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  1. Keep em coming guys, both guides and giveaways :)
  2. helloooo, i'm sick and i'd like this pet to cheer me up :D
  3. keep up the raid guide coming! and pass tme the mount :D
  4. friend owned me with his pandaren monk last night, i need one too!
  5. As a strict pvp palyer i got some questions - is there any way except tol barad victory quests to somehow stack up honor for next week? - is there any reason for me to do any of the pve content, reputation grinds and such? - any other tips? i came back to wow after months.
  6. it would be nice if i won already! :)) good luck
  7. thanks for another giveaway. keep growing
  8. Hey there, I believe you should promote the website more around, you update quite often with decent content but not many have heard about you yet. Good luck.
  9. good luck everyone
  10. i'm in :)
  11. Anyone tried it? My graphics are all screwed up :S
  12. I could never be arsed to farm any so basically I just put on some random crap hahah, I just might get something cool for MoP :))
  13. Outland - Alliance PvP hell