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  1. The Turtle tome has been out for a while - I managed to drop one last month while fishing for Vial of the Sand mats (Albino Cavefish pools in Deepholm). I think the best method of farming would be to get into a group of 5 and use the new loot rules to smash out some mob kills!
  2. As with every pre-patch the class changes can be pretty overwhelming for some players (especially if spells you have used for years have changed or are removed). I'm still unsure what I want to main next expansion (cutting it fine) but I think I will be stepping away from my priest (holy and disc like you Myssuunda). The wardrobe is great and although I'm psending a lot of time trying to make gold with it right now I'm looking forward to finding those items I'm missing! Part of me wishes they would have given us a LITTLE something in the way of content, even if it was just a daily or two, just to tide us over. I know a lot of people logged in changed their action bars then logged out again as they were bored!
  3. Nothing surprised me more when I logged into Stormwind to find it was busier than I have ever seen it. I then cried in dismay at my general chat seeing all of the regular realms that are part of my CRZ groups. Is it bad that I used my garrison hearthstone to use my AH there instead :P
  4. Rather than writing a full article I thought I would make a quick post about the craziness that is pre-patch! I just wanted to make one thing very clear! Don't Panic! Yes the wardrobe is in. Yes it is a great time to list transmog and illusions / mats. But on a number of servers prices are dropping so fast because players are panicking that they won't make any gold if they don't make it in the next few weeks! This is driving prices down and although you may get some quick sales, it may require a lot of reposting, undercutting and "stress" just to get an average price for your items. The achievements for the wardrobe are pretty easy to get and although there may be some players looking for transmog to fill their wardrobe I am letting the dust settle, let players post their stock cheaply, and waiting for prices to rise before I start to post the majority of my materials. Obviously all the above depends on your server, I know some friends are having great sales at great prices, but realms such as my own are seeing items posted at 30% of regional market value. Personally I think it's worth a gamble to ride out the storm and come out the other side making a lot more gold! There is no right or wrong As long as you make a profit there is no right or wrong way to make gold. Personally I prefer a premium on all of my prices and the items that I sell. whereas other prefer small profits but large volume. If you are managing to see the sales coming through then keep doing what you are doing. React to your markets and your servers, understand what your customers want (cough shirts) and I wish you the best of luck in this crazy period! If you have any advice for others then please feel free to share! Good luck!
  5. You totally stocked up on fur and flytrap like I told you right Blainie ;)
  6. You're not alone with the gold from garrisons! Keep an eye out for my articles early in Legion to help soften the blow a little :P
  7. Right now it is @StrongStyle23 - I think both myself and Zagam will be trying to release new pet guides for Legion but we will be going through and checking current strategies as well when it is all live and all the changes confirmed!
  8. wow

    Prices have gone from 800g to 1300-1400g in the past few weeks alone. With the prepatch coming out players will be making new characters, and / or changing mains so expect them to keep pushing up in price! Get the Flytraps and Fur while you can!!
  9. iv

    Hey folks! Just a little message so you can get an idea of what content I will be covering! It will be a fairly generalised stream touching on a few different gold making areas including pets, auctions and transmog. With the pre-patch coming very soon I will be focusing heavily on how to spend the last few days preparing for it dropping and how you can cash in and get some much needed gold that will see you into the next expansion! Hope to see you there!
  10. wow

    You're very welcome and I'm glad its useful! It will need an update for Legion due to the incoming changes to the "Hwolbomb" technique so hopefully I can keep the total number of pets down!
  11. wow

    So are we looking first week of August? 2nd / 3rd?
  12. England were great! Good luck for the final Damien!
  13. iv

    Is it bad that I clicked thinking it was a link XD! I am 110% biased of course, but I think the forums are truly under-rated. If any of you enjoy the forums and the discussions we have here make sure you tell your friends both in and out of game. Growing the community for each of the Blizzard games here would be great and having rewards to help you contribute is nice way to say thank you to all of you that keep coming back!
  14. First and foremost a massive thank you to all that watched and also those that engaged in the stream last night. I have received a lot of positive feedback and I hope that you enjoyed the show! I have created this thread to link the VoDs from the stream and also to allow you guys to post any feedback you may have (good or bad!). Hopefully as the channel grows so will the number of viewers and the overall content of the stream itself! The VoD is currently available here for a limited time and I will link the Youtube video of the stream when it has been processed! Here's to more gold for all of us!