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  1. Can you refresh the page a few times? You may be seeing a cached version, because this was changed even before the patch went live (and also changed it before the patch went live). Otherwise, I can't imagine why you'd see the page that way. The guide is written for players already at maximum level; it is not a leveling guide. As such, your talent choice does not take into account when certain abilities become available :)
  2. Stamina flask is best for survivability, and Strength flask is best for increasing damage output. The actual moment to decide to switch between the two is hard to identify, but as the guide says, you need "enough" Stamina. I'm going to edit the enchants page to mention that Strength flask is best for damage. Stamina doesn't really have a place in the stat priority. And at this time (pre-patch), you probably don't need Stamina at all, depending on your gear. Strength is at the top of the stat priorities because it provides attack power and parry, both of which are valuable. There is also a trend currently (especially during the pre-patch) to maximise tank DPS, since dying is less of an issue than during real progression content.
  3. You don't have the pet bar at all? That's really strange, since I just tested and I have it on both Beta and live. I'd have said an addon is interfering but... since you don't use any, that's just strange.
  4. Well, there are a few points to make there. One is that Desperate Prayer isn't necessarily to save you from dying, but it's a good way to help you catch up on healing when loads of people (yourself included) are taking damage. Also, it has the (pretty important) advantage of not being on the global cooldown. We feel that Angelic Feather is better than Body and Soul for movement because, while they both use up global cooldowns, Angelic Feather can be pre-cast. It also lets people use up the movement speed bonus when they see fit, as opposed to just having it put on them by you.
  5. As Orthios says (and as the guide states), the rotation is a priority. So yeah, if you are in the build phase, your top priority is to enter Voidform. If you can't do that (because you don't have the required Insanity), you move on to #2 and so on.
  6. Thanks for the posts, guys. I'm going to make these updates shortly :)
  7. Hey. I think that placing Mastery as last in the stat priority is clear enough that it is not a desirable whatsoever. I can't say I really see a point in telling people that Disc Mastery is worst than the Mastery of other specs. Regarding Mana management, artifact weapon, etc, I'd just point out that the current version of the guide targets strictly the pre-patch. I say this because a fair amount of comments have assumed that this is a Legion / level 110 guide. For de-emphasizing Solace, Schism issues, I will see what the best way to fix the guide is. I really appreciate all your feedback. These guides are really iterative in nature, and we couldn't really improve them without all your comments.
  8. Hello. I will make some updates to the guide later today, but I find most of the content of your complaints puzzling. You say Solace is bad and you should take Mindbender. So does the guide. You say Mastery is bad and that we shouldn't recommend it. We don't, we recommend Haste. Are you sure you are looking at the correct guide?
  9. I'm tweaking the Significant Changes section slightly (I realize it doesn't reflect the state of the class that clearly), but for the rest, I'm not sure what you mean. I rather prefer keeping the "Getting a Better Understanding" somewhat meta-neutral, instead just explaining what effect each of the stats has on the spec. If there was more to say about the 30% haste cap (maybe there will be), it might be in a 2.1 subsection. Thanks for the comments :) Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.
  10. That's a good point! As Pandacho says, it's both situational and straightforward, but I think it could still have a small mention. I'll do it now.
  11. I'm sorry, but Stellar Flare is definitely the talent to use right now. Check basically any top boomkin on warcraftlogs and you will see. It's not about what it looks like on paper, it's about actual performance.
  12. Hello. Thank you for your post. I'll attempt to explain why we went with the build we have. 1. The problem with this idea revolves entirely around the legendary ring. Unless you've found a way to convince your entire guild/raid group to delay their ring so you can build up some AP to get a good FoE off, you're going to see very poor results with this. At 110 we'll see a lot more use of Fury thanks to increased AP generation from the artifact and not having to play around the shenanigans of the current legendary ring, but for now this build is suboptimal at best and straight up terrible at worst. 2. "almost passively" maintaining DoTs on more than 1 target via Nature's Balance isn't possible. Between casting Starsurge and Stellar Flare, your DoTs will run out very quickly if you aren't tunneling into a single target. It may be possible on 2 targets if you aren't using Stellar Flare, but for this patch that would just be suboptimal. That's also not how to use Celestial Alignment. Not only do you run into the problem noted in point 1 regarding the legendary ring, you want to be CAing on the opener regardless in order to generate AP faster and get starsurges out to hopefully proc Seed of Creation's starfall. If you get unlucky (or play incorrectly) and fail to proc a starfall during the ring, your opener will be bad, plain and simple. 3. This is closer to the best build on this patch, but Shooting Stars will not provide better AP generation than BotA below 3 consistent targets. Regarding the playstyle/rotation, this is also something you'll possibly see at 110, but is completely inefficient at 100 due to Seed. You basically never want to manually cast Starfall on this patch. As for AC over starlord, there is absolutely no argument there, you would never do that for this kind of build. The simple truth is if you don't have a Seed of Creation on this patch, boomkin is a bad class. With it and the right talents, we are one of the stronger classes, top 3 maybe. You must do everything you can to get ahold of this trinket if you want to do competitive dps on this patch, as it is the class's only saving grace in a world without artifacts.
  13. When I say that Incarnation doesn't offer a DPS boost, I mean that it doesn't offer a straight increase to damage done. Indirectly, of course it does. Tooltips should be updated. Added Jagged Wounds to when to refresh bleeds section, and updated SR to <= 7.2 seconds. Thanks a lot for the feedback!
  14. I'll be doing several updates to this guide tonight. Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I'll post back when it's done.
  15. Nice catch, thanks! Fixing it now.