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  1. This is the crux of it. Regarding your earlier comment, I can see what you mean in the guide, but I suppose it could be construed as ambiguous (in the sense that it implies that faster chaos bolts are good). You are correct however, I carried that assumption further than the guide implied, entirely my error. Thankfully, there are these awesome forums to come and check yourself on :D It'd be interesting to know how the math shapes up on this. I supposed you'd be comparing how much of an extra Chaos Bolt 3 Backdraft-hasted Incinerates buys you, against an unmodified Chaos bolt's damage. Then you'd just need to know the % increase in damage via crit or spellpower your Chaos Bolts have with your various procs so you could make a quick decision about whether or not to burn a backdraft on a CB before those procs run out. Seems to complex to bother really, but maybe I'll tinker with it later on and see what comes up. Thanks for your input all :) -Fel
  2. Hahah, Affliction was my passion and my main spec back when I locked in late Cata/early MoP. I went Destro for WoD because I didn't like the affliction changes, and also because I was going to trial in my friend's guild and Destro at the start of WoD looked like the strongest spec. Sadly, I didnt get to stay on the lock, or I'd like be fulltime affliction now. As it stand, Destro is all I have my bars (and brain) configured for so far this xpac. I tried affliction for Twins in an LFR once a few weeks ago, I need a few days of practice to even start to perform. Just dont have the time *tsunami of tears*. One day... one day.
  3. Er... So I chastised myself for failing to read, and went to brush up on it, and I actually found the bit on info that had me using Chaos Bolts on Backdraft. It's in the Icy Veins guide. >< So that should either get an update, or the info provided by Paracel is incorrect. I'll do my own testing to see what's right ( I have a pretty solid feeling Para is right, it makes sense), but perhaps the guide should get a small update or note of some kind, if this is proven theory crafting :D No criticism of the guides, they're great, just giving you all a heads up. Thanks, Fel
  4. Gotcha. the # of casts differential is because he's spending all his Backdraft procs on Incinerate. Horribly embarrassing but I.. did not know that that was a DPS loss. In fact, I had thought the opposite and was making every attempt TO use Backdraft on Chaos bolts :S. Before you throw me (deservingly) under a bus, I did a TON of reading when the xpac first hit and I was warlocking as main. Somewhere in between there and my forced switch back to Holy Paladin, I must've forgotten/misremembered that piece of information. Unless that actually changed at some point in the last 6 weeks, in which case, hooray, I am vindicated. Regardless, thank you very much for your input and advice, I shall apply it and hopefully my numbers will come up. Other tidbits Yeah I disregarded the specificity of the proc + CDs alignment because at the end of the day, even if he did do that better than I did, it didn't give him a higher average spell damage per spell than me, so it couldn't be accounting for his overall higher DPS. The symptom of the issue had to be the discrepancy in the number of casts. I saw the immolate difference as well, that's my bad for being sloppy, but again, I checked the totals and his did 690k, vs mine at 720k (including cast and DoT damage). Accurate criticism, just nothing to do with the heart of the issue. Wrapup + Future advice For my knowledge, when using Havoc on Chaosbolt, is it a dps loss to consume backdraft then as well? I use it on shadownburns when possible of course, but on high health adds, or fights like twin ogron. Thanks again! -Fel
  5. Hi Icy Veins crew, I'm scratching my head over something here. I've been under-performing my personal expectations for my DPS on single target fights. I'm a reasonably competent warcraftlogs user, and looked into what other people were doing to see what I might be doing wrong... I came up empty. I conducted a few tests and couldnt find anything, but then I lucked out and got a direct competitor in a heroic HM PuG run. I do hope he/she isnt unhappy with my referencing him/her here. This is me: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Felturd/advanced- ilvl 659 This is him: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/Reina/advanced- ilvl 650 Trinkets are similar, neither of us have weapon enchants. By any metric, his gear is worse than mine. He has a teeny bit more crit less haste, less mastery. Here is the logs link: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3TkHCZD1Ac8Fvh9t/#fight=6&type=damage-done On butcher, as linked, he topped me by over 1k dps. I made no errors that I am aware of. I had my circle down and was porting back immediately at each bounding cleave. We used our DS:I and trinkets and potions at virtually the same times. His chaos bolt and incinerates do less average damage than mine. The ONLY discrepancy I can find, is that he completed a significant number of casts more than I did. I have no idea how. Can someone smarter than me please tell me what is going on? I even watched both of us casting via the reply function on warcraftlogs, expecting to find that I had some kind of latency delay between my casts or something. But no, theyre back to back. I'm stumped. Help! Thank you in advance for your time IV crew. Kind Regards, Felturd
  6. I think it depends on your assignment Omaric, and your group's capabilities. From the perspective of getting the boss down, I think the GCDs to maintain corruptions on the offtargets are not offset by increased primary-boss DPS from shadow trance procs. You'd be better served (or your raid would) by simply having you perform an optimal single-target rotation on the boss. This is conjecture however, and something that you can test yourself. Get skada, open multiple windows to display damage taken and enemy damage taken, and then mouseover when Kaolan is about to die and check your damage done to Kaolan only, vs your overall DPS/damage done. Within a few attempts you should have a pretty good idea if it's worth it, not worth it, or just a wash. Presumably you're regularly draining the adds to regain soul shards too, which is a muh more effective and predictable shard-management mechanic for the fight than maintaining multiple corruptions, so if in doubt, I'd just do this. If you aren't directly assigned to adds, you should be able to maintain a very high haunt uptime on the primary boss by just tapping every 3rd add with DS when it gets to ~35% life. -A
  7. I'd advise against leveling as Holy unless you really like to take your time and experience the content (I have lots of respect for that style of play, but it's a dying breed nowadays). If you are looking to keep yourself prepped so that you aren't utterly unprepared for Holy at 90, you can do what I've done with all my heal capable toons, and dual-spec as soon as possible, then heal dungeons for fun and experience as soon as it's possible. As many in the thread have already mentioned, there's not very much cross-over between end-game healing and leveling healing (even in dungeons), so I'd disagree that healing while leveling provides any kind of realistic healing preparation. What it will do I believe however, is get you started on muscle-memory for keybinds, mouseovers, some passing familiarity with cast times, etc. -A
  8. Not completely, you still want a max burn phase out of those powered-up DoTs, but you also want zero downtime. Essentially, refresh UA with <~2 secs left, refresh corruption as close to 0secs as you can, and Agony as close to 0 as well. In pratice, it will tend to work out that you can be MGing right up til each of those DoTs come off, and remember that each tick of MG also procs that powered DoT, so it's extremely beneficial to keep it running as long as you can. If you're feeling cocky and have good latency, you can refresh Agony right as it displays '0' secs and it will still retain its 10-stack XD Obviously this is all dependent on no interference from encounter mechanics (Ta'yak, Lei Shi, etc). -A
  9. The guide recommendation for 2-heal was made at a time when most guilds progressing were nowhere near ilvl 495, and thus the capability to 2-heal the fight (very manageable) vs the capability to 5-dps it (VERY tight enrage timer, such that if you do a little search, you'll see that the first few guilds to down the fight had to class-stack to manage it), made 2-healing the sensible recommendation. Speaking from the 2-heal perspective (having started from an ilvl value when this was 'non-optional' for most groups), but having tried both, it's barely more complicated. De-synchronizing totems from voodoo early on (by delaying initial totem entry by ~ 10 - 12 secs) makes fight management much easier on all fronts and allows you to monitor 1 timer, with no pressure to decide who goes down (you have 15 secs to pick 2 dps at random), and no pressure on tanks during banish (since DPS are already down there). The only real difference is that using a 2-heal, you will have to contend with one, maybe two (if you are unlucky) totems that have no healer. Again speaking from experience, this is a comparatively trivial matter.
  10. Hi Guapo, Based on a cursory inspection of your logs and gear, you are performing in line with expectations. CD usage, uptimes etc, all are accrate/adequate. Ret scales stupidly with: 1) Weapon 2) 4-piece tier If you obtain either of those (your weapon is good, lucky find, but you'll get stomped by someone with a 489 or higher) you'll see a huge increase in your DPS. Until then, increases will be very incremental. If you are fidning yourself lacking in direct comparisons to other retters, it's likely they have one or the other of thesse two things, or just a substantially higher overall ilvl. I think you're doing just fine, so I wouldn't worry that your perceived lack of DPS is based on mechanical failure/misunderstanding. -A
  11. This is pretty cool, I've been waiting for you to jump into another spec ever since I fell in love with your affliction guides/theorycrafting here. I've dabbled in the other two specs but have not had time (I main changed to lock only recently, so even affliction from a heroic progression perspective is still fairly novel) to really learn them thoroughly. Good luck and have fun with the change if you do decide to take it on. I'm sure I'll follow along in some capacity but I'm more than likely to stick with affliction unless they nerf it into oblivion. Might even appreciate the challenge of not being near the theoretical top again too (one of the reasons I loved locking in Cata :D) -A
  12. I only have limited experience so far, and on 10man so it may not be of much use. What I've discovered so far is, it's critical to have the debuff uptime on the boss (and ideally on the protector you choose to DPS) as much as possible. From checking logs and watching vids, guilds doing this well have a player with a reasonable number of stacks (5+, anywhere up to 16 or so) on the boss the moment she becomes attackable. I attempted this with 2 players stacking only, and while we had it roughly nailed down (there wasn't a set rotation order, just whomever had highest stacks at any given time was asked to go in, and we let stacks drop at 10+ to save our healers), I feel that 3 stackers will make life much easier on all of them, and will ensure higher stacks are always available. While that technically constitues higher pressure on the healers (we brought 3 to start), overall it should speed the fight, and in particular Get Away and Protector phases, which represent high raid and tank risk phases respectively. You'll want assigned, quick and focused CC on the protector phase, they hurt even more than usual and will 1-shot any non-plate user. As far as scary fog actually goes itself, it's not so complex as it might seem at first. Anyone outside her 'circle' stacks the fog based on a reliable DBM timer on a ~7 sec cooldown. The debuff lasts 35 seconds, and does 10% per stack. What you need to decide ahead of time is what constitutes 'too high' stacks, and let your stackers know to allow stacks to drop after that point. Apart from that mandate, all of them (I dont know how many you'd need on 25man) should be staying out to build stacks as often as possible (when not directed to be on the boss or protector). You'll want to have one of them monitoring the debuff and making calls to ensure quick swapping and thus high boss-uptime. That might make it sound like you'll end up with all stackers with roughly equal stacks, but in practice you'll end up with it being fairly staggered I believe (again, based on preliminary observations from the 10 or so pulls we had before raid call last week). Warlock's demonic gateway is super handy for any stacker to get in or out quickly, mage's blink, warlocks personal demonic circle, are all very useful ways to get a player on the boss quickly (especially for Get Away phases). Hope any of that is useful, I'll update once we have a kill if I find anything further :D -A
  13. There have been some great moments in both Cata and MoP with my raid teams, all of which made me proud and gave me a sense of accomplishment, but in terms of screaming my head off/requring change of panties, the following will stick with me forever I think: (VoA) Earth, Wind and Fire, 10 man, current, server first (ToC) Scarab King, 10 man, current, server first (Ulduar) Firefighter (Mimiron 'hard mode'), 10man, current, server first (Ulduar) Algalon/Glory of the Ulduar Raider, 10man, current, server second Wrath was an amazing expansion for me. We were raiding 25man officially, but had a superb 10-man 'all-star' team that went around smashing hard modes and difficult achieves to boost the guild's standing and just for epic fun. Obviously, what stands out most is thecrazy stuff we pulled off on the 10-man team. Great days
  14. Reapply them manually. Fel Flame, although a tempting alternative, has been loosely proven to be a DPS loss in almost all circumstances, including the one you've suggested above. I'd recommend reading through the forum posts on the lock forums here for tips and tricks on general locking. Regarding openers, I've found that the highest *initial* burst is: T-1: Pre-pot/Haunt T0: CoE T1: DS:M/SB:SS MG until Haunt is @ 1 sec: all procs have now occured SB:SS to get all DoTs @ max buff Haunt Doomguard while haunt is in the air MG while maintaining haunt as much as soul shards will allow, and refresh DoTs manually from here on out. In practice for me, this works very well for two reasons: 1) When we have fights where we open with heroism, my second SB:SS tends to be neatly timed to benefit from hero (since it's cast ~5 - 8 secs into the fight). 2) Although the second SB:SS removes the possibility of another haunt and is therefor arguably a DPS loss, I find my shard proc rate is sufficient to compensate and give me haunt uptime until I am forced to refresh UA manually for the first time. I do not know if this is an overall DPS loss, but at the very least this provides me with a stronger opening burst. (not hugely, but it's there, I've tested plenty).
  15. There is a huge amount on info on the class forums here that covers this issue, I'd recommend you have a browse through those, particularly the stickied threads posted by Zagam. The gist is, either method can be effective, but from what I see, a lot of the community leans towards hit capping first, then hitting the haste thresholds kindly provided by Zagam's theorycrafting. Speaking as someone who has tried both methods, and hates the RNG of missing, you can put out excellent DPS with the hit cap.