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  1. loot

    So you should, especially as there are more people to divide this new 'Thunderforged' items between, this will make distributing loot between 25 smoother and will encourage the skill of 25 man to come back which shouldn't take too much encouragement as after all, I feel it is easier to raid with 25 skilled people as it puts you even higher over the average as a whole. Shame I can't raid 25 man though, I lag too much on low graphics :P GL with these new loots guys! -Faldore
  2. As a Feral Druid I just nuked the penguin down really hard (thanks for the IcyVeins guide :) ) after popping all of my cds at the start as it seems that melee attacks like Ravage! seem to knock him back and interrupt him. So I used Ravage!, Rake and then Rip to nuke him down and then stunned him with Mighty Bash when he was at low hp so he couldn't cast while I was on low energy. Another way is if you nuke him down with all cds (Tiger's Fury, Berserk, Incarnation and Nature's Vigil) and then keep your DOTs up on him and kite him around with Dash and Stampeding Roar so you can be damaging and staying away from him. Both of these methods have worked for me. -Faldore
  3. I think that it is relied too heavily upon as it nearly tore my guilds core team apart over damage. I think that it can be a good tool, but there is more to it than just DPS pulled, in raiding what matters it damage done and many fights require lots of movement and target changing etc. I think that the main thing that should decide what you play and what you use to optimise should be what you are best at playing as it does require skill and experience to do very good DPS. One does not simply use Simcraft and then pull top DPS. But otherwise, I do think it is quite a useful tool which can help you make valuable decisions, but shouldn't be seen as something everyone should follow. Would really like the kitty as my favourite thing to do is use Fandral's Flamesythe as my main is a Feral Druid and would love an epic companion in the name of a good cause!
  4. I LOVE hippogrpyhs and have all free ingame ones I can get, would really love to add this one to my collection :> Recently specced feral in start of MoP and topping meters already after following this guide, ty <3 <3