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  1. Yes, if you're below lvl 90 the stat scaling is different than the factor I gave you. You won't have to worry about stats or reforging at all until you are 90.
  2. I really don't just make stuff up off the top of my head. http://www.sacredduty.net/2013/09/25/dousing-the-flame/ EF is still ahead and significantly so with 4p-t16.
  3. First thing I noticed was Invoker's Energy uptime on your kills seems low. Keeping up that buff (Invocation) is your top priority. I'll try to look through the log more when I get time but at least that's a place to start.
  4. Even in BIS gear Haste is at about 41% so until you reach 50% you're really not losing anything. So stick with Haste! Now the trinket Thok's Tail Tip will effect your next stat priority. With Thok's Tail Tip: Haste > Crit > Mastery Without: Haste > Mastery > Crit
  5. Go for Prot set. If you are using Eternal Flame (which you should be most fights) then 4p Prot is great!
  6. Hit cap of 15% means hit chance of 15%. Hit rating (along with expertise rating if you're a caster) is the points you have from gear, gems, etc.. and contribute to raising your hit chance. 340 hit rating = 1% hit chance, hence you need 5100 hit rating to = 15% hit chance. No need to worry about that till you get into a raiding situation (and higher gear level). The simple answer is no. You can stack Hit (to cap) > Mastery > Haste > Crit and be fine. Not if you don't have gear with Spirit on it. 330 is probably just your characters base Spirit. You can place living bomb on up to 3 targets at one time. If the targets are spread out, then yes by all means do that. If the targets are grouped together you will be better off taking Nether Tempest as your bomb choice. (You'll get used to picking on a per encounter basis) It doesn't :) Before an encounter begins you will want to place 2. One to stand in and the second to go to, in case a boss ability gives you need to move. When you cast it a 3rd time, the first one you put down simply disappears. Periodically throughout the encounter you will have to place a new Rune down due to movement or because a previous one has ran out. When possible you want to try to place these during down times (when you're not dpsing the boss) or during non-burn phases. With practice you'll start to learn the best times to cast and place them. Good luck and welcome back!
  7. Oh and remove bloodlust/timewarp as class abilities. (Gonna get some hate there.) :) BL/TW should be a general abilitiy useable only by the raid/dungeon leader. It would reduce raid comp requirements and this would aide LFR as a side benefit (no more idiots TW on trash).
  8. It's really not remotely balanced as is :)
  9. You should play whichever spec you feel most comfortable with. At that ilvl you won't see major differences in dps, if you execute your rotation/priority properly. Their are plenty of high end Frost mages that stay Frost through progression. So don't worry about picking the flavor of the month
  10. I really wish they would change dps design to where your dps was related directly to your health. 100% health = 100% dps, 50% health = 50% dps, etc... This could serve a couple of purposes. 1. Survival and awareness would be directly related to your dps (LFR dumb asses beware). 2. Self healing (that Blizz seems so keen on) could be promoted into rotations. 3. Heals could become much more decision making processes (do you heal the guy at 50% health to increase dps or save the guy close to death?) I still think a system with slow moving health bars and better healer decision making would be more enjoyable. One where any overhealing would virtually not exist but also characters not taking 25%+ health swings. Also a big fan of every stat giving diminishing returns to bring back some true theory crafting and stop stat stacking. And I want stackable buffs with 50%(ish) diminishing returns. 1st paly gives 3000 mastery buff, 2nd 1500 additional, etc..
  11. It's probably so close on Normal sets as to not matter. T15 is really good at single target and T16 pulls ahead on multi-dotting. If the blues get involved it will be to nerf T15-4pc, since Arcane is fine dps wise.
  12. That is the case for the most part. You can switch from T15H-4P to T16H-4P for a little (less than 10k) gain. Let your other raid members get their pieces first.
  13. Get rid of UVLS trinket ASAP! It's terrible for every mage spec. Don't go fire, you don't have the gear for it. Re-read the section on rotations for your spec, virtually every dps problem is a rotation/priority issue. Do not use Frost Bomb, use Nether Tempest for multi-target situations or Living Bomb for single target. Post some logs so we can see what you're doing and then we can provide some detailed analysis.
  14. SimC is virtually useless for mages (it's simply not setup correctly for mages) We (the mage community) primarily rely on seeing what heroic raiders/benchmark setters are doing and copying them. Stacking mastery over haste (for Frost) will not be horribly behind but you won't set records doing that either. Haste improves our mage bomb performance, Mastery does not - and mage bomb is a large % of our damage as frost (for almost every fight). If you don't have a high amount of Haste gear, then I would not play Frost and instead stick with Arcane. All of what I have said is for absolutely maximizing dps. If you aren't in a Heroic progression group then simply play the spec you enjoy most! These differences are not game breaking.
  15. Yes, that is correct. 9762 haste (and 5% raid buff) gives you +4 ticks to NT while using Mage Armor. It gives you +2 ticks to LB when using Frost Armor.