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  1. Never been big on them, but they are helpful to get players set in the right direction for being raid ready/dps improvement. Besides that now about the pet. . . ITS SO CUTE i just want to wubbly hug its fluffy flaming fur and take it home with me and i shall call it Fluffy, and he shall be mine.
  2. A guide for the challenge modes or at least an extension of the current dungeon guides to include Challenge mode changes would be great.
  3. By the looks of it, alot :D
  4. Sha of Anger, mainly because it shows us deep inside how easily it's to completely anger a person into changing its name from Sha of Happiness to the current Sha of Anger. Maybe some day he will be happy again and won't be killed on a daily basis for his treasure that he worked so hard to collect.
  5. For this not being a guide, its pretty good information for all Mist players.
  6. I personally love Heart of the Wild. 20k ticks 40k crits for heals :D
  7. Ah Garalon lfr. A prime example of why the raids themselves in lfr is not meant to be difficult. So many attempts on him and every time we wipe the raid empties.
  8. patch 5.1

    Updated my post with the changes to count for all the current changes for Patch 5.1.0 and the new additions from November 2.
  9. Aww. . . why not take a picture of it in front of the Firelands Legnoros version :D
  10. First post? because i got nothing going on as i wait for this BoA caster sword to spawn :3 Running out of things to say that i have not already commented with on past giveaways as well. Cenarion Hatchling, a pet every druid should have. . . . Thats all i got. . . will think of something funner for next week.
  11. So for balance druids, which is the better enchant between Elemental Force and Windsong.
  12. cross-realm

    I understand how you feel Peelyon, I hope maybe some day they will basically keep all the realms like they have it, but merge the player population outside of major cities, and use the reverse technique of CRZ so if a area gets to over-populated CRZ will kick in and place half of the area's population in a separate instancing of the zone. Major cities can stay specific to the realms to prevent over-population and thus lots of lag. That way guilds are cross-zoned, you are able to constantly see the same people if leveling at the same rate, The AH will be filled with much more materials so that things won't be so over-priced on specific realms, etc.
  13. cross-realm

    It's still a new system, and one that takes a lot of time + testing which cannot be done in a single beta/ptr test frame. They removed both of the fishing events a month ago until they are able to corporate it so it can't be exploited by CRZ. I do like CRZ since it makes the game feel a bit more alive in some areas. Sure gathering professions/achievements are a pain with more people from other realms going for the stuff, and PvP realms are more tricky now, but thats how it used to be before all the expansions.
  14. The guides are set up based on community feedback. Everyday players are finding better ways of doing stuff, so if there is a better/easier setup, it might become the standard for how to reach full potential. For the critical/mastery subject, on this page one of our members provided excellent stats based on our class. (Link to the post) http://www.icy-veins...t__20#entry9529