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  1. DSI and GSR 'til u get Archimonde Trinket and replaces GSR
  2. I see your point, but I don't quite agree to the padding aspect - but on slags - because it's important burn down ASAP the other targets too. Also i used pot on "intermission phase" to P2 to burn down ASAP the other adds, it's pretty sick the much of dmg going on. But indeed I failed @ Elementalist pretty hard and could do better @ P3 but you indeed nail the Boss doing over 7.2M dmg.
  3. PS: HUE HUE, BR BR Guild
  4. Killed Furnace Mythic - 10m 26s duration. 72,5k dps with Demo. Tryied Destro a couple times but does not feel good as demo. This not means it's not viable, just "weird" to play it. Mainly on P3 and P2 where u need to move a bit for fixate, volatile and stuff. Failed pretty hard @ Elementalist, my CDs just don't line up at all, but I nailed the boss, Around 6,6M on that fiery devil.
  5. Flamebender Mythic going with Cataclysm it's just gold to burn down ASAP the 4 Wolfs.
  6. Not a malicious one said by the creator, btw they remove it a day later this.
  7. If item >= 10 ilvl then item goto slot
  8. Synergy tends to be way better with some luck but Supremacy gives u more reliable damage
  9. Zagam, I NEED to thank you for all your help and effort to make sure that this forums grow up in quality and numbers of warlocks. U did a great job and part of my need to improve and learn and research is thanks to u man, I know i could never give u back what u deserves for that amazing job in last 2,5y so I just say Thanks...for everything.
  10. Cata Demo only for Tectus or Ko'ragh if your raid need u to burn down little adds. Better delay your Dragon S + DB and use it than use cata, ImO
  11. Soulfire at precasting instead of Shadowbolt, generates more fury.
  12. With recent buffs I don't see any fight where Destro could outshine Demo, maybe Kargath since we're pretty bugged but no one cares to Kargath. Butcher: Affliction probably still be Best choice by a minor dps increase. BS: Demo can CW little adds plus burn down way better than destro the Big adds, PLUS, doing flamegun with Demo it's way better. Tectus: Demo will be king Twin ogron: Demo with demonbolt maybe will be better than Affli and affli better than Demo with cata. Dunno really. Ko'ragh: Demo Imperator: Demo can burn down adds with double CW pretty amazing and single target on transitions will be great,
  13. Die it's not acceptable, it's not about dps, even if the talent it's not optimal like that case, the main goal on a raid it's survive to kill the boss.
  14. Probably: Imperator one (int + 2 static) or Garrison One (int + crit ) + Copeland's or Alchemy one
  15. What do u guys think about Heroic w/ Socket Runestone vs Lvl3 Sandmans? I don't trust at all in Sandmans proc so I use Runestone but opening feels ~strange~ Btw, Passed out a M WF Shards of Nothing today...probably a dps increave over CC, but it's pretty good for balance druid. I think only a M WF Shards worth it over CC indeed.