  Corruption will be a high priority to maintain due to Nightfall.  With a 10% chance on tick to generate Soul Shards, leaving this DoT off will severely limit your Soul Shards generation.


During any fight with extra targets that die quickly, you'll want to use Drain Soul to finish them off.  Doing this will replenish all 4 of your Soul Shards.  You can use this to your knowledge by spending all of your Soul Shards before an opportunity to replenish them so that Soul Shards are not wasted. 


Since Soul Shards are limited, you should strive to optimize their usage as 100% uptime is nearly impossible to achieve and tied heavily to the RNG of Nightfall.  In order to maximize your limited resource, you should always use Haunt during Dark Soul: Misery, Bloodlust, Haste Trigger, or any time you have a large Intellect proc empowering your DoTs.  Try to not use Soul Shards and Haunt during periods of time where your DoTs are not empowered. 


With the 4pc T16, Haunt will also have a 10% chance to refund 1  Soul Shards upon expiring.  This will boost your Haunt uptime and increase your DPS. 



6) Agony


Agony is your most important DoT and is worthy of its own section.  Agony operates by dealing increasing damage by the number of stacks it has, up to 10.  Reapplying Agony will maintain its current stacks, so you will not start over at 1 if you reapply Agony while Agony has a 10 stack.  Maintaining a 10 stack of Agony is Affliction's absolute most important task.  Keeping Agony's spell damage as high as possible by reapplying with procs and buffs is also very important.  Letting Agony fall off has extremely negative consequences.


At approximately 40k Spell Power, Agony's 10 stack will hit for about 28,000-30,000 damage.  With procs, this gets even higher.  For calculation purposes, let's assume 30,000 for non-crits.  If you maintain a 10 stack for an entire random 10 tick duration, you'd do 30,000 x 10, or 300,000 damage.  However, if you were to have let Agony fall off and had to rebuild during this same 10 tick cycle, your first tick would hit for 3,000, your 2nd for 6,000, etc.  For emphasis, this is what you'd be losing:


Tick 1: 3,000 (-27,000)

Tick 2: 6,000 (-24,000)

Tick 3: 9,000 (-21,000)


Tick 9: 27,000 (-3,000)

Tick 10: 30,000 (-0)


Total lost = 0 - 3000 - 6000 - 9000 - ... - 24000 - 27000 = 135,000 damage.  That's a lot of damage lost for letting Agony fall off, and this number is enhanced by other buffs and critical hits.  Don't EVER let Agony fall off.



7) Unstable Affliction & Corruption


These are the other two DoTs in the Warlock arsenal.  They are less potent than Agony, but important nonetheless.  Unstable Affliction hits harder than Corruption, but it requires more applications.  Make sure you keep Unstable Affliction uptime as high as possible.  Letting Unstable Affliction fall off for a second isn't the end of the world because it doesn't have a stacking mechanic such as Agony.  Corruption's damage is the least important, but it is most important for the previously mentioned Nightfall effect.  Keep all 3 DoTs up all the time.



8) Dark Soul: Misery


Dark Soul: Misery is now Bloodlust/ Time Warp for 20 seconds with a 2 minute CD. 30% Haste is an incredible cooldown. Use it often and love it. Try to time it before applying DoTs so that they benefit from the increased Haste thresholds. If you already have DoTs applied, reapply them. With Pandemic, you'll receive the bonus damage from the DoTs while extending the duration.  Your last Dark Soul: Misery should be saved for execute phase. 

9) Seed of Corruption and AoE


1-4 targets

Keep your 3 primary DoTs rolling on all targets at all time.  With the buff to DoTs in 5.4, Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul are less important than your DoTs.  Maintain Agony at all costs and keep your other DoTs + Haunt rolling as much as you can.


5+ targets

Simply apply a Soulburn: Seed of Corruption to one target and do any damage to the same target. This should trigger the explosion and put Corruption on all targets. After applying a Soulburn: Seed of Corruptionto put Corruption on all targets, simply tab and put Seed of Corruption on as many enemies as you can. The Corruption on each will do enough damage to trigger an explosion which will trigger all the other seeds. For prolonged AoE, maintain the Soulburn: Seed of Corruption part of your rotation once every 16 seconds. For 4-6 targets, after doing this, just use your Soulburn: Soul Swap macro to put more DoTs on 4 targets and Malefic Grasp one of them. Use Drain Soul to replenish Soul Shards for more DoTs.

10) Stat Priorities


"Crit is Shit" is a good line to remember about your stat priorities as a Warlock in general, especially Affliction.  Affliction's stat priority focuses on some Haste thresholds to maximize ticks of DoTs while gathering tons of Mastery to empower DoTs on a large level.


Relevant Haste thresholds:


9778: +4 Agony

12439: +3 Unstable Affliction

13157: +5 Agony

13737: +4 Corruption


Any Haste level past this is simply too expensive in terms of given up Mastery to pursue.  While Corruption is not an important threshold, since the next threshold is only 600 rating past the Agony threshold, we should pursue it.  This threshold also covers most reasonable thresholds during +30% Haste procs.  Therefore, your recommended Haste threshold is 13,737 Rating.  This rating is affected by the Amplification buff provided by the Purified Bindings of Immerseus.  The Haste threshold you should pursue will be dependent on the version of this trinket you have.  See the trinket post on the Warlock forums for more detailed threshold breakdowns.



11) Empowered DoTs and maximizing your Warlock


There is a lot of complexity to maximizing Affliction's DPS. It's all about knowing what trinkets are proc'd, what buffs are currently on you, and what debuffs are on the boss. To simplify everything, I prioritize keeping my DoTs up with minimal effort which is what Soulburn: Soul Swap does. Obviously RNG plays into your Haunt uptime, but a rule of thumb is to never overwrite a powerful DoT with a lesser DoT. Sounds simple, but it's not.

Take these scenarios for example:

Let's say you don't have any trinkets on. You can test this at your local test target. Apply some DoTs. They will tick for the same damage at the same time interval all the time. The only modifier to their damage will be critical hits. Let's say (these numbers are SO wrong, but I'm using for simplicity) you have 3 DoTs running.

Corruption ticks for 10 damage and has 14 seconds left
Agony ticks for 15 damage and has 22 seconds left
Unstable Affliction ticks for 12 damage and has 6 seconds left

With no buffs present on these adds, they will continue ticking for that damage and only the time left matters. Feel free to extend these DoT durations whenever you see fit. Reapplying Unstable Affliction will make Unstable Affliction continue to tick for 12 damage but now the duration will be 20 seconds (14+6, because 6 is less than the maximum allowed to be added to 14 via Pandemic, which would be 7).

Now let's say you're a tailor or engineer and you use Synapse Springs or have your Lightweave proc. If you do NOT reapply DoTs, your DoTs will continue to tick for the same damage. However, let's say you're alerted to one of these procs and you reapply your DoTs. Again, remember these numbers are made up for simplicity, but you see the effect...

Corruption ticks for 13 damage for 24 seconds (16 + 8)
Agony ticks for 18 damage for 36 seconds (24 + 12)
Unstable Affliction ticks for 15 damage for 20 seconds (14+6)

Now we have empowered DoTs ticking for their maximum duration! Let's JUST look at Agony. Let's say Synapse Springs lasts for 10 seconds (not sure, not an engineer). So at that point, you'd have Agony ticking for 18 damage with 26 seconds left on its timer. If you were to reapply Agony at 18 seconds to get back up to 36 seconds, you would LOSE the empowered DoT. You'd go back to Agony ticking for 15 damage for 36 seconds. In this scenario, it's better to NOT reapply DoTs until your empowered DoTs are about to wear off. Follow?

Now let's add trinkets to the mess. At the beginning of the fight, you will have all of your procs line up. Lightweave, a potion, Dark Soul: Misery, two trinkets...I call this the "works." You won't get the "works" at any other point in the fight because of different timers. However, you can use knowledge of internal cooldowns on trinkets to see if you can line up things you can control, such as a potion or Dark Soul: Misery, . If you set up some auras or classtimers with WeakAuras to notify you of stuff procing, you can use that moment to reapply DoTs for a bigger effect. You can also see when Dark Soul: Misery, or a trinket has 4 seconds left on its buff, you could reapply DoTs again benefitting from Pandemic AND receiving the damage buff for the extended duration. At the beginning of the fight when you apply your DoTs, they are going to be mega DoTs. This is what Pandemic is designed for. Affliction is as good as you make your DoTs last, but if you want to excel, learn to REALLY understand that empowered DoTs remain empowered throughout their duration even after your buffs wear off. Take advantage of this and see your numbers skyrocket.


RPPM factors come into play on how often they proc.  The 5.4 trinkets include some RPPM procs and some ICD procs.  For ICD procs, you'd do well to track timers so that you know when they will proc.  This allows for planned Haunt and CD use.  RPPM trinkets are more random and require a notification system such as a WeakAura string to notify you of a proc.  Managing these procs is what makes or breaks an Affliction Warlock.

12) Pandemic and Fel Flameand Summon Doomguard...OH MY!


Fel Flame has been changed in 5.4 to do more damage, cost less mana, and most importantly, not reapply or extend DoTs.  This gives Affliction a very healthy spell to use while moving without destroying our potential buffed DoTs.  Fel Flame will be a very solid choice, especially if you elect not to take Kil'jaeden's Cunning.


Now, we've done all of that without really looking at Pandemic. With Pandemic, it states that when you refresh a DoT, up to 50% of the maximum duration will be added to the current casting DoT. Maybe it sounds confusing, so I'll lay it out here.

Unstable Affliction = 14 second base duration with a tick speed of 2 seconds. With Pandemic, you can add up to 7 seconds of your previous remaining time to a new cast. Let's look at some reapplying methods and timings for emphasis:

Refresh Unstable Affliction at 2 seconds left --> Unstable Affliction with 16 second duration
Refresh Unstable Affliction at 5 seconds left --> Unstable Affliction with 19 second duration
Refresh Unstable Affliction at 7 seconds left --> Unstable Affliction with 21 second duration
Refresh Unstable Affliction at 10 seconds left --> Unstable Affliction with 21 second duration
Refresh Unstable Affliction at 14 seconds left --> Unstable Affliction with 21 second duration

As you can see, the optimal time to refresh Unstable Affliction is ANYTIME below 7 seconds remaining. If you do this, you gain the maximum duration via Pandemic.

Using Pandemic and stat snapshots is what separates Warlocks who score in the 50th percentile versus the ones who score in the 90th percentile. Knowing how Pandemic and snapshot for stats works, you can monitor many things. The way I work my DoT application is based off of trinket procs. For example, right before Dark Soul: Misery wears off, I reapply DoTs no matter how much time is left on them to get the maximum benefit of additional ticks with the 30% spell haste buff. This is importat at the start because all of your trinkets and enchants would have proc'd as well. Typically the way the stars align, right as my Dark Soul is about to wear off (3 seconds left), my trinkets are about to fall off as well. With 3 seconds left, I refresh UA, Corruption, and Agony. Now, for the full duration of these DoTs, I will NOT refresh them. They are super powerful DoTs that if refreshed would revert back to your current stats which are nowhere close to what you were just under the effect of.


For the Summon Doomguard, he doesn't do a whole lot more damage when he's under execute phase. Execute phases are typically shorter than the minute duration you get him for so when the boss dies, you'd likely be standing there next to your big friend and he has nothing to target. This means you wasted potential DPS. Your Summon Doomguard also benefits from snapshot stats. I prefer to use my Summon Doomguard at the beginning when my static spell power goes up with all of the procs.  I know I at least get full uptime with super mega stats that likely won't be nice enough to align when the boss hits 20% for optimal use. It is, however, to note that your Summon Doomguard should be used on any part of the fight that requires an extra push to get through a phase faster

Note that your Summon Doomguard will only cast 17 Doombolts.  Make sure he's getting them all in.  He's not a powerful CD, but he is still important.


13) Talents and Glyphs

5.4 has seen some talent overhaul.  All fights are unique enough to warrant a fight-by-fight talent and glyph selection process.  I have a separate forum section devoted to that.  For a good default build, I suggest the following:


Tier 1
Soul Leech - 5.4 has reduced this cap to 15% of your max HP, down from 100%.  This was a hefty nerf, but it is still strong and will provide a high amount of absorption/damage reduction.


Tier 2
Mortal Coil - 15% of max HP heal every 45 seconds? Incredible. This should be your staple raiding talent. Use liberally when taking damage.

Tier 3
Soul Link - reworked in 5.4 to transfer 20% of damage done to your pet and provide 3% of all damage done as healing to you and your pet.  VERY solid choice for any fight.


Tier 4

Unbound Will - staple raiding talent. You can use this to instantly break out of magic effects


Tier 5
Grimoire of Supremacy - Affliction's go-to talent choice.  Use the Imp or Observer.


Tier 6
Archimonde's Darkness - reworked in 5.4.  Essentially gives you an additional Dark Soul.  For stationary fights, this talent will be very solid.


Kil'jaeden's Cunning - 5.4 rework makes it so you can cast Malefic Grasp with no movement penalty.  For high movement fights, you'll want to take KJC.


Mannoroth's Fury - boosts the area and increases damage of AoE by 100% for 10 seconds on a 60 second CD.


Glyphs are entirely situational and none provide an absolute DPS increase.  Take what is best suited for the encounter at hand.  Note the Haste spreadsheet in section 16 as to whether or not you should use the Glyph of Unstable Affliction.  During Bloodlust, you're going to see a 1.000 sec cast of Unstable Affliction with just 8% Haste.  However, for the rest of the fight, the glyph might be a viable option as you would need over 40% Haste to have a 1.000 sec cast without the glyph.  Use at your discretion.



14) Tier 16 Bonuses


Affliction's 2pc T16 set bonus causes Unstable Affliction critical hits to have a 50% chance to increase all damaging effects of Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul by 15% for 10 seconds.  This is a pretty nice set bonus because it results in a pretty high uptime.  At BiS gear levels deprioritizing Crit, Crit rating is close to 25% raid buffed.  This means each Unstable Affliction tick has a 25% to Crit and those Crits have a 50% chance to proc a buff that lasts for 10 seconds.  Considering non-BiS levels of Haste with the recommended threshold of 13737, you'll be getting 17 Unstable Affliction ticks in 14 seconds.  While actual results will vary, you could expect 4 of those Unstable Affliction ticks to Crit and 2 of those Crits to proc the buff.  This is without considering the Malefic Grasp and DS ticks of Unstable Affliction.  This 2pc bonus will have a high uptime, which coorelates to a significant DPS gain.  The best part is it requires no change in gameplay.  It is purely a DPS buff.


Affliction's 4pc T16 set bonus causes Haunt to have a 10% chance to refund its Soul Shards cost.  This is pretty awesome in that it increases your Haunt damage as well as your overall Haunt uptime which vastly increases DPS. 


The 2pc is absolutely essential as it comes out to a high DPS gain.  The 4pc is largely RNG reliant and can be good but can also be unnoticeable.  High Haunt uptime doesn't require this set bonus, so if you have better itemized pieces of gear, feel free to pass up the 4pc bonus.



15) Trinkets



1. Purified Bindings of Immerseus

2. Black Blood of Y'Shaarj

3. Kardris' Toxic Totem


The Multistrike trinket will be interesting.  Since Black Blood was changed to be a better version of Wushoolay's, it looks solid again.  Bindings proc is 115 sec CD while Black Blood and Toxic Totem have RPPMs of 0.92. 



16) Affliction Math and Theorycrafting




EDITED: 08/28/2013 (Patch 5.4)

#47118 Merry Christmas & Contest Results!

Posted by Damien on 25 December 2013 - 10:14 PM

Christmas Contest

Merry Christmas everyone! Our contest is over and the winners have been chosen. Come and take a look at the best Christmas cards we received!

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is also the day our Christmas Contest ends and I have the pleasure to announce the 5 winning entries (we will write to the authors in the next few days, to send them the prizes). We received so many submissions that it is really hard for us to be able to reward only 5 of them.

1 Place 1
3 Place 3
2 Place 2
4 Place 4
5 Place 5

I would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry. It was very hard for us to choose the finalists fairly (by finalists, I mean the 20 entries that made it to the public vote), because in such a contest, the criteria for winning are very subjective. We also realised that asking for a public vote for deciding the winners is not a particularly good idea. In the future, we will definitely try to improve and have more objective criteria.

Naturally, I also want to thank everyone who helped with the contest: all the sponsors and everyone who helped us choose the 20 finalists.

#21091 Icy Veins Class Guides Just Got Better

Posted by Vlad on 24 April 2013 - 09:58 PM

We are very pleased to announce that we have recently completed the great labour of significantly improving the quality of our class guides.

We have always been dedicated to providing guides of the highest accuracy and quality, so we have enlisted the help of respected authorities and top players to review our existing guides and help us improve them.

Below you will find a complete list of those wonderful individuals who have helped make our class guides
even better, after which we go into a bit more detail about the process.

Death Knight


  • Balance: Imsupersdw, one of the best Balance Druids in the world, who raids in Method.
  • Feral: Fragnance, one of the best Feral Druids in the world, who raids in Method. You can watch his stream on Twitch.
  • Guardian: Arielle, (@riftmaker), a prominent Guardian Druid theorycrafter and the main author of The Inconspicuous Bear (a very respected Guardian Druid resource).
  • Restoration: Celece, one of the best Balance Druids in the world, who raids in Midwinter.


  • Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Survival: Kennyloggins, a leading figure in the Hunter community, who raids in Blood Legion.


  • Arcane, Fire, and Frost: Blatty, one of the best Mages in the world, who raids in Method.



  • Holy: In the process of being reviewed by Atismund, who raids in Envy (25-man), and by Smirk who raids in Paragon (10-man).
  • Protection: Theck (@TheckPhD), the main author of Sacred Duty (a well respected, and arguably the most valuable Protection Paladin theorycrafting resource).
  • Retribution: Anafielle (@Anafielle), a respected Retribution Paladin who contributes to Sacred Duty and Morgeine, one of the best Retribution Paladins in the world, who raids in Envy.


  • Discipline and Holy: Jhazrun, one of the best Discipline Priests in the world, who raids in Paragon.
  • Shadow: Artzie (@Artzieh), a Shadow Priest who raids in Method and Twintop, a Shadow Priest theorycrafter from How To Priest.


  • Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety: Dryaan, one of the best Rogues in the world, who raids in Envy and frequently stream on Twitch.


  • Elemental: Leeds, one of the best Elemental Shamans in the world, who raids in Method.
  • Enhancement: Purge, one of the best Enhancement Shamans in the world, who often contributes to the Enhancement Shaman section of Totem Spot.
  • Restoration: Zetian, who raids in MCO, one of the most efficient 10-man guilds in the world, and Sonie, one of the best Restoration Shamans in the world, who raids in Method (25-man).


  • Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction: Gahddo, one of the most prominent Warlock theorycrafters, who maintains the Warlock profiles and rotations in Simulation Craft, and Evrelia, who raids in ScrubBusters, and frequently streams on Twitch.


Initially, when we first started writing these guides, they were all entirely created by Damien and myself, based on our experiences with playing the classes, and on extensive testing and research. However, as our workload on the site grew (and especially as we finally completed our offering of 34 class guides), the amount of time and attention that we were able to dedicate to each guide dropped.

Given the enormous popularity of our guides, and large number of people around the world who use them extensively, we decided that we had to find a way to do better. So, we contacted experienced players of each class and spec, and asked them if they would be willing to review our guides, and offer any corrections or pointers required. The responses we received have been overwhelmingly positive, and after more than a month of intensive work on the subject, all of our 34 class guides are now reviewed and approved by either a prominent theorycrafter or a top player of the spec. The remaining 3 guides will hopefully receive the same treatment soon.

We intend to continue working with these people in the future, to make sure that the guides are always up to date (especially when new patches are released).

For the sake of consistency, we prefer to only have one reviewer for each spec (with the exception of healing guides where we prefer two so that we can look at both 10 and 25-man perspectives). If you want to contribute to a guide for which we already have a reviewer, then you are more than welcome to post in the guide's comments thread, or to e-mail us.

We thank you all for your support.

For the past month we have worked very hard on our class guides and with the help of top raiders and known authorities, we now have the best offering you can find for World of Warcraft classes.

#20957 Shout out to Warlocks of Icy-Veins!

Posted by Zagam on 23 April 2013 - 07:01 PM

Not sure if you guys have glanced at the total topics and replies by class forums, but Warlocks are by far the highest representation of any class on Icy-Veins! By topics, we own 30.77% of all topics across class forums. In responses to topics, we have 3,275 of the 6,109 total replies or 53.61%! This is incredible as many of the WoW population websites show Warlocks in the lowest 3 of class representation. As some of you know, I started doing guides and work here last summer. My first guide was a Warlock revamped leveling guide posted on July 1, 2012. Since then, I've been blessed to contribute a lot of what I consider theorycrafting that I find an absolute blast to come up with, publish, and give back to the community. Vlad and Damien have given me a medium that allows me to do my favorite things: help people and theorycraft. Many of you have stepped up to the plate, contributed your own ideas, and found a home to help you with all that you do as demonic lords in World of Warcraft. You've contributed tips, guides, and offered detailed analyses to people who have come here for help and left vastly better Warlocks than when they arrived. I humbly thank you for your positive and INCREDIBLY helpful output into the community here at Icy-Veins. Please continue to rockout and do all that you do that makes me leading this board so incredibly rewarding. ~Zagam

#46296 Icy Veins Christmas Contest

Posted by Storm on 18 December 2013 - 04:51 PM



This is our semi-official Christmas card from all of the moderators. I missed some of the newer mods that I don't have pictures of, but I promise I'll get everyone next year. I'm not sure if it'll get posted anywhere else officially so I'm sharing it here for everyone to see.


From left to right, Front row: Vlad, Omaric, Zagam, Damien, Storm

Back row: Akraen, Marco, Oltier, Peelyon, Krazyito 

#53643 The Definitive Guide to Warlock Icons

Posted by nefigah on 02 March 2014 - 11:47 PM

Current as of patch 5.4.7.
After the unexpected amount of positive response garnered by my treatise on Warrior icons, I figured I'd try my hand at helping other classes with the harrowing task that is skill icon comprehension. I received a request to tackle warlock icons next from Lockybalboa, my good friend (read: he doesn't know me, but I like his name)--so here we are. Note I still think Zagam would've done a fine job of this, but he was likely afraid that warlock icons wouldn't be "easy targets" like warriors'.
Icon confusion is an important issue; one which many of us have had to deal with since the days when we weren't allowed to cast Curse of Agony because it'd overwrite the Curse of Agony cast by your guild's Warlock Class Lead. In spite of this long history, few efforts have been made to evaluate and explicate each ability icon, and compile this information in one place. This ultra mega serious guide will attempt to do so.
A wise man once said--I think it was Thomas Jefferson or maybe Yogi Berra--that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Thus I'll keep the structure similar to the warrior icon guide, and group warlock skill icons into familiar spaghetti-western-inspired categories, based on their effectiveness in representing their respective skills.
Category I: The Good

  • Chaos Bolt - If you are warlocky enough to be reading facetious posts about warlock icons, you probably already know that the Chaos Bolt spell looks like a crazy dragon/shark/velociraptor thing when viewed from the front. But if you hadn't been aware, well, now you know why this icon is a bolt with a mouth.
  • Command Demon - A good generic demon, not easily confused with any of your summonable demons. We can assume this guy is the one doing the commanding.
  • Conflagrate - And thus begins our iconic saga of fire and hands. (Hmm, sounds like George R.R. Martin.) I like that this could be showing either a guy conflagrating or a guy getting conflagrated. I still don't agree with the MoP changes to this spell, though--thematically I liked how you used to light the fuse with Immolate, and Conflagrate blew em to bits.
  • Corruption - Sometimes an icon doesn't look like much from a distance, but one day you take a closer look and see Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2 Turbo vomiting blood. And you are forced to concede that it is pretty cool.
  • Curse of Enfeeblement - This spell reduces physical damage, as might come from a sword. Here we see a sword being magically F'd up. Good icon.
  • Dark Soul - Well, the dude's definitely dark. And I think that from the lack of muscle tone, we can assume he's a soul. More concerning than the icon is Blizzard's choice of naming the spec-specific buffs. Let's play a fun game of "Which one of these things does not belong?"
    • Instability: "Infuses your soul with unstable power, increasing your critical strike chance..." - Okay, unstable power randomly splurts out of you. I can buy that I guess.
    • Knowledge: "Your soul is infused with demonic knowledge, increasing the effects of Mastery: Master Demonologist..." - Demonic knowledge makes you a better master demonologist. I'm with ya.
    • Misery: "Infuses your soul with the misery of fallen foes, increasing spell haste..." - Now you lost me.
  • Demonic Breath - I don't remember ever using this spell, but the icon's pretty neat.
  • Demonic Gateway - I could be talked into classifying this one as "bad." It does kinda look like the in-game lock gates, but since it's an icon, they could've gone with a little less green and a little more gate.
  • Drain Life - This is actually one of my favorite icons in the game. Brings back fond memories of drain tanking with my 30/21/0 siphon life+demonic sac build.
  • Drain Soul - Yeah, it looks a bit more like "Drain Skull" than "Drain Soul," but maybe someone in the chain of command had a speech impediment.
  • Dreadsteed - FIERY HORSESHOE
  • Enslave Demon - Everyone knows that no demon can withstand the power of Metal. Shred on, my hard rockin' amigos.
  • Eye of Kilrogg - The picture is not conclusively Kilrogg's eye, but once you've seen one disembodied floating organ, you've seen em all, right?
  • Fel Flame - Looks more like a Fel Sneeze, but I seem to recall the in-game projectile does too.
  • Hand of Gul'dan - Gul'dan is apparently Demonspeak for "One who has difficulty grabbing things." But I think the icon artist deferred to the 3D spell effect here, too.
  • Hellfire - I love this guy's comical proportions. "BWAAAAAAAH IT'S HOT AS HELL IN THIS FIRE"
  • Howl of Terror - I was on the fence here. Pink poodles generally don't invoke much terror, except maybe to Fel Fire Hydrants.
  • Mannoroth's Fury - No one comes between Mannoroth and his burrito.
  • Metamorphosis - Indeed!
  • Rain of Fire - It came down, down, down, and my embers went higher. And it burns, burns, burns...
  • Seed of Corruption - Yeah, I guess it's a grungy seed. For a long time I thought it was a corrupted pothole, though--we had some like that when I lived in the city.
  • Shadow Bolt - I'm not really sure if Shadow Bolt looks like this anymore, as for some reason they decided to give a classic warlock spell to Demo only, and I can't tri-spec. But back in the day it definitely looked like this.
  • Shadowfury - Yeah, I guess. They could also rebrand it "Fabulous Fury" and give it to Theralion.
  • Soul Fire - "Hey man, sorry to keep bothering you, but how did you guys animate 'Soul Fire'? Oh, it's just a big fireball? K, I'll draw that."
  • Soulburn - Well, Skullburn; but see above.
  • Twilight Ward - If this were a warrior icon, I'd have some choice words for it, but since it's your only shield I guess it's okay.
  • Unending Breath - Delightfully watery!
  • Unstable Affliction - The dude's face is melting off. You'd be a little unstable too! No hooker is worth catching an affliction like that.

The... Good?

  • Mortal Coil - On the one hand, I think the guy who thought up the replacement for Death Coil (why did they have to give it to DKs again?) was trying to be punny and clever (death vs. mortal, Shakespeare reference, etc.), which doesn't translate well to icons. I haven't looked at the spell enough to know if the Skittles-colored icon is accurate.
  • Flames of Xoroth - How accurate this icon is depends entirely on what the hell a Xoroth is.

The Bad

  • Agony - The agony caused by this DoT is nothing compared to the agony this icon causes me. Maybe in the beta it was "Curse of Sunder Armor"?
  • Banish - So it begins. During my research into the inanity of warrior icon design, I found the artists were under a mandate to adhere strongly to a "theme"--in their case, you could basically sum up the theme as "shields." The warlock artist, on the other hand, preferred a motif of vaguely scary hands.
  • Blood Horror - This icon makes a lot of sense if the pictured bloody orb is in fact a testicle. Otherwise I dunno.
  • Burning Rush - Here we see some red goo. If you cheat and look at the filename of the icon: ability_deathwing_sealarmorbreach. "Ah, yes!" You exclaim. "It does indeed look like one of Deathwing's skin plates getting torn off." I think Blizzard was in a... Rush... to reuse art assets.
  • Carrion Swarm - Carrion Swarm is an ability that you get in demon form. By this artist's logic, most icons should conversely be pictures of unmetamorphosized warlocks just standing around.
  • Create Healthstone - Far be it from me to say what a healthstone does or does not look like. It seems in such cases, however, that maybe the icon should try to like, you know, convey some useful information about the skill.
  • Create Soulwell - Don't quote me, but I want to say that at one time this spell had "ritual" in its name (similar to the summoning one). If that's true, this icon of a guy dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight makes some sense.
  • Dark Bargain - This icon doesn't have much to do with dark bargains, but it would've made a better icon for Blood Horror than the one they went with!
  • Dark Regeneration - Scary hand = regeneration! Or something.
  • Demonic Circle: Summon - So that's where the ninja turtles came from!
  • Fire and Brimstone - I could actually see placing this in the "good" category. Naysayers may point out the lack of brimstone, and even fire, but from a distance Skeletor's apparel suggests the split or dispersion the ability enables.
  • Haunt - This is a cool spell, a cool concept, and there's so much they could've done with it! Instead, they went with Scary Hand + Mike Tyson's skull.
  • Havoc - Though "havoc" is admittedly an abstract noun, the in-game ability itself would be trivial to represent artistically. Plus Skeletor has gained some weight since his famous appearance in Fire and Brimstone.
  • Health Funnel - I guess shiny blood is more or less acceptable, especially to Twilight fans. It's just always struck me as a pretty lackluster drawing. Good thing I can basically take it off my bars these days--that's one solution!
  • Immolate - I feel bad having to relegate Immolate to this category, but my personal quota of "scary hand fire" had already been met.
  • Incinerate - Ah, yes, what to do when you, a humble icon artist, are faced with several fiery abilities? How do you breathe a unique spark of life into each? (Don't worry if you don't know the answer; the guy Blizzard hired didn't know either.)
  • Siphon Life - Would somebody please give this hand a job?!
  • Soul Leech - It took a while to decipher what the hell is going on in this icon, but fear not, gentle reader: I do this for you. Here we have a shadowy hippie, his back facing us, on a clear summer day. And then suddenly, a taser! Maybe that'll learn him to get a haircut.
  • Soul Swap - This icon takes a stab at answering the age-old question: "What if Edvard Munch had sucked?"
  • Soulstone - At least the Healthstone guy deigned to create something more evocative than "round thing."
  • Unbound Will - More like Unbound Number of Hands

Special Section: Grimoires
We shall return to rambling incoherently shortly, but I feel the work of the Grimoire talents artist deserves an especial mention. Consider the following three icons and determine which represents which talent. (Try not to cheat.) Keep in mind that icons are very handy for differentiating a tier's talents at a glance.

The answers?

  • Grimoire of Sacrifice - If you look closely, you can see the demon head is crying bloody emo tears at being sacrificed.
  • Grimoire of Service - In case you left your electron microscope in your other labcoat, there are in fact two demon heads on this book cover.
  • Grimoire of Supremacy - I think this is an imp with horns, which I'm guessing only the upgraded Fel Imp gets. Update: Nope, regular imps have horns too.

The Ugly

  • Curse of Exhaustion - This drawing of a Sacagawea dollar isn't even good!
  • Curse of the Elements - "But wait," you are saying, "This icon sucks, but you categorized similar ones as merely bad." To that I respond: Shut up and write your own fake guide.
  • Dark Intent - This one is a real head-scratcher--quite possibly the head-scratcheriest of all warlock icons. A crack team of investigative iconoclasts determined the following explanation is most likely accurate: A night elf (based on hand color) darkly intends to touch a Fel Boob. Perhaps the after-effects of doing so are pictured in the previous icon.
  • Ember Tap - We are dying to know: Will the fiery spermatozoa reach the burning ovum??
  • Fear - Apparently the artist is afraid of goths.
  • Life Tap - This icon is informally known in the business as "The Emperor's New Icon." You see, Blizzard's art department hired a very expensive consultant to illustrate Life Tap, as at the time it was to be a warlock's most iconic spell (pardon the pun). Sacrificing one's own essence for greater access to magical power--now that's warlockian! Well, what you see here is what the consultant came up with. Though he wasn't given any more work, management had a dilemma: how to justify what they spent to the higher-ups? Thus began a harrowing tale of rationalism, deceit, and shame. To cover this embarrassing incident, Blizzard has been gradually de-emphasizing the spell, requiring it to be cast less and less in each expansion. I wouldn't be surprised if it were removed from WoD entirely.
  • Malefic Grasp - Now this one just floors me. The one spell whose name basically means "scary hand" does not get a scary hand icon.
  • Sacrificial Pact - I think this is supposed to be some sort of demonic symbol superimposed on a wizard. But it could also be the Taj Mahal.
  • Shadowburn - Scary Hand 2: Judgment Day features a liquid metal scary hand that is sent back in time to kill the icon artist in his youth, but the plan is thwarted by Arnold Schwarzenhand.
  • Soulshatter - What do you mean, "soul shatter"?! This is obviously a picture of a refreshment table.
  • Unending Resolve - Here we see a fat kid doing a handstand, or possibly breakdancing. Apparently we are to believe that his skill was acquired via insurmountable determination in the face of mockery at the (scary) hands of his peers. I remain unconvinced.

#49555 Conveyor belt woes =(

Posted by Lockybalboa on 22 January 2014 - 12:01 AM

P.S. This is one of my biggest complaints with heroic raiders. The OP is asking for help regarding the belt on Flex difficulty, not normal or heroic. But heroic raiders will come in and say "warlocks should never be on the belt!" Bullshit. Whoever the raid leader wants on the belt should be on the belt. Heroic raiders have some excellent advice to give, but it's always skewed and biased based on their personal experience. That kind of advice is helpful to no one, least of all the OP. He wants help with the belt so give him help with the belt. Let his raid leader figure out everything else, because it's not your place.



I'll refrain from offering you any help then, I wouldn't want to offend you.


Heroic raiders help in the only way we know how to help. By giving the most strategically and/or mathematically correct answer that we've found so far. This is how progression raiders are, we look for the best answer and stick to it like glue.


Personally, I've been doing bleed edge progression raiding for so long that I can't think in terms of LFR, Flex, or Reg only. My brain sees a problem and I have to fix it perfectly.


From what I quickly saw the heroic raiders either gave a flex/reg answer or at least gave a duel answer that provided information that can be used across the levels of play.


This is one of my biggest complaints about a lot of casual raiders, when I or friends of mine take time out of our days to try and offer some advice that will better another person as a player or help someones raid push a little further or even just make this LFR that I'm already doing the DPS of 5 other people in a little easier, sometimes they just spit that back in our faces. Most heroic raiders aren't mean, we aren't the elitist pricks that we are often portrayed as. Granted there are bad apples but as a whole most of us just want to be left alone or genuinely want to help people for no other reason than that we can.


You don't have to use our help, you don't have to acknowledge it, you don't have to thank us, but the least you can do is not insult us. 

#45877 Icy Veins Christmas Contest

Posted by nahive on 16 December 2013 - 09:38 PM




Merry Christmas everybody!

Here is some bonus for alliance:

#38814 Zagam's Fixing your DPS FAQ!

Posted by Zagam on 16 October 2013 - 05:01 PM



Alright, so analyzing logs is a specialty of mine, but the work is becoming overbearing with the frequency of logs coming in.  More troublesome is the consistency with the issues.  Here will be a list of tools YOU can use to fix YOUR DPS!


Incredibly awesome World of Logs guide: http://www.icy-veins...ehensive-guide/

Incredibly awesome Warcraftlogs guide: http://www.icy-veins...ehensive-guide/


^This guide shows you how to find issues, solve them, and track so many things you didn't know you could track.




1) Did you prepot and use a 2nd pot?  You should see 49 to 50 seconds of uptime on your Potion of the Jade Serpent.


2) Did you keep Curse of Elements up the entire time?  Remember, it wears off after 5 minutes. 


3) Did you use your Doom/Terrorguard and get all of his casts off in time?  If not, cast him earlier or use him at the beginning of fights.




1) Is your Immolate uptime below 90%?  If yes, bring it up.  Immolate should be on anything you can't one shot. 


2) Are you using Shadowburn?  This should be used on every single thing possible including adds and bosses.  This does high damage, is instant cast, and generates 2 Embers upon killing something.


3) Are you using Rain of Fire on 2+ targets?  If no, then use it.


4) Are you using Dark Soul every 2 minutes?  If no, then do it.


5) Are you maximizing your Chaos Bolt?  Prioritize using Chaos Bolt during trinkets procs.  Average Chaos Bolt should be as follows:

ilvl 540 - 800k

ilvl 550 - 900k

ilvl 560 - 1M

These are general guidelines.  If your average Chaos Bolt is below these numbers, you're not using Chaos Bolt with procs correctly.


6) Are you allowing yourself to hit 4.0 Burning Embers?  If so, stop it. 


7) Are you consuming Backdraft with Chaos Bolt?  If so, stop it. 


8) Is your Chaos Bolt damage higher than Incinerate?  Good, it should be.  If not, work on maximizing Chaos Bolt damage.


9) Are you using Havoc in multi-target situations?  Havoc has a cooldown of 25 seconds.  You should see at least 2 uses per minute when the situation exists.  For Sha of Pride, for example, you should see one every minute.  For Heroic Sha of Pride, you should see 2 per minute.  Use Havoc with Shadowburn if possible; otherwise, use it with Chaos Bolt.


10) Curious about your 2pc or 4pc?  2pc is called Destructive Influence and 4pc is called Ember Master.  You can check their uptimes.  If you felt like your DPS was otherwise unexplainably low, check to see if these two were giving you trouble.


11) Trinkets: PBI > KTT > BBoY > KFC Mashed Potato Bowl > FCoR




1) Is your Doom uptime over 99%?  If not, bring it up.  Doom should be on anything it will tick on at least ONCE.


2) Is your Corruption uptime over 99%?  If not, bring it up.  Corruption should be on anything it will tick on at least FOUR times.


3) Is your Metamorphosis uptime over 40%?  If not, bring it up by making sure you are building Demonic Fury and spending Demonic Fury properly.


4) Did you have a pet out?  If not, you should do that.  Using GoServ?  Use that Felguard on CD as well.


5) Are you using Felstorm every 45 seconds?  If not, you should be. 


6) Are your Metamorphosis Soul Fires a higher damage portion than your caster Soul Fires?  If not, work on casting more Soul Fires in Metamorphosis to bring your damage portion up. 


7) Are you using Dark Soul:Knowledge every 2 minutes?  If not, you better be.  Also, are you keeping Metamorphosis up throughout the entire 20 second buff? 


8) Are you casting Soul Fire when a mob hits 25% HP?  Soul Fire has a built in execute mechanic which makes it superior to Shadow Bolt.  Make sure you're casting lots of Soul Fires.


9) Is Doom hitting like a truck?  Without UVLS, our focus should be on maximizing the spell power of Doom when it is applied.  Use Affdots to track this.


10) Trinkets: PBI > BBoY > KTT > KFC Mashed Potato Bowl > FCoR




1) Is Agony's uptime over 99%?  If not, make sure that 10 stack never falls off.


2) Is Unstable Affliction's uptime over 99%?  This is difficult, but strive for it.  UA is now the most powerful DoT and takes precedence over everything. 


3) Is Corruption's uptime over 99%?  If not, make sure it gets better.


4) Are you using Haunt?  Haunt uptime should ALWAYS be over 50%, usually in the 60-70% range with some overachieving RNG giving 90% uptime.  Haunt MUST BE USED.


5) Are you using Soulburn:Soul Swap too often?  You should only be using this in your opening sequence and during brief, important windows of opportunity such as a 10 stack of Black Blood to snapshot awesome DoTs.


6) Is the damage from Agony and UA very close?  Sometimes Agony wins, sometimes UA wins, but they should NEVER be far apart.  If they are, look at questions 1 and 2.


7) Are you using Malefic Grasp when DoTs don't need reapplied and Haunt is on the target?  This is your filler spell, but only on targets above 20%.


8) Are you using Drain Soul when a mob goes below 20%?  This is a high damage option that gives you tons Soul Shards. 


9) Are you keeping Haunt up 100% during execute?  If not, do it.


10) Do you have Affdots installed?  If not, get it.  Use appropriately to employ the Empowered DoTs method in getting the most out of your DoTs.


11) Is your DoT damage high because of appropriate snapshotting?  Your UA ticks should be breaking into the 100,000 range on crits around 555 item level.  If you're a little below, you should be a little below.  If you're higher, you should be higher.


12) Are you using Soul Swap correctly?  Are you using Soulburn:Soul Swap too often?  Soul Swap should be used to spread DoTs to new targets, not Soulburn:Soul Swap.


13) Trinkets: PBI > BBoY > KTT > KFC Mashed Potato Bowl > FCoR

#17788 5.4 Destruction Tips and Quirks

Posted by Zagam on 13 March 2013 - 06:22 PM

Here are some notes on how to better play your Destruction Warlock. Be sure to read through these series of posts to find other players' thoughts and ideas. I've done my best to summarize here.




Table of Contents

1) Nukes and You

2) Destruction's Feel and Nature

3) Destruction's Resources

4) Opener and Execution

5) Burning Embers Management

6) Chaos Bolt & Shadowburn

7) Incinerate, Immolate & Conflagrate

8) Dark Soul: Instability

9) Rain of Fire & Fire and Brimstone

10) Stat Priorities

11) Empowered Chaos Bolts and maximizing your Warlock

12) Pandemic and Fel Flame and Doomguard...OH MY!

13) Talents and Glyphs

14) Tier 16 Bonuses

15) Trinkets

16) Math and Theorycrafting



1) Nukes and You


Destruction has a very nuclear feeling about it. You deal damage in huge bursts with very little DoT damage to worry about. You'll maximize damage by making your nukes hit as hard as possible while keeping your resources managed properly.



2) Destruction's Feel and Nature


As a Destruction Warlock, you will be on fire...quite literally. Destruction is very fast paced as you deliver hard nukes while keeping one DoT up and running. You'll be casting Incinerate with high frequency, Conflagrate on cooldown, and winding up a large cast time for each mega Chaos Bolt you dish out. Destruction requires quick thinking on your feet as to the next spell you cast as well as how to safely plant your feet for a 2 to 3 second Chaos Bolt cast.



3) Destruction's Resources


Destruction has two resources: mana and Burning Embers. Mana is largely inconsequential thanks to Chaotic Energies which VASTLY increases your mana regeneration. As long as a proper rotation is performed, mana issues will not arise.


Mastering your Destruction Warlock focuses around its primary resource, Burning Embers. Burning Embers are generated through Incinerate, Conflagrate, and Immolate and are spent using Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn. Burning Embers are composed of 10 emberbits



4) Opener and Execution


Your opener as Destruction depends largely on what trinkets you have. If you have Intellect stacking trinkets such as Black Blood of Y'Shaarj or Wushoolay's Final Choice, you'll want to perform your rotation like this:


Curse of Elements - Dark Soul: Instability - Immolate - Conflagrate - Conflagrate - Incinerate x 4 - Chaos Bolt x 2. If you lack the Haste to get off two Chaos Bolts before a 10 stack of your trinkets wear off, cast Incinerate 3 times and consume 3 charges of Backdraft with a Chaos Bolt to ensure both Chaos Bolts are affected by your trinket.


If you have more static Intellect based trinkets such as Purified Bindings of Immerseus or Kardris' Toxic Totem, then your opener should not include consuming Backdraft charges for Chaos Bolt. Just make sure you get off as many Chaos Bolts as possible before your trinket procs wear off.


For Execution, replace Chaos Bolt with Shadowburn. It's that easy.



5) Burning Embers Management


Burning Embers management will prove to be the difference between good and great Destruction Warlocks. You'll want to build Burning Embers to maximize the number you have to spend during procs that boost Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn. Follow these guidelines for when to spend Burning Embers:


>3.5 Embers and no procs? - Cast Chaos Bolt

<3.5 Embers and no procs? - DO NOT cast Chaos Bolt

>1.0 Embers and procs? - Cast Chaos Bolt


Basically what this means is cast Incinerate, Immolate, and Conflagrate when you don't have big procs up as long as you don't have 3.5 or more Burning Embers. At that point, just cast a Chaos Bolt so that you don't hit the cap of 4 Burning Embers.


Spells that generate Burning Embers:

Incinerate - 1 emberbits

Incinerate Critical Hit - 2 emberbits

Immolate Critical Ticks - 1 emberbits

Fel Flame - 1 emberbits

Fel Flame Critical Hits - 2 emberbits

Conflagrate - 1 emberbits

Conflagrate Critical Hits - 2 emberbits

Killing a target with Shadowburn - 20 emberbits


Spells that consume Burning Embers:

Chaos Bolt - 1 Burning Embers

Shadowburn - 1 Burning Embers

Ember Tap - 1 Burning Embers



6) Chaos Bolt & Shadowburn


Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn are your major nukes as a Destruction Warlock. Both consume 1 Burning Embers and deal massive damage to your target. Follow these guidelines for these spells:


Boss HP > 20% - Cast Chaos Bolt

Boss HP < 20% - Cast Shadowburn


Shadowburn is unable to be cast until your target is below 20% HP. At that point, no more Burning Embers should be spent casting Chaos Bolt as the DPET (Damage Per Execute Time) is far higher with Shadowburn.


Chaos Bolt should be your highest damage source. You accomplish this by casting Chaos Bolt at opportune times such as large Intellect procs from trinkets or potions. Chaos Bolt requires a large cast time of around 2.5 seconds depending on your Haste, so proper positioning and planning is required before Chaos Bolt can be cast. Chaos Bolt's damage is always a critical hit and is increased in damage by your Critical Strike chance. Havoc allows for Chaos Bolt to hit 2 targets at once at the cost of all 3 charges of Havoc.


Shadowburn is a unique execute-type spell that deals massive damage at the cost of one Burning Embers. Shadowburn leaves a debuff on the target for 5 seconds. If the target dies while the Shadowburn debuff is applied, the caster will receive 2 Burning Embers. If the target survives the Shadowburn debuff, the caster receives 15% of his maximum mana back. Shadowburn is incredible to use against adds in boss fights because each time you kill an add with Shadowburn, you gain an extra Burning Embers back! This can be used to repeatedly kill smaller adds below 20% and maximize your Burning Embers. Havoc allows for Shadowburn to hit two targets at once at the cost of 1 charge of Havoc per Shadowburn.



7) Incinerate, Immolate, & Conflagrate


These spells are the potatoes of the Destruction specialization that support the meat and vegetables that are Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn. Incinerate should be casted as your filler when Conflagrate is not up and Immolate does not need to be refreshed. Havoc allows for these three spells to hit two targets at once at the cost of 1 charge of Havoc per cast.


Incinerate is a hard hitting spell that will be spammed when nothing else should be cast. Incinerate consumes charges of Backdraft at a rate of 1 per cast, decreasing the mana cost and casting time by 30%. Incinerate should ALWAYS be used to consume charges of Backdraft.


Immolate is a medium strength attack that leaves a powerful DoT behind. Immolate's uptime should be as close to 100% as possible.


Conflagrate is a powerful, instant cast spell that generates 3 charges of Backdraft. Conflagrate is on a 2 charge system that regenerates slowly.



8) Dark Soul: Instability


Dark Soul: Instability (DSI) is a 2 minute cooldown that increases the Critical Strike chance of all your spells and abilities by 30% for 20 seconds. Because Chaos Bolt always Crits, it increases the power of Chaos Bolt by 30%. Chaos Bolt should be a priority spell during DSI, and you will generate more Burning Embers during DSI because of the increased emberbit generation when you critically hit with your filler spells. DSI should be used on cooldown or timed for periods of high DPS demands.



9) Rain of Fire & Fire and Brimstone


Destruction's AoE is very powerful.


Rain of Fire is a ground targetted AoE spell that does Fire damage over time and has a low chance to generate Burning Embers. Rain of Fire should always be applied when 2 or more targets will be hit by it. Rain of Fire should be applied to one target when that target will stand in Rain of Fire for the full duration and you have some Haste proc such as Bloodlust, Berserking, or Tempus Repit.


Fire and Brimstone is the bulk of Destruction's AoE capacity. Fire and Brimstone enables your Incinerate, Immolate, and Conflagrate to hit all targets within 8 yards of your primary target at a penalty of a slight reduction in power. Fire and Brimstone is an aura-type buff that you can turn on and off at will with no cooldown. It transforms your three primary spells into Fire and Brimstone versions of themselves. Each cast with Fire and Brimstone active consumes one Burning Embers. If you generate at least 10 emberbits through Rain of Fire, Immolate, etc., you will not lose Burning Embers. This requires a fair number of targets to hit. If you generate less than 10 emberbits per Fire and Brimstone cast, you will slowly drain of your Burning Embers. You should always open up with Fire and Brimstone: Immolate and then Fire and Brimstone: Conflagrate twice. Fire and Brimstone: Incinerate benefits from Backdraft just as normal Incinerate does. Keep Rain of Fire up while performing your normal rotation to maximize DPS.



10) Stat Priorities


Stat priorities are largely dependent on the fight, strategy, and talents you take per fight, but there are a few solid conclusions about Destruction's stat priorities...


1) Mastery is king. Gem it, enchant it, have it on every piece of gear. Mastery increases the damage you deal with Incinerate, Immolate, and Conflagrate by a certain amount while it increases Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn by 3x that amount. Mastery also increases the healing received from Ember Tap.


2) Crit and Haste are close, but Crit tends to win out after Mastery for single target. Destruction doesn't benefit from Haste very much thanks to Backdraft and relatively short casts of Incinerate and Immolate. Conflagrate and Shadowburn are instant cast, so Haste has relatively little effect. Criticial hits double emberbit generation and increase the power of Chaos Bolt significantly, so Crit is the desired stat after Mastery.


3) Haste is ok, but it has a ceiling. Remember that Incinerate has its base casting time reduced by Backdraft. With Tempus Repit, Bloodlust, and Berserking, it's easy to have a plethora of Haste effects that reduce the cast time of Incinerate below 1.000 seconds. This is not ideal because any time leftover after the cast is absorbed by the global cooldown, thus giving you 'queue time' or time spent waiting to execute your next action.


4) Hit capping is an absolute must. If you're going to decide on 14.95% hit or 15.05% hit, take the 15.05%. You absolutely do not want any spells to miss.



11) Empowered Chaos Bolt and Maximizing your Warlock


Empowering Chaos Bolt is the process which you cast Chaos Bolt with large Intellect procs up such as a 10 stack of Wushoolay's Final Choice or Black Blood of Y'Shaarj. Learning to time your Chaos Bolts with large Intellect procs is the key to maximizing your Chaos Bolt damage and your overall damage. Chaos Bolt should always be cast with a large Intellect proc up and delayed in casting if there is no proc up, unless of course you're at 4 Burning Embers.


For Wush and BBoY, you'll want to start casting a Chaos Bolt to ensure that you get it casted before the trinket effect wears off, preferably with the full 10 stacks. Chaos Bolt's damage is calculated when the cast is executed, not when it hits the target. Travel time is a non-point for Chaos Bolt, so keep that in mind when preparing your big nuke launches.



12) Pandemic, Fel Flame, and Doomguard...OH MY!


Pandemic is less impactful for Destruction than it is for Affliction, but it is still important nonetheless. Pandemic allows for 50% of a DoTs duration to be added to the original duration. Immolate is Destruction's only DoT, and calculations look something like this:


Immolate base duration: 15 seconds

Maximum additional duration: 7.5 seconds


If you cast Immolate twice in a row, you'll only get the additional 7.5 seconds added. If you have 7 seconds remaining on Immolate and you cast Immolate, you'll get the entire 15 seconds added to your duration! This is how to maximize Immolate duration as Destruction via Pandemic. Try not to cast Immolate until it has 7 or less seconds or if you have a very large Intellect proc.


Fel Flame is a very solid spell to cast while moving if you do not take the Kil'Jaeden's Cunning talent. Fel Flame should only be used after Conflagrate has been used and Rain of Fire has been casted.


Doomguard should be casted when you need more damage. He is not worth his 10 minute cooldown and only does between 1 and 1.5M damage. He does 20% more during execute, but it's almost always more beneficial to ensure you get the maximum number of casts in during combat, which is 18. He updates dynamically with your stats, so casting him at the beginning typically outweights the worry of not getting in all your casts at the end of a fight.



13) Talents and Glyphs


Talents and Glyphs are largely dependent on a fight by fight basis in terms of need and benefit. Check out the T16 Normal and Heroic Warlock Specific Tips guide for information on which talents and glyphs you should take.



14) T16 Bonuses


2pc T16 bonus has a 20% chance on Conflagrate Critical Hits to increase the Critical Hit chance of Immolate and Incinerate by 10% for 10 seconds. This bonus is lackluster and hardly worth talking about. It's RNG embedded in RNG which is based on your Crit chance, another RNG effect. Its uptime is low and barely worth anything in terms of DPS.


4pc T16 bonus has a 100% chance to grant you 15% increased Critical Strike effect when you fill a Burning Embers. This effect has an internal cooldown of 10 seconds making its maximum uptime be 33%. It is still a powerful set bonus that gives a decent DPS increase.  Acquire this as soon as possible, even at the cost of dropping a few item levels on a certain piece.  Utilizing this set bonus involves using it with Chaos Bolt (+15% damage) or Immolate in order to snapshot the bonus crit, thus returning more embers for the duration of Immolate.  Since you always want to capitalize on buffs with Chaos Bolt, the 4pc bonus does well as a last resort if you're about to cap embers and don't have a trinket proc or Dark Soul available.



15) Trinkets


1) Purified Bindings of Immerseus is BiS for all casters. It's incredible...pick it up.

2) Kardris' Toxic Totem provides an incredible proc with Multistrike

3) Black Blood of Y'Shaarj gives an incredible stacking Intellect proc capable of super charging your Chaos Bolts.  This trinket can be better than KTT if properly utilized.

4) Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance gives a strong buff that scales with Crit chance

5) Wushoolay's Final Choice gives a smaller stacking Intellect proc than BBoY, but it is still a solid choice

6) Breath of the Hydra gives a decent Intellect proc


See more in the trinket guide on the Warlock forums.


16) Math and Theorycrafting


Note the chart below on when spells go below their 1.000 sec GCD cap with Haste levels. These cells are highlighted in yellow. For example, with 5% Raid Haste, having 35% personal Haste and Backdraft up will give you a 0.988 second cast. I know the chart says should say Backdraft.



#11041 World of Logs - A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Zagam on 15 November 2012 - 07:07 PM

Greetings, users of Icy-Veins! There have been lots of questions on how to improve DPS, figure out why you're wiping, how to fix other raiders' mistakes, etc. This guide will contain a plethora of answers to those questions and answers to questions you didn't know you had! Let's get started.

World of Logs - if you're unfamiliar, head on over to to Register and get started. All of the instructions are there on how to get you set up. Once you're set up, you will start logs by typing "/combatlog" in your chatbox. You'll get a message saying that combatlogs are being recorded in your Logs folder in your WoW main folder. To stop recording logs, you type "/combatlog" again and you'll end logging. Once you do that, exit WoW, boot up the client you downloaded, and load your log. Now let's dig in.

The first page you'll see is the title page. It contains a whole bunch of crap you don't really need to see. What we're interested in here is the top menu bar. It looks like this:

What you'll see here is your guild name, the date and time, and some other drop down menu items. We only really care about Dashboard and Full Report. Highlight over Dashboard, and you should see the following menu:

Some notes on each item:
Compare Fights - ignore this.
Analyze - super useful tool for analyzing details within a fight. Covered later.
Damage Done - everyone's favorite menu. Personalized fight details for individual members of damage done.
Damage Taken - everyone's least favorite menu. Personalized fight details for individual members of damage taken.
Healing Done - Healing details
Healing Taken - ignore this.
Friendly Fire - ignore this.
Deaths Overview - useful to track who died to what and how. 
Survivability - ignore this.
Log Browser - This is for advanced users.  I will update guide to include how to use this some day...
Expression editor - ignore this.
Ranking info - details information on ranking performances. Detailed later.

Now, highlight over the Full Report button. You should see the following menu:

Some notes on each item:
Bosses - ignore this.
Kills - shows combat parses of boss attempts in which you won! Celebrate your glory with this tab.
Wipes - shows combat parses of boss attempts in which you did not win. Learn from your mistakes with this tab.
Trash - ignore this unless you're really hyped up on how good you are on trash.
Full Report - ignore this.

Now that the menus have been explained, lets see what's under the hood.

The first menu most people will care about is the best for analyzing single player's damage measures. Let's pretend you are Zagam, a Warlock, and you want to see your performance on Gara'jal. Under Dashboard, you'll click Damage Done. Under Full Report, you'll go down to Kills and move your mouse over to the kill record and click it. You'll be rewarded with the following window:

We now see everyone's damage contribution for the Gara'jal encounter that lasted 4 minutes and 53 seconds. There's a spiffy chart there, but that's not what we came for. Take a look at the numbers. You might be thinking 'Wow, your Hunter is TERRIBLE.' He's not, I promise you. The reason I picked this fight is to demonstrate the difference between DPS and DPS (e). Gara'jal is a unique encounter in which some players will go into a different realm for a period of time. World of Logs is not able to pick up those players' combat logs during that, so they appear to be idle during this. This provides me the opportunity to show you the difference between DPS and DPS (e).

Look at Zagam's record. He shows 81,952 DPS but 81,509 DPS (e). DPS is a measure of your damage done divided by your ACTIVE time. Notice that my active time is 99.8% because I was there and doing things the entire time. DPS (e) is a measure of your total damage done divided by the TOTAL time of the encounter, regardless of what you were doing. Take a look at Cazlek, the Hunter. His DPS is 68,399 but his DPS (e) is only 28,648. This is because when he went into the other realm, the combat log basically assumed he stopped for that period of time. Since his active time is 42.0%, you can see that he spent 58% of his time in the other realm executing those mechanics. His DPS is a measure of how much damage he did in the time he wasn't in the realm, but his DPS (e) is a measure of his total damage done NOT in that realm over the total time. Take this as an easier to understand example:

Mage 1 does 500k DPS for 30 seconds and then dies.
Mage 2 does 300k DPS for 60 seconds.
The fight lasts for 60 seconds.
World of Logs will parse Mage 1 at 500k DPS but only 250k DPS (e) because he was active 50% of the time. This fight's parse is an exception with the phasing issue...typically on other fights, all players should be over 99% on their active time percentage. If it's not, that shows the greatest opportunity for improvement. They need better focus and to be active at all times. Follow the caster's cardinal rule: ABC = Always Be Casting.

One other thing to notice here: notice the white triangles by certain players names. This indicates pet usage. Clicking the white triangle will create a drop down menu where you can see how much a Warlock's Doomguard did or laugh at the fact the Beast Mastery Hunter's pet almost beat the Hunter himself. A Doomguard parse is an EXCELLENT way to see DPS vs DPS (e). The Doomguard will only be out for 1 minute. Let's say a fight lasts 5 minutes and he's out for a full minute. Let's say while he was out, he did 10k DPS. Under DPS, it will say 10,000, but under DPS (e), it will say 2,000. This is how you see how much certain pets contribute to your OVERALL DPS.

Alright, with that explained, let's take a look at Zagam's details. You can see anyone's details you care about by simply clicking their name.

#47107 Zagam's Celestial Tournament Guide

Posted by Zagam on 25 December 2013 - 07:31 PM

Pet Battles: The Celestial Tournament


Greetings, and welcome to Zagam's Celestial Tournament Guide!  The Celestial Tournament is a very challenging set of pet battles that will give you some of the greatest pet battle struggles you've ever participated in.  The Celestial Tournament is found on the Timeless Isle.  You'll be able to queue for the Celestial Tournament scenario if you have 15 level 25 pets.  This guide, however, will recommend a bit more than 15.  During the Celestial Tournament, you cannot heal or revive your pets, so your pet arsenal must be complete, powerful, and carefully planned.  This guide will take care of all three.



1. Recommended Pet Army


As stated above, the minimum number of pets required for the Celestial Tournament is 15.  I will be making a recommended list that approaches 25-30. 


Pet Name Pet Type Pet Team Location
Alpine Foxling Beast Team 2 Kun-Lai Summit
Anubisath Idol Humanoid Team 1 AQ
Chrominius Dragonkin Celestials Blackrock Spire
Clockwork Gnome Mechanical Celestials Archeology
Crawling Claw Undead Celestials Archeology
Dark Phoenix Hatchling Elemental Team 3 Guild Vendor
Darkmoon Tonk Mechanical Team 3 Darkmoon Faire
Darkmoon Zeppelin Mechanical Team 1 Darkmoon Faire
Eternal Strider Aquatic Teams 1 & 3 Vale rivers
Fel Flame Elemental Team 3 Shadowmoon Valley
Flayer Youngling Humanoid Team 2 Hellfire Peninsula
Fossilized Hatchling Undead Team 1 Archeology
Jungle Darter Aquatic Team 2 Vale rivers
Jungle Grub Beast Team 1 Krasarang Wilds
Kun-Lai Runt Humanoid Team 3 Kun-Lai Summit
Lil' Bad Wolf Humanoid Team 3 Karazhan
Lil' Tarecgosa Dragonkin Team 3 Guild Vendor
Mirror Strider Aquatic Team 3 Vale rivers and streams
Mr. Grubbs Beast Team 1 Eastern Plaguelands
Pandaren Water Spirit Elemental Celestials Pandaren Battle Trainer Quests
Personal World Destroyer Mechanical Team 2 Engineering
Scourged Whelpling Undead Team 2 Icecrown
Sprite Darter Hatchling Dragonkin Teams 2 & 3 Feralas
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry Mechanical Celestials Haywire, Isle of Thunder
Terrible Turnip Elemental Celestials Valley of the Four Winds Crop
Tolai Hare Pup Critter Team 1 Kun-Lai Summit
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Mechanical Celestials Engineering


*I know the Crawling Claw is rare.  This pet is not required, but you must acquire a battle pet with the Doom spell.  An alternate is the Lesser Voidcaller that drops in Tempus Keep.

*Keep in mind that you can use any pet as a substitute as long as it has the moves listed in the strategies below.  If you have a great flyer but no Sprite Darter Hatchling, you should have a suitable substitute, for example.



2. Pet Trainers


Each week, you will face a pre-determined set of trainers.  This set of trainers changes weekly.  The three groups are:


1 - Chen Stormstout, Taran Zhu, & Wrathion

2 - Sully "The Pickle" McLeary, Dr. Ion Goldbloom, & Lorewalker Cho

3 - Blingtron 4000, Shadowmaster Kiryn, & Wise Mari



2.1 Team 1 - Chen Stormstout, Taran Zhu, & Wrathion


2.1.1 Chen Stormstout


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Tonsa Beast Darkmoon Zeppelin Mechanical Missile, Explode, Decoy
Chirps Critter Anubisath Idol Humanoid Crush, Stoneskin, Deflection
Brewly Elemental Eternal Strider Aquatic Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Pump


Chen will send out Tonsa first.  You should use a Mechanical, but none of the ones you'll need for Xu-Fu, so we'll need to dig into our bag of Mechanicals.  I highly recommend the Darkmoon Zeppelin, but you might not have that.  Personally, I used a Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, but the next time I deal with this trainer, I'm definitely going with the Zep.  Put up Decoy, shoot Missiles, then use Explode before your Zep dies.  Otherwise, use any Mechanical that can take him down without dying.  A solid replacement is the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with its ease of acquisition. 


Next up is Chirps, a Critter with a very predictible pattern of attacks that can be completely nullified with the Anubisath Idol.  Chirps first attack is Sleep, so use Deflection to block it completely.  Next will be his Swarm attack, so put up Stoneskin.  He then use Flank and then Swarm again.  Just keep Smashing his face.  Attack pattern is Sleep, Swarm, Flank, Swarm, Sleep.  Deflect every Sleep and you're home free. 


Brewly is the third battle pet you'll face from Chen.  He's an Elemental, but your Anubisath Idol is a rockstar.  Brewly's battle actions will always be to fill his barrel, Stormbolt, and then throw the barrel at you.  Deflection the Stormbolt and continue using Smash until/if your Anubisath Idol dies.  Bring in your Eternal Strider to mob things up with relative ease.


2.1.2 Taran Zhu


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Yen Humanoid Jungle Grub Beast Consume, Sticky Goo, Leap
Li Humanoid Mr. Grubbs Beast Consume, Sticky Goo, Leap
Bolo Humanoid Fossilized Hatchling Undead Bone Bite, Ancient Blessing, Bonestorm


This fight is odd and a major pain if you don't have grubworms.  It's even worse if you don't have a Fossilized Hatchling.  Start with the Fossilized Hatchling and use BONESTORM immediately.  Follow it with an Ancient Blessing and use BONESTORM one last time before it dies.  This should devistate Taran's entire Pandaren army significantly.  Send in your Mr. Grubs and alternate Consume and Leap.  You'll slowly wither down whatever Pandaren you are fighting.  Follow this up with your Jungle Grub if necessary and clean up the scraps using Consume on CD.


2.1.3 Wrathion


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Cindy Undead Tolai Hare Pup Critter Scratch, Dodge, Burrow
Alex Dragonkin Flayer Youngling Humanoid Blitz, Deflection, Kick
Dah'Da Dragonkin Anubisath Idol Humanoid Crush, Stoneskin, Deflection


All of Wrathion's pets have very predictable attack patterns.  We'll use pets' abilities to cleverly avoid the most dangerous ones.  Wrathion starts with his Undead gal, Cindy.  Use Dodge on the 2nd round to avoid the Ice Tomb damage.  Spam Scratch until Cindy dies.  On her extra death round, use Burrow.  When Alex comes out, she will take the Burrow damage.


Bring in your Flayer Youngling.  Use Kick on CD and spam Blitz.  Alex should die quickly.  Her attack pattern is to heal, use Flamethrower, and then use two Breaths.  If you find yourself about to die before a Flamethrower, use Deflection instead.  You really should be able to power through, however.  Enter Deathwing, err, Dah'Da.


Dah'Da will apply Elementium Bolt and then use Roll.  Use Blitz two turns in a row.  On your third turn, use Deflection to avoid Shadowflame and the Elementium Bolt.  Use Kick to stun him and spam Blitz until dead.  If he somehow kills your Flayer Youngling, bring in your Anubisath Idol and punish Dah'Da into submission.


**NOTE: My Flayer Youngling was later determined to be S/S breed which made it faster than Alex and Dah'Da.  If you're having struggles with your FY not cooperating, substitute in your Scourged Whelpling for a similarly easy victory. 



2.2 Team 2 - Sully "The Pickle" McLeary, Dr. Ion Goldbloom, & Lorewalker Cho


2.2.1 Sully "The Pickle" McLeary


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Socks Undead Jungle Darter Aquatic Tongue Lash, Healing Wave, Swarm of Flies
Monte Critter Alpine Foxling Beast Bite, Howl, Dazzling Dance
Rikki Aquatic Sprite Darter Hatchling Dragonkin Slicing Wind, Life Exchange, Moonfire


This trainer can easily be owned with this setup.  The Jungle Darter isn't even fair to use against Socks.  Socks is an Undead which does less damage to Aquatic.  The Jungle Darter has Critter moves that are lethal to Undead.  Put up Swarm of Flies and spam Tongue Lash.  When Socks dies, he will come back for one round and use Unholy Ascension which will increase the damage your team takes by 25% for 9 rounds.  Use Healing Wave to recover some HP.


Monte enters the fray and will immediately burrow.  There is nothing your poor Jungle Darter can do, but that's ok.  Refresh Swarm of Flies and eat the damage from Burrow.  Send in your Alpine Foxling.  Open with a Howl and then use Bite.  With the Swarm of Flies damage and a super charged Bite, Monte keels over.


Finally, Rikki enters.  Any flyer will dominate Rikki, but I elect to use the Sprite Darter Hatchling because you'll want him for other teams, so why not use the same pet for multiple weeks!  Simply spam Slicing Wind until you win.


2.2.2 Dr. Ion Goldbloom


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Screamer Flying Sprite Darter Hatchling Dragonkin Arcane Blast, Evanescence, Moonfire
Chaos Magic Scourged Whelpling Undead Tail Sweep, Death and Decay, Plagued Blood
Trike Beast Personal World Destroyer Mechanical Metal Fist, Supercharge, Quake


Screamer starts with the ability Take-Off.  Since we used your Sprite Darter Hatchling against Sully, he'll be missing some HP.  Bring in your Terrible Turnip and use his Inspiring Song to heal your Sprite Darter Hatchling, then immediately forfeit.  Do this until your Sprite Darter is fully healed.  Your Sprite Darter Hatchling feels like cheating with how well he will dominate Screamer.  Open up with Evanescence to completely avoid his Take-Off damage.  Use Moonfire and Arcane Blast to bring him to 50%.  He will use Feign Death and swap to Trike.  The turn that he hits 50%, bring in your Son of Animus (preferred) or a Personal World Destroyer.


Trike hits hard, but your mechanical hits harder.  Son of Animus can heal while dealing good damage and your Personal World Destroyer can Supercharge and then unleash a huge blow to Trike with Metal Fist.  Do this until Trike dies.


Screamer will come back out, so apply Quake and eat his Take-Off if he does it.  If he Feigns to Chaos, bring out your Scourged Whelpling.  Apply Plagued Blood and spam Tail Sweep until Chaos dies.  Use your Scourged Whelpling to do as much damage to Screamer when he comes back out.  When your Scourged Whelpling dies, just bring your Sprite Darter Hatchling, use Evanescence to dodge Lift-Off, and finish him.


2.2.3 Lorewalker Cho


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Wisdom Flying Sprite Darter Hatchling Dragonkin Arcane Blast, Life Exchange, Moonfire
Patience Magic Scourged Whelpling Undead Tail Sweep, Death and Decay, Plagued Blood
Knowledge Dragonkin Flayer Youngling Humanoid Blitz, Deflection, Kick


Sick of using your Sprite Darter Hatchling?  Shouldn't be considering how dominating he is against this set of trainers.  He may be missing some HP from the last battle, but that is actually ADVANTAGEOUS for this round!  Open up with Moonfire to get the party started.  Follow this with an Arcane Blast.  This will drop him below 50% which empowers your Sprite Darter Hatchling.  One more Arcane Blast sends this guy to the floor. 


Patience comes in next.  Your Sprite Darter Hatchling should be hurt a good deal.  Hello, Life Exchange.  This will knock off ~800 HP from Patience.  Deal as much damage as possible with your Sprite Darter Hatchling.  When he dies, bring in your Scourged Whelpling, also hurt from the previous battle, but it matters not.  Use Tail Sweep to finish Patience.


Knowledge comes out and your Scourged Whelpling should be on the brink of death.  Knowledge will charge up a round.  Use Plagued Blood, and then your Scourged Whelpling dies and comes back for one round.  Use this round to apply Death and Decay and get a Tail Sweep in.  Bring in your Flayer Youngling and open with Kick if you are faster.  After that, just use Blitz to win!



2.3 Team 3 - Blingtron 4000, Shadowmaster Kiryn, & Wise Mari


2.3.1 Blingtron 4000


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Au Elemental Eternal Strider Aquatic Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Pump
Lil B Mechanical Dark Phoenix Hatchling Elemental Burn, Immolate, Conflagrate
Banks Critter Lil' Bad Wolf Humanoid Claw, Dodge, Howl


Blingtron 4000 will open with Au.  You'll open with your Eternal or Mirror Strider.  Au is slow, so you'll get the first turn.  Start with Pump.  Au will attack your strider for about 300 damage.  You'll follow up with Cleansing Rain to heal a bit and prepare for a massive Pump attack.  Au will hit your pet for a big chunk of damage and deal some to himself.  Unleash Pump for about 1300 damage.  Au will do his basic attack again leaving you with about 300-500 HP.  Finish Au with Water Jet.


Blingtron 4000 will then send out Banks.  Have your Eternal/Mirror strider use Water Jet until it dies.  Swap in Lil' Bad Wolf.  Open with Dodge to prevent the periodic damage from Make It Rain while avoiding his next attack.  Follow up with Howl.  It doesn't matter what Banks does.  Use Claw twice for over 1000 damage each and waste him.


Finally, Lil B will come out.  This guy is the devil.  He will immediately buff himself.  Have your Lil' Bad Wolf do as much damage as possible until it dies.  If you can land a Howl on him on the turn before your Lil' Bad Wolf dies, great.  This isn't necessary, but it speeds up the victory.  Bring in your Dark Phoenix Hatchling.  Apply Immolate and then use Burn until Lil B is below 500 HP.  When he goes under 500 HP, use Conflagrate.  Conflagrate will deal lethal damage to Lil B and trigger his Mechanical passive.  He will resurrect, and then the 2nd part of Conflagrate will hit him again.  With the follow-up Immolate tick, victory is yours.


2.3.2 Shadowmaster Kiryn


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Nairn Humanoid Kun-Lai Runt Humanoid Thrash, Mangle, Deep Freeze
Stormoen Mechanical Fel Flame Elemental Burn, Immolate, Conflagrate
Summer Beast Darkmoon Tonk Mechanical Missile, Shock and Awe, Ion Cannon


Shadowmaster Kiryn will open up with Nairn.  You'll counter with your Kun-Lai Runt.  Your first move will be to apply Mangle.  Nairn will power up, and you will counter this with Thrash.  Nairn will then use an ability that chills him.  Your next ability will be Deep Freeze.  Kiryn will disapprove and swap in her Stormoen.  You'll counter this by swapping in your Fel Flame. 


Stormoen will build a turret.  You'll apply Immolate.  Stormoen will then attack you, and you will counter with Burn.  Stormoen will then build a 2nd turret.  Conflagrate.  Conflagrate should deal lethal damage and finish him after he does his Mechanical resurrection.  Kiryn will bring Nairn back in.  Do as much damage with your Fel Flame as possible until dead then swap back in your Kun-Lai Runt.  Do as much damage onto Nairn until he will be killable with Deep Freeze, which should be around 550 HP.  Finish him and prepare for Summer.


Summer will throw up a 100% chance to dodge and then use the ability Prowl.  Your Kun-Lai Runt will be defenseless and will take the hit and die.  Bring in your Tank, err, Darkmoon Tonk.  It doesn't matter what Summer does, he will die in two rounds.  Open with a Shock and Awe and then use Ion Cannon for your victory!


2.3.3 Wise Mari


Enemy Pet Name Enemy Pet Type Your Pet Name Your Pet Type Your Pet Abilities
Carpe Diem Aquatic Sprite Darter Hatchling Dragonkin Slicing Wind, Life Exchange, Moonfire
Spirus Magic Lil' Tarecgosa Dragonkin Breath, Surge of Power, Arcane Storm
River Elemental Mirror Strider Aquatic Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Pump


Wise Mari will begin combat with Carpe Diem.  Bring in your Sprite Darter Hatchling and spam Slicing Wind until Carpe Diem no longer siezes the day.  Carpe Diem will spam a group-wide breath attack, but don't worry about the damage.  When Carpe Diem perishes, Spirus will take his place.


Spirus is a very potent battle pet.  His first turn will be spent using a shield that will block your next attack.  Simply use Slicing Wind to remove his absorption.  At this point, your Sprite Darter Hatchling should have around 700HP.  After Spirus hits your Sprite Darter Hatchling with Arcane Blast, use Life Exchange to equalize your HP.  This should do about 800 damage to him while healing your pet up to 800.  From here on out, spam Slicing Wind until your Darter Hatchling dies.  Bring in Lil' Tarecgosa and finish him with her Breath attack.


Wise Mari will thend send out River, an Elemental type.  His first move will be to put a Whirlpool under your feet that will blow up in 2 rounds.  Have Lil' Tarecgosa use her Breath attack once.  Survive the next attack, and use Surge of Power.  Lil' Tarecgosa will die, but your Eternal Strider should have no problem coming in and mopping up the remainder. 



3. Celestial Pet Battles


After you defeat the weekly set of 3 trainers, you will enter the 2nd part of the Celestial Tournament Scenario where you will be facing the four celestial pets, Chi-Chi, Zao, Xu-Fu, and Yu'la.  These pets are "Boss" type pets in addition to their battle pet type.  This gives each of these pets a 50% damage reduction and these pets cannot be damaged more than 35% of their maximum HP per turn.  In this section, I introduce you to my all-star dream team for these types of pets. 


When dealing with the Celestial Pets, you should leave Yu'la until the end.  You should also have a  level 25 Terrible Turnip.  Your Terrible Turnip can be used as a heal with Yu'la up.  Simply have your Terrible Turnip enter battle against Yu'la with two injured pets and use Inspiring Song.  Yu'la will always put up a defensive shield on her first turn allowing you to heal and then forfeit with no penalty.  After each of the other Celestial Pets, use this trick to heal your team to full health.


3.1 Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji - Flying


Pets to use:

Pandaren Water Spirit - Elemental - Tidal Wave, Whirlpool, Geyser 

Chrominius - Dragonkin - Bite, Howl, Surge of Power


Chi-Chi can be defeated by using the superstar combo of Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius.  Start the fight with your Pandaren Water Spirit and cast Geyser.  On your next turn, cast Whirlpool.  Swap out for Chrominius and use Howl.  Geyser and Whirlpool will hit for massive damage.  Use Surge of Power to finish Chi-Chi.


3.2 Zao, Calfling of Niuzao - Beast


Pets to use:

Crawling Claw/Lesser Voidcaller - Undead/Magic - Doom

Pandaren Water Spirit - Elemental - Tidal Wave, Whirlpool, Geyser

Chrominius - Dragonkin - Bit, Howl, Surge of Power


Zao has more HP than the other Celestial Pets and requires a little bit of extra firepower.  Start the fight with your Crawling Claw or Lesser Voidcaller.  Your objective is to apply Doom on the turn that your pet will die.  Doing this with the Crawling Claw is simple...just deal as much damage as possible until the Undead passive triggers and gives you one round of invulnerability.  Cast Doom during this round.  Without the Crawling Claw, you'll want to use a Lesser Voidcaller.  You'll just have to time your Doom so that it lands in the same turn that your Voidcaller dies.  This shouldn't be too difficult.  If you are unsure if you can survive another round, cast Doom.  It would be better for Doom to still hit but be a round early than not hit at all.


After Doom has been applied, your Pandaren Water Spirit will apply Geyser and Whirlpool.  Swap to Chrominius and apply Howl.  Finish Zao with Surge of Power.


3.3 Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen - Beast


Pets to use:

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti - Mechanical - Metal Fist, Call Lightning, Ion Cannon

Clockwork Gnome - Mechanical - Metal Fist, Repair, Build Turret

Sunreaver Micro-Sentry - Mechanical - Fel Immolate, Extra Plating, Call Lightning


Your goal here is to overwhelm Xu-Fu into submission.  He hits like a Mach Truck going downhill.  He has 600 attack power!  Your first goal is to cancel out his Moonfire by casting Call Lightning with your Tranqui Mechanical Yeti who is slower.  Immediately swap out to your Clockwork Gnome and build a turret.  Xu-Fu will destroy your Clockwork Gnome, but not until you've built two Turrets and hopefully landed a Metal Fist.  When your Clockwork Gnome is defeated, bring back your Tranquil Mechanical Yeti and use Metal Fist.  Before your Yeti dies, try to get off an Ion Cannon.  Xu-Fu will be faster, so be sure to plan ahead by using it the round you know you will die.  If needed, bring your Sunreaver Micro-Sentry in to finish the job with Fel Immolate and Call Lightning.


3.4 Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon


Pets to use:

Pandaren Water Spirit - Elemental - Tidal Wave, Whirlpool, Geyser

Chrominius - Dragonkin - Bite, Howl, Surge of Power


Yu'la can be defeated by using the superstar combo of Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius.  Start the fight with your Pandaren Water Spirit and cast Geyser.  On your next turn, cast Whirlpool.  Swap out for Chrominius and use Howl.  Geyser and Whirlpool will hit for massive damage.  Use Surge of Power to finish Yu'la.


**Alternatively, if you have Mr. Bigglesworth, Yu'la can be solo'd.  The strategy is to open with Claw and then use Ice Tomb and Ice Barrier.  Pass on the next turn which makes Yu'la waste Fly on the barrier.  Use Claw 3x and then use Ice Tomb and Ice Barrier.  Repeat until Yu'la is defeated. 


***Thanks to Kattii for strategy - confirmed to work



4. Rewards!


With the completion of the Celestial Tournament, you will be rewarded the following:

1 - Celestial Coin

1000 - Timeless Coins

125 - Valor Points


The first time you complete the Celestial Tournament, you will be rewarded 3 Celestial Coins instantly enabling you to purchase your own version of the Celestial Pets!  In order to own all 4 Celestial Pets, you'll need to complete the Celestial Tournament 10 times. 



As always, thanks for reading, and please be sure to leave comments or suggestions in the comments section of this guide!



6/19/2014 - modified Taran Zhu strategy to have Fossilized Hatchling go first

6/19/2014 - included solo strategy of Yu'la

#24442 Armored Bloodwing Giveaway! [UPDATED]

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This week-end, we are going to give away 3 such mounts. All you have to do to enter the contest is to post in this thread and tell us what you think of Hearthstone at this stage and how eager you are to play it! We will pick the winners on Monday, at 8pm GMT.

As always, we will watch out for duplicate entries ;)

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