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  1. Hey all, I have posted in these forums on other characters back in 5.1 (Brewmaster/Mistweaver monk and Ret pally in heroic 5.0 stuff), but I'm currently raiding on a DR Shadow priest. We cleared 25m normal through Dark Shaman this week, and here are two quick things from Iron Juggernaught; 1) There is a fantastic position near the hill to the left of the encounter entrance (small hill near the left-hand fence) that does nothing more than interrupt you when the massive knockback in Siege Phase occurs. Fantastic for maintaining high uptime on the boss! (will edit this post with a picture as soon as I get off work). 2) Dispersion works on mines, and you should be ready to hop ontop of one in a bind.
  2. Found an answer on this one: "If you begin attacking the same target as your clone, your clone will only copy your autoattacks and not your specials. This will hurt your damage, and you will not benefit. If anything, using a clone on a single-target fight will hurt you." from You would think that a single target 60% + 60% would be a benefit, but the above explains why it is for multi-target only. Hope that helps!
  3. Also, are you factoring in the double judgment glyph? That is something you cannot reproduce on a dummy.
  4. I've seen this in practice before, and I've chosen strict agi. Although I've had to swap back to my Ret for raiding due to raid comp issues, I came in on an undergeared Brewmaster to OT for a week. We cleared MSV, HoF, and Terrace with little trouble. Our MT is a monk, and he tends to go for more stam. But on Empress adds, for example, I was able to take a lot less dmg than he, and I believe some of it has to do with the agi choice.
  5. Clawfeet with crit reforged to haste & a 320 haste gem would likely be a better upgrade than the other boots. Even though the stompers have higher base haste, the additional mastery (second best secondary stat) and crit (not great but it is nice) + the socket on the clawfeet seem to outweigh 2c. ~B
  6. In the most recent PTR build they have nerfed Xuen along with all the other trinkets (naturally after I spent 21k to buy it last week), so you may very well be right on that one, especially after the patch. I only wonder if it is possible to chain them the way you are saying because they are essentially the exact same trinket with different names...
  7. After clearing HoF normal last week while Windwalking, I noticed that many of the fights are not conducive to FoF usage. Picked up a couple of tips along the way though: 1) Vizier has a massive hit box, and using FoF immediately after an attenuation or as a way of stunning MC-ed players (along with Leg Sweep) has been helpful 2) You're far better off sticking on Garalon's body rather than his legs as moving from leg to leg, while easy for a monk, results in very limited FoF use. I opted to stick on the body, but move into Weak Zones and cleave FoF on the leg & boss when it was convenient. 3) Ambershaper is generally very bad for FoF, but using it to cleave the construct and boss in P1 as well as the construct and monstrosity in P2 has been working well. 4) Most uniquely, offer to split yourself from the other melee on Empress P2, and spec Leg Sweep to use FoF stun and Sweep to massively cut down on the second tank's dmg intake. In 10m normal we put me and the OT on one side, and the rest of the raid killing the other side, and performance/survivability increased dramatically. Hope that helps anyone in HoF!
  8. Would you be willing to post your armory link, so we can check to see if there is anthing we can do to help? I've experienced a fair amount of RNG issues as well, but I'd like to check your gearing strat just in case.
  9. You also have to weigh the risk of needing to stop the FoF early due to boss movement, mechanics, etc. After DPS-ing a few bosses down in Heart of Fear last night, I can see that maybe the second boss and 1-2 pieces of the first boss offer a lot of opportunity to use FoF to its fullest extent. The incoming changes to TP stacks will be a huge help in freeing time to use this more often.
  10. Agreed with Vlad on this one. Both the agi and haste are beautiful.
  11. I have read that it is 6 of 1, half dozen of another when it comes to 1H vs. 2H depending on ilevel. That said, I prefer 1H because it provides a much smoother (not more, but more reliable) stacking for elusive brew. I also just really enjoy the idea of DW tanking, but that is mostly a personal preference. It will likely come down to ilevel and stat weight when you have to choose, and like you said, so long as you stay at hit/exp cap then you're likely just fine with either one.
  12. No problem! Feel free to message or post with any more monkish questions :)
  13. Greetings! I've been playing the Brewmaster throughout beta, and now in live since week 1, so I'll give you my 2cents to take or leave. From my experience, the largest detriment to our tanking trash packs occur at two places: 1) heavy magic dmg, and 2) when stunned. For the first, say, the packs leading to the last boss of Shado Pan, I tend to flip to the Glyph of Gaurd because it gives a little extra protection at those crucial times. The second, I've learned to know which packs are going to stunlock me (e.g. dogs in Palace or the DW melee in SM), and be sure to have a fully charged guard up asap from the pull. Beyond these two pieces, healers are still getting used to keeping us alive vs. healing other tanks, and I have found that constant small amounts of healing go a lot further in keeping me alive than someone spot-healing me directly. This is not really your fault as a tank, and will vary depending on who is healing you. Finally, to get at your question...the most important ability will depend on the pull like I described above. What you need to remember is to use ALL of your unique abilities to their fullest in order to help staying alive. For instance, abilities like roll, clash, leg sweep, and transcendence provide an incredible amount of survivability on trash packs. Try this combo out next time you're pulling a large pack and need to keep them locked down: Keg Smash, Breath (glyphed for the second of disorientation), Backward roll (yes, you can do it), Clash. This will generate a big amount of threat, but the backward roll+clash immediately afterwards will put you JUST at minimum clash range and the mob will not "meet" you far enough away from the pack, so they will all be stunned. Follow that up with a leg sweep, and most of it should be dead if your DPS doesn't suck. Another fun one is to use Transcendance to LoS packs or put distance between you and them. In Shado-pan, for instance, I'll set transcendance at one end of the bridges then pull, keg smash, transfer, and give my healer a solid 5-10 seconds to top off whatever dmg they need to. Finally, Xuen is incredibly strong for heroics, and I have pulled full packs before sicking him on the boss, and everything goes totally smoothly. Other tips on abilities to prioritize: Can't stress enough the need to use blackout kick or jade wind to keep up shuffle as much as you can (impossible to keep it up 24/7, but it will help more than you think). Also, I would not recommend popping guard just because it is up and flashing, but instead stagger the CD uses to have "something" always going rather it is gaurd, elusive brew, or some other CD you feel you need. Popping everything at one time doesn't seem to get me very far. Finally finally, Grapple weapon is a great boost of protection on trash packs if you have the extra GCD, especially at low ilevels due to the buff, and Expel harm is a very big help. I am positive that I'm forgetting something, but these are some tips that work for me...monks are mobile tanks (I'd argue the most so), and to not utilize this set of abilities is gimping yourself. ~B
  14. I'm looking to assist with the Brewmaster guides if at all possible. Played one all of Beta and now in Live at 90.
  15. Panda Brewmaster named Brewhaha (link for those needing definition) :). Had it saved for a long time!