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  1. Interested if folks have tried the beta Ask Mr Robot Sim yet? http://beta.askmrrobot.com Good write up on the background of it here and a demo of the tool being used on YouTube. I've uploaded my PTR toon onto the tool and ran sims and found it quite interesting. Change some Talents for single target and you get 10k or less damage. Anyway, just wondering if anyone is using this yet.
  2. Hmmm. I'm finding that they did very well on Heroic Butcher. And on Heroic fights they are in the top 4 or so. Which is great. I guess this would satisfy the need for us to be great in at least one fight. And very good in others. But I'm not seeing the OP'ness on Mythic fights. Maybe I'm not reading the data correctly.
  3. I'm fine with Demo getting a big buff. I was thinking about this the other day and wondering why Demo isn't "rewarded" for being a more complicated class to play. And frankly, I think a class that has you stance dance, build up Demonic Fury and look for windows of opportunity to launch 4 Demon Bolts while having Dark Soul + Trinkets up is worth a slight DPS reward. Look. I love all 3 specs. I do. But Demo man. Oh god. That's the juice. That's the real Lock spec in my opinion. Nice to see it grab some headlines. And to answer your question, why did it get such a big buff? I don't know. Demo was only used on Tectus as the #1 spec to play on this fight. Otherwise you were playing Affliction and Destro for Highmaul.
  4. Couldn't agree with you more Liquid. I think that the Dev's really spent some overtime before MoP working on the Lock class and it showed. At first the only playable spec was affliction, and later it was Demo (cuz of that awesome trinket) and then Destro and Affiction in the final tier. But I really felt all 3 specs were really designed nicely. For as simple as Destro was, it was wild and fast and fun to play. Very rewarding. The Dev's effort really paid off. It was a fun class to play. I think Affliction is in the same boat that it was in Cata right before Firelands when they nerfed Soul Swap. It used to be 15 seconds, then 20, and then finally 30 seconds. Once it got to 30 seconds I just took it off my action bar. I think Blizz should just do the same thing with the current iteration of Soul Swap. Just remove it from the game if you're going to nerf it that badly. And while you're at it, take Rain of Fire with you as well. Removing the ember generation and nerfing it by 60% was, I don't know, bizarre? I don't want to be too big of a jerk, but I can't believe someone got paid for making that decision. It's something that I'd expect from an intern: Like, you did what? You nerfed RoF by 60% and removed it's ember generation? Move over silly. Let me take a look at your code. I'll have to undo your last checkout. Go get me some coffee intern. And finally, Demonbolt. I want Demonbolt to be so bad arse (I said arse and not ass, so you can't punish me!). It's pretty punitive and demoralizing when you miss out on 3 or 4 stacks because you had some debuff and had to run out of the raid and use your instants instead and dump your remaining Demonic Fury. I'd like to see 4 shots of Demonbolt be absolutely punishing. But it just isn't. And that opener? Oh boy. Talk about clunky. You have to hit several spells, Jerry Rig a Dark Soul Knowedge just before you do your 2nd Hand of Gul'dan, go into Demo, hit Doom and 2 Demonbolts and poof! You're done. No 4 Demonbolts. Just several very specific spells in order to get the most amount of DF in order to cast two DB's and a Doom. Ugh. And Demo is my favorite spec. I'd suggest for Blizzard, just make the class rewarding again by getting the flow back. Make DB hit like a truck. I like your suggestion Liquid of putting Soul Swap on a 15 second cool down. Nice. Simple. Not too complex. Yet rewarding. Give Demo back the Ember generation with Rain of Fire. And sadly, I'd have to admit, some type of instant. Maybe if you move while casting Incinerate it does 1/2 the damage? Generates 1/2 the embers? I like the fluidity of the Frost Mage. I don't know. Something like that. Here's hoping the Dev's are listening.
  5. This was a great post Locky. I guess I'm not too bothered by whether an Icon or Image is too big, or is a bar cooldown and not an icon and such. Basically just Import your stuff, look at how you built it and then convert it to what what you'd like. I mix Weak Auras and TellMeWhen to let me know about procs, cooldowns and such. One thing that I've noticed is that people either like big icons or don't to alert them when something BIG has occurred. And for me, I have a sound alert on my trinket procs (Bike Horn) when either of my trinkets proc. I just don't want to think about having to look for some icon. So I build the icon with a cooldown timer on it, but then I double-down and put a sound alert on it as well. When I hear the bike horn, as a Destro Lock, I know that it's time to seriously consider casting a Chaos Bolt. Nothing has been more informative or more clear in my opinion. But the trick is to not overdo it. If you go loco on audible alerts, then there's so much audible noise polluting your headphones that you can't make sense of it all. After all, you have DBM and other alerts that exacerbate that noise pollution. So choose wisely. Same can be said for icons, timers and alerts. If you really wanted to, you could make your entire UI look like a garbage can with all the cooldowns and such. So it's a balance is all I'm saying. I liked your Burning Embers procs Locky, but I disabled them because I already have that tracked on my Player frame with oUF_Phanx. So less is more for me. But this stuff that you posted is great. There are some tricks to creating these (just like with Weak Auras) that once you see how the author made 'em, it frees you up to make others just like it. Well done. And yes. You da man.
  6. 1. Immerseus: = 1st on DPS 2. Fallen Protectors = 1st. 3. Norushen you were 3rd (this is also dependent upon if you were the 1st or 2nd toon that went into the "Trial Phase" which would really increase your dps). But you already know that. 4. Sha of Pride = 1st. That fight is awesome sauce, eh? McDonalds. I'm lovin' it! 5. Galakras = 2nd. Beaten only by an Frost Mage. No shame in that. They do well on that fight in 10 man. 6. Iron Jug = 4th 7. Dark Shaman = 3rd 8. General = 1st 9. Malkorok = 4th 10. Spoils = 4th. But hey. That depends on which group you're with. How much synergy you have with others. How many debuffs you have to take and run away from the group. How many and often your tank is pulling. 11. Thok = 4th. Ya know. Other classes are allowed to sometimes do more dps than you. :) But you wanted to know about Jug, Mal and Thok. Hmmm. I don't know that anyone can really help you beyond what you already know. Clearly you know how to dps with your team. You racked up some good numbers. If you sucked or were sitting at the #6 position in your raid for DPS I'd bother to look, but hey, your coworkers are pulling some good dps and you are doing pretty well yourself. That just leaves me to believe that you need to scour the internet for how to do those particular bosses better. And if you were with a raid team that was less proficient, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Am I right or am I right? Huh? If your raid team didn't have competent DPS, you'd be #1 on all those fights. Was this more about ranking on World of Logs?
  7. I guess I blow at "How to Post". Sorry for the previous post and the format.
  8. I'm glad you wrote this Zagam. I think sometimes we need to take a deep breath and realize that as min/maxers, we'll adapt to this change and probably be just fine. Now, before I go all "Holier then thou" on everyone, keep in mind that I was one of the first people to blow a gasket when they nerfed KJC. I guess my biggest beef with the KJC is that casting while moving is fun. I actually think it should be a baseline ability for all classes. It feels like casting and not moving is a legacy idea from 2004. When I get on my Mage, Shadow Priest or Boomkin and cast, I die a little bit inside as I realize I can't move and cast. I like the idea of AV, but now I worry that it too will become the default talent as it basically is buffing your spell power at all times during a fight. You'd have to have a very move-intensive fight in order to justify KJC over AV.
  9. I think that for an out-of-the-box AddOn, ElvUI is one of the best. It's got a nice module that basically allows you to make configuration changes to frames, action bars, fonts, bags, name plates, chat panels, and of course buffs and debuffs on targets. It's got about 95% of everything you'd need in a UI (sell junk, auto-repair, move frames easily, auto-greed/DE items, announce interrupts - the list goes on and on). And like others have mentioned, you can then supplement other addons as needed to help you raid: DBM, Skada, TellMeWhen, Weak Aura's work just fine alongside ElvUI. There are others that work well as AddOn Suites. I played with RealUI and ended up using the author's custom conditionals for bartender to not display my action bars when I'm out of combat and the like. I also use oUF_Phanx for my frames instead of ElvUI. But this is an aesthetic decision. I just like the larger font and overall design of oUF_Phanx. Remember, just how minimal, easy to use and informative your UI is, is largely up to you. All the AddOns do is enable you to have a cleaner or more informative look & feel.
  10. Well you sure are specific Lappenforce, seems you want a very detailed iLevel of when to switch. :) This will be relatively difficult but I'll try. At the beginning of the expansion I think most people went Destro and Demo with a few remaining Affliction. They buffed Destro and Demo and it was a good opportunity to dump Affliction after playing the entire 5.1 patch with it as the only viable option. Then a week into the patch they nerfed Corruption and Doom by 25%. Demo was no longer as viable in early ToT. That said, I think Destro really shines all the way up into the iLevel 520 range. In fact it still does IMO. Affliction is supposed to get better at this point but I found with all my SIMS that Destro > Affliction > Demo at 520. Until you get the Lei Shen trinket. Even the 502 trinket which I have. Suddenly it became (on a patchwerk fight) Demo > Destro > Affliction. So this is what Simulationcraft said about my specs but it's also true in game and on the target dummy. There is a noticeable difference with Demo + Lei Shen trinket. All 3 specs have their nuances and require a lot of skill to master. Destro is the easiest to learn. But when people say "it's easy to learn, hard to master", that's really true of everything, right? Affliction is watching dots and using the addon Affdots (a must have). Destro is ensuring you wait until procs for Chaos Bolts and using Shadowburns on low health mobs. Demo is all about stance dancing. All 3 ask that you be aware of when trinket procs. And you're right about stats on gear from 502 > 520 or so. THey are all so even that you can just balance them for the most part. I don't like to go for high crit builds and like a high haste, high mastery. Again, that changes once you get "The Trinket" (and you know what, from now on in this post, let's just refer to Lei Shen as "The Trinket") and then you can stack haste. Hope this helps. Others may have had a different experience. Knowing the boss fights is equally as important, as is group makeup and assignments, etc, etc. Good luck. And welcome to the Lock Community!
  11. Really great job on this Zagam. Just taking your advice resulted in a much greater improvement on 5 minute target dummies. I used to even out at about 69k for 5 minutes but now I'm consistently ending at 76k or so (no Doomguard, no pots, just the basics). Yes, I know. It's a target dummy and much of it is anecdotal. But it's great practice before 5.2 launches. It looks like Affliction will still be viable in 5.2. And hopefully we can now play with two specs. Keep up the great work. Nice to see someone take up the initiative after Elitistjerks sort of dying on the vine.
  12. I think it's incredible news, and hopefully the buffs stick for a while. It'll be nice to hopefully play another spec other than Affliction. Not that Afflock's aren't fun to play, but I like to change it up a bit.
  13. Thanks for the advice Zagam. I'm in the same boat with Hit as well. I don't like to miss DOTs on a boss, especially when they're so crucial. I've upped my Mastery as per your suggestion. Another thing I've changed is the Talent from Archimonde's Vengeance to Kil'Jaeden's Cunning. I'm finding in 5 man's and Scenario's that I'm moving all the time to step out of stuff, and it's nice to never have to lose dps because I have to move and stop channeling. And sure, if we get to that Ultraxion Fight in Mists, I'll be the first to switch back. But for now, and the constant movement I'm seeing in Dungeons and Scenario's, I'm finding K's Cunning to be a lot of fun. Anyone else doing the same?
  14. Good question Troket in regards to Stat priority. I've been meaning to ask the same thing since askmrrobot and simcraft have Affloc's prioritizing Haste & Mastery over Hit. I know, right! Heresy? Can someone confirm this? I see that on this Icy-Veins Affloc guide they have stat priority as Int > SP > Hit and then the usual suspects, and then you have a link pointing the person to askmrrobot. And if you do indeed go to Mr Robot, he tells me I should put Hit behind Haste and Mastery. What the flock? What's an Affloc to do? As for AEO it depends Troket. If the mobs are > 6 or more, I Souburn + Soul Swap one of the larger mobs and then I Soulburn + Seed of Corruption immediately afterwards. Then I do a Harvest Life on all of 'em to add insult to injury. And then I keep an eye out for low health mobs and use Drain Soul on them to get back shards. If you have four mobs or less then just SB + SS 'em. I use MG on one and keep tabs on the others and their dots through Tidy Plates and then I Fel Flame those where Unstable Affliction is getting low. I tab over to the lowest health mobs and Drain Soul to get back shards. That's about the best advice I have. I'd be interested in others to hear what they do. I think Affloc's are doing well with AoE atm. No?