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  1. It will be updated soon :)
  2. Bumping is only allowed once a week. Please be careful :)
  3. The main problem with SimC right now is with the Action Priority Lists. The engine is in a good state, but for most classes, the default APLs are not optimal or written with Level 110 in mind. Azor maintains his own APL for Hunter specs, which gives him a definite edge over what others can sim. He would add his APLs to SimC, but he doesn't know how to. I usually do it for him, but I haven't had any time with the pre-patch and now we're working on the DH guides and the D3 patch that's coming up next week :P
  4. We realized :p It's been added
  5. iv

    Please edit your post. We fixed the issue that prevented large screenshots from being uploaded :)
  6. This thread is for comments about our Wall Shaman Standard deck.
  7. Go for it. I think it's a nice way to learn for everyone involved :)
  8. That's going to be a pretty unpopular view here :p
  9. Are you really calling the guide "really bad", just because of something so minor?
  10. It's very nice, too bad I don't get a thing that's being said in the video :p
  11. Fixing it now :)
  12. try http://archive.org
  13. We're never going to not approve comments like this :p