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  1. The cohesion / chat system is a good point. I know that there are a few addons out there built for moving guild chat between servers, I could probably write one myself but not too inclined to doing so at the moment. However, I was hoping that the guild web page or the chat system in openraid would cover the ability to communicate that way. Thanks for your notes.
  2. I know there are multiple guilds out there that, since the beginning of WoW, had a presence on multiple servers and sometimes even both factions. Looking at how the new expansion is lining up, it seems that having a cross-realm guild is now a possibility. Sure you won't be able to do Mythic raids, but you can now pick from quite a huge pool of people from your faction to go take on a new raid. A group of friends and myself are coming back to the game and find that our server has reduced to a failry low population, so we figured it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of this new feature in WoD and try to put together a regular raiding group that doesn't necessarily have to belong to the same server. It seems that tools like Openraid will provide a community to get recruitment started at least. I would be interested in other people's thoughts on how to recruit a raid team that operates like this, as well as any thoughts or obstacles that you may think need to be overcome in order to make this successful. Currently I've just posted on several server forums, as well as in the guild recruitment areas of IcyVeins and Openraid. I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones thinking about doing this, has anyone else tried? any advice that you can offer? Thanks.- P.S.: To any folks in Icy-Veins that may be reading this, it could be interesting to have a cross-realm recruitment forum.
  3. What are we trying to do? We're a group of old friends from the yonder years of rep grinds, spell reagents, downranking and Tarren Mill vs Southshore days, that are trying to get back together into a raiding guild that can get things done with a very short raid schedule. The currently plan is for running the new normal and heroic modes available once Warlords drops. We see the cross-realm raid capabilities as a great way to start things up and grow a good roster. About Us Most of the our guildies have been playing WoW in one way or another since Vanilla. We are casual, yet serious raiders, a community of coworkers, husbands/wives, friends, and other folks that enjoy playing together and killing bosses. Our goal is not hardcore raiding, but we are always pushing to clear as much content as possible in the little time we have available to raid. We all have jobs and lives outside of gaming and don't have a lot of time available, hence a short raid week. This means we like to be as quick and efficient as possible and would prefer people with the same mindset. What we're looking for We'd like to take advantage of cross-realm raiding, so you're not required to be in our server (Greymane-US) with us, you just need to be on the Alliance side, which is where the action is going on right now. We are looking for people that are dedicated raiders, folks that like to tweak their toons and improve. You need to understand that raid time is not when you learn to play your toon, it's when you learn how to be more effective at helping your group kill a boss. However, we don't want folks who's sole purpose / focus is to get every piece of gear they want, when they want it. We like people that enjoy the process of raiding and strategizing, and want to be part of a community where they can hang out with good and friendly players. You need to have recent raiding experience. Be available during our raid nights. Otherwise, what's the point? Understand that in order to maximize your toon you need to do other things outside of raiding and be willing to do so. Be capable and ready to do any homework required to better understand your role in a boss fight. As stated previously, be able to understand and identify what's going on in a boss fight and make any necessary changes to correct mistakes. Be responsible for your own screw ups Be willing and able to take and follow direction. What classes do we need? We're pretty open right now, some of us have multiple alts that will help balance / complete a raid comp. We definitely need 1 tank and 2 healers, as well as some dps. When do we raid? We raid 1 night a week: Wednesday - from 8-11p Server Time, that's 9-12 EST. The invites go out at 7:45p. Yes, you read that right: 1 night a week. This means we don't have a lot of time to @%%# around. We have Saturday scheduled for late night drunken PvP Where do I apply? You can apply at our website at: http://torque-gaming.enjin.com/ or on OpenRaid: http://torque.openraid.org/
  4. Has anyone tried dispelling while having an immunity effect? I wonder if u still get pride... Meaning: a monk can use Diffuse Magic to remove the hot from himself without gaining pride (which I assume also implies that things like the pally bubble will do the same). The question is, can a pally bubble and dispel someone else without gaining pride or can a monk diffuse magic and dispel. Just curious and not sure I'll have time to try it tonight.
  5. I'd like to see "Arena" or "RBG" strategy guides, not necessarily something per class. I think it would be an easier starting point... Sure, people want to know what abilities each spec has, what they are used for and how, like how was this destro lock able to heal from nil to full in a couple GCD's and how do I prevent that? But I find those types of things are easier to search for on the web, versus WTF is a Junglecleave comp and what approach to killing me should I be expecting? Something that tells me: Spec A + Spec B are generally put together due to their cc abilities so they will spend the entire match trying to setup ability x, into ability y into ability z. Trinketing ability y will break the chain and provide an opening to reset the match or burst someone down. In other words go through the strengths and weaknesses of the popular comps. Arena / RBG class and spec roles: in an arena with <insert l33tspeakz team name here>, Spec X's job is to cc and disrupt heals, while Spec Y is building resources for a big finisher... In an AB RBG the usual role of a tanking spec (best performed by ABC) is to defend a flag while help arrives. The best spec to achieve this is <insert uber unkillable pestering tank spec here> and it accomplishes it through the combination of abilities A B C. Map strategies / tricks are nice: If you're a monk / lock in the Nagrand arena, drop your teleport behind a pillar and kite your DPS away from it, set them up so they are slowed and teleport back behind the pillar. You will avoid damage and/or get a chance to cast that extra chaos bolt u need... Or, in the Ruins of Lordaeron arena, you can push your toon into a column in the prep zone wall that prevents LOS from the outside world, forcing the opposing team to run into the room and perhaps fall into the trap that you have setup for them. Macros and addons (these could just be collected from a major forum thread) I understand it's a lot of info to put together, but I think there's a need for it. Seems a lot of PvP websites are slowly dying down and I find this data to be hard to collect.
  6. Hey guys, I put together a new addon for announcing dispels and interrupts and would appreciate some feedback: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/dispelannouncer It simply watches the combat log for successful dispels / interrupts and outputs a message to whatever chat channel you have configured (default /say) with "[spell ##] interrupted". Let me know what you think.-
  7. Np, let me know if something's off, I haven't been able to do much 25m testing.
  8. I made some Weak Auras for Stone Guard that will tell you "Guardian XX is Petrifying. Tank Guardian XX next to Guardian YY". It does the energy comparison in the background and always puts the petrifying guardian next to the lowest energy guardian. Feel free to check them out, they are posted in this tankspot thread: http://www.tankspot....ing-Question#14 Enjoy
  9. Following is a list of resources with information or guides relating to the class, world and system changes that MoP brings. These are thing you'll want to look into in order to get raid ready asap and take advantage of this extra week we have available before raids start: This site already has very detailed class guides that covers talents, glyphs, rotations and other recommended actions. They are located in their main page under the "Classes" dropdown in the top of the page. As always, Elitist Jerks has updated their forum threads for a lot of specs with good theorycrafting and rotation info. They are the only ones I've seen with an active Monk forum for all 3 specs. Valor Points are capped at 1000 per wk / 3000 total, rewards will come from reputation vendors with the different faction. The factions are: Wrists, Hands and Feet: August Celestials Head, Back and Trinkets: Shado-Pan Neck, Legs and Waist: The Klaxxi Chest, Rings, Shoulders: Golden Lotus The Tillers is the new reputation for WoW's "Farmville" equivalent. You will want to get that leveled quickly (quest chain starts at 85), as it will give you access to easily leveling cooking AND, most importantly, to Lesser Charm of Good Fortune. Combining the lesser charms will give you a greater charm which can be used in raiding to gain an extra "free" roll when a boss drops loot. Remember as you level that you want to keep any item that says it's a "cooking ingredient". Stick it in your bank or the guildbank, either way it will more than likely be useful when leveling cooking. The new cooking paradigm splits things up into different specializations and you need to learn all 6 specializations before you can make the highest stat feast. Before you run your first LFR or regular raid, remember to pick up the legendary quest chain from Wrathion <The Black Prince>. The reward is a legendary gem usable on a set of weapons that drop of the last few bosses in the new raids. Once you finish the quest chain you'll be able to buy whatever gem is relevant to your spec. Wrathion also has a quest asking you to level up other reps, so might as well pick that up when you swing by. The Black Market Auction House is also at the inn where you find Wrathion, don't forget to browse it for possible Heroic raid gear. Challenge Modes are going to be something else we will be getting into. The Devs are really hyping them up to possibly be harder than hardmodes, read up as much as you can and be ready for them. Brewfest will be going on during this week. The boss is lvl 90 appropriate MoP gear, think of this as a quick way of getting loot as well. The Harvest Festival will also be happening, you can use that to quickly level cooking on any new characters. ​Feel free to post any other suggestions...
  10. Kudos to you guys for an excellent remodel of the site and great guides. Looking forward to having another resource for the new raid season :D