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  1. ....what was YOUR longest time away from Azeroth....and WHAT precipitated your return? Hey there everyone!!! Ive missed you all, and the wonderful community here.honestly. but you know what its like when life starts taking twists and turns that need 100% focus. Ive been gone for a while, mostly because of ...well, life. As with any of you, we had a lot of things, some good, some terribly bad, that kept us from gaming for a while. As i logged into my main after several week to two week at a time breaks from Azeroth, my chat windows exploded with messages from those types we ALL KNOW.... You know what im talking about. Those people who we have never met in person, but who we know sometimes better than our own flesh and blood friends and family. It made me even more convinced that the people we meet through our digital travels are not ANY less important than the ones we can shake hands with in person. So as i return fully to my Guild, Role as Dungeon Mistress of Stormwind, punisher of those who stand in fire, and other roles on Silver Hand, i was longing to return here as well. The holidays are a time to come together as friends and family, and it had me wondering...... ....what was YOUR longest time away from Azeroth....and WHAT precipitated your return? For me, almost 3 months was too long to be away.... and what brought me back was simply having a change in life that allowed for me to slow down, rekindle old friendships, and ENJOY the gameplay that i had been msising.......besides.... i had to make VERY GOOD use of the Alienware M14X my daddy got me for my birthday last month :) Just goes to show that even at my age, you never stop being Daddys little Rogue!!!
  2. awesome

    This will be FUN! ...the prizes are amazing (you guys always go above and beyond) , but more than that, it gives those of us who are returning to our groove in Azeroth something FUN to focus on, AS WELL as something to integrate into our guilds personal challenges to get people motivated to play for FUN again! I know ive been away for a few months, but you know me, ive always been about promoting having FUN in this game, and getting too serious with the daily grind can burn even hard core Wowzers like me out in a hurry. THIS gives me, and many more im sure, something fun to focus on for the next couple weeks , to stretch our creativity to its limits and just HAVE FUN! <3 ~Nyxx
  3. i had not done netherwing yet, and am doing it now, im ALMOST there!!! Should have my pretty mounts any day now!!!
  4. you are very right.........it was a post made at 1am after dental surgery, hopped up on pain meds...... and oddly enough, i had that song qued up on my rhapsody thinking, "i need a LOT more vicodin to understand these lyrics........" so i did. and moved on to some Hendrix "red house" while i switched to farming Netherwing rep.... hey, made sense to ME! :)
  5. oi. your LoLing a rogue? *cries* okay Peelyon, ......right now, im imagining you in a dungeon, running around like a maniac, throwing Heavy Embersilk Bandage at everyone below 50% health yelling " I GOT THIS!!! I GOT THIS!!!" *vanish*
  6. you can absolutely do that, i did that with my Dk, since Nyxx was already maxed in Herbalism and Alchemy. I was already attached to my perks from alchemy and diddnt want to get rid of them. If you have a toon, especially a melee like a rogue or hunter that does nothing but skinning/herbing mining/herbing skinning/mining etc, then have the hunter do the cooresponding crafting leatherworking/blacksmithing or so on, then it can ABSOLUTELY make things easier. I have a friend who is also a rogue, who does a LOT of raiding who does that sucessfully. With your MAIN being the gatherer, it will be leveling up FIRST, so you will be able to get the materials for your lower toon much easier, and you wont have to pay horrid AH prices for the materials you need for the crafting. What i do to make a LOT of gold, is when i am helping someone level is take 1/2 of the materials and sell them on AH and use the other half for that lower level toon to level. That way, Gold is still rolling in, because frequently the materials that are crafted do NOT sell well on the AH at lower levels....... HERES the cool part though......if you have YET ANOTHER toon who is a chanter, you can DE EVERYTHING for chanting Mats, and make a KILLING on Enchanting materials, continuing the cycle!! or if you dont want to go that far, Vixxn is a maxed chanter, and she (he) can DE everything as well. I hope this info helps ANYONE who is looking at what options there are out there! <3 and WELCOME to the Sisterhood Exx!!!
  7. or end up being lucky and picking up new guildies from the icy-veins forums who want to try out the fun relaxed atmosphere of a laid back RP server
  8. IDEA! i know, right? and you thought Rogues had NO Intellli..um...intellulleii......intellic..er....INTELEC! Is there enough interest out there from the Icy Veiners ,or has it been tried before, to do a Screenshot of the Day/Week type thing on here? With the winning submission of the week (most likes) getting put in an ever growing illustrious album of winners that can be linked from the homepage? Or something like that? Ive already seen some SWEET screenshots from some of you out there, and this could be a FUN way to get people more involved.... or would this just eat up too much space.... input? in the meantime, heres one i did of Nyxx in Deepholm on that quest that has you eating mushrooms..... something about all these trippy mushroom eating quests makes me want to sing jefferson starship......
  9. Congrats everyone! I think we ALL could have named the winners right from the first week of the contest, it was pretty clear who helps anchor this forum :) And that helps BRING IN and KEEP new people like me! YAAAAAYYY for phsycopathic rogues as members! :) seriously, congratulations all!!! <3
  10. i wouldnt doubt it..... weve got some very weird things going on with bacon right now.... Bacon ice cream sundaes, Chocolate covered bacon, bacon pancake mixes, etc........bacon is in EVERYTHING! O.o its getting kinda scary........
  11. Cinderblooms' Red Icecap is Blue... Icy-Veins is the BEST site to help warcrafters like YOU! Twilight Jasmine is Violet Adder's Tongue is green... Icy-Veins is the #1 resource Ally, Hordie and ME! So if you like the vibrancy that is found in azsharas veil, icethorn and stormvine....... Select Nyxxiana as your next giveaway winner and watch me have a REALLY good TIME!!! <3 <3 <3 dammit jim, im a Rogue, not a poet!!!!!
  12. hehe, you made my day with this comment :) Its why after 6 years, i still only have ONE lvl 85 toon, and its my Rogue Nyxxiana. its just TOO much FUN!
  13. oh my goodness! that IS the perfect match! Love it! Congrats Araielle!! And Welcome to the forum!! Come and hang out, ..we dont bite....... often :)
  14. Thats how i got my three bank alts....*blushes* .... less than 50gold for each of them but most of the time they dont have members in them, they are family made guilds that are just one or two people with all of their alts, and they may be quitting wow.......... thats what all three of my alt banks were. The only problem with them is not being able to change the names >.< yikes. but 50gold is worth it for 4 bank tabs.
  15. Rogues Rule, Pallies Drool !!! *giggles rogue-ishly* *Vanish*