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  1. It depends on the other cards in your deck. Usually 2-3 of each sound good. If you're low on 4-drops you could take an extra truesilver, if you're low on low-drops you could use an extra consecrate to clear the board in case you lose the early game... Ofcourse it also depends on the quality of the other cards in the pick. if you have a huge end game and you have to chose between truesilver, ogre or war golem, then truesilver is probably the way to go. When choosing cards, always keep in mind what your curve looks like, how good the cards are, how many cards you have left to pick... and ofcourse combos. if you have an equality then consecrate or wild pyromancer are amazing picks. The Arena Starter Guide and the Arena Guide are a nice read and should help you out quite a bit MadMonk edit: keep in mind that weapons are special, having 6 truesilver champions in your hand is completely useless since you can only use one of them every 2 turns and the other ones are basically dead cards. On the other hand: having 6 fireballs or 6 yetis in your hand can be pretty good.
  2. The release is this month, so within the next 22 days. Personally I'm saving up 700 gold every week so I can buy the new wing when it's released. I might end up saving a bit more at first because I can't do my dailies every day during the summer holidays.
  3. I'm afraid not, you can't remove a silence from a minion. The only way to kind of do this is by putting it back in your hand with a brewmaster, shadowstep, vanish... and then playing it again.
  4. I believe shaman and mage have the best basic cards of all classes. For the other classes you need a little more cards to get a decent deck. Trump uses some cheap decks to great success in his Free to play Mage or Shaman serie.
  5. Moving this topic to the rogue section.
  6. You are right. In easy terms: Just before the boss hits, the game counts the amount of people in front of him and divides the damage between them. The damage is then dealt to each person individually and using reductions or immunities will reduce or negate the damage for you personally, but won't influence any of the other characters. (except for you healers who will be very grateful). Obviously most, if not all raidcooldowns (priest bubble, SLT, smoke bomb, warrior banner...) should be used at this point, as they might not be very useful during the rest of the fight.
  7. I'm happy you found a solution for your problem.
  8. If you look closely you can see that mastery is in fact his main stat. His crit, haste and mastery are all very close together (10359 to 10366, so within 7 points). This is because he has the Rune of Re-Origination trinket. whenever this trinket procs his haste and crit go down to 0, but his mastery goes up to over 51k. This makes his bleeds do a lot of damage. He then refreshes all his bleeds and removes the trinket buff so his stats go back to normal. This will increase the damage he does with bleeds significantly.
  9. This is exactly the reason. people in asia pay by the hour and don't want to spend their time afking in stormwind or waiting for lockouts to reset.
  10. If you mean the very last phase where people get mindcontrolled: They have to be interrupted (i don't think silence works) because every time they finish a cast they will mindcontrol someone else. You also have to dps them since the mindcontrol is broken once they reach 20% health.
  11. For us Garrosh has always casted it on a ranged. He might be casting it on a melee if there aren't enough people outside of his melee range.
  12. Hi Ceraius I believe retribution is the best lootspec because we mainly need DPS stats. Protection lootspec gives dodge/parry items which aren't very useful. The only time I put mine on protection during LFR/Flex, is when that particular boss drops a weapon/shield/trinket. You might get a dodge/parry/... tank item this way, which is usable if the current item in that slot is really bad, but usually I just disenchant it.
  13. yes, definitely this
  14. According to a tip given in the paladin forum this does indeed work. Speccing into Clemency will allow you to bop twice.