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  1. You can use Cyous Astral Power Bar.
  2. You might need to fix your post. Everyhting is out of whack. Also Try uploading your weak auras to instead of pastebin. Its overall better for Weak auras now as it is built with weak auras in mind.
  3. It was my assumption that if your main stat was Agility, the intellect would not be usable? Does Feral and Guardian still have the passive that converts Agility -> Intellect? If so, then you shoudn't need to use a spellpower weapon, but mainly because spellpower got consolidated to Intellect, which you can't use any more. The guide may have simply overlooked that.
  4. Link to the official druid class discord channel. Icy Veins official discord:
  5. Place holder for any Legion videos people want to submit.
  6. 3/4 Trinkets. Assuming all the SAME level (mythic/Heroic etc., expect seed is always good at Heroic+) Every fight except listed below: Seed + DSI Iron Reaver: DSI + Piston (ONLY if you're killing it less than 1m, maybe 1.5m. Other wise Seed + DSI) Kromrok: DSI + Piston (only if you're killing it in 1 puddle phase then Seed + DSI) Zakkun: DSI + Orb of Void Sight. Manno/Archimonde: Seed + Orb of Void Sight.
  7. Anyway, you can make it so that any link that points outside of the Icy Veins domain opens a new tab instead of current tab? Not sure how many people would actually like that or not.
  8. So a couple things. Just to pre-face, I don't think I'm going to make this aura becasue of the below mentioned things and also it removes the decision making process from you to become a better player. You KNOW all these conditions. Just make auras showing you the information and then make the haunt decision on your own (also I don't think casting haunt is as simple as you put it down). Making a 'rotation helper aura' is kind of a crutch becasue it will never really be perfect, your own decision making will always be more accurate. All you need to do is show the information on the screen for you to make it. Cast Haunt when: one of the following is true Haunt's debuff is not applied on the target; -------------- Sure you have 4 Soul Shards; ------------------ Ok. and one of the following is also true you have a trinket proc; -------------- See 1 Dark Soul: Misery is up; ------------ See 2 the boss is approaching death; ---------- See 3 you have at least 3 Soul Shards (so that you have Soul Shards left when Dark Soul is up). ---- See 4 This is very ambiguous. I can't make an aura when a 'trinket proc is up' becasue there are hundreds of trinkets out there with different procs. I can't account for every possible trinket you might have. You need to make your own aura for a trinket separately to tell you when its up, otherwise you're going to be modifying this aura constantly. Do you mean off cooldown or the buff is up? Off cooldown, sure thats easy but again you can make an aura for that so you know when its up. Same with the buff, you can make an aura showing that you have the buff up. (hint put the trinket next to this aura so you know when they are both up you you're good!) Again, this is kind of ambiguous, you need a health threshold 20%? 15%? 5%? You can make a separate aura that says 'EXECUTE' or something like that when the boss is below the health value you want. Easy with a shard tracking aura. To conclude, I think it will be infinitely better for yourself and a player to make these conditions into seperate auras themselves then you make the quick decision when you see the information on your screen.
  9. trigger: Spell: agnoy Unit: Target Type: Debuff Remaining time: 7.2 Display text: %p Done. You pretty much explained everyhting you need to do yourself under the trigger section. I'm currently not home so I can't get on WoW, but you should be able to follow the menus under Trigger to make it yourself.
  10. And haste also benefits your HoTs by giving them extra tick intervals . More haste = Faster / more HoT Ticks on all your spells (especially the instants.)
  11. First: Logs. Get them. Show them. Otherwise we can't see what exactly you're doing wrong. 2) Your heals are completely separate from anyone else. Other peoples heal don't directly affect your hots/healing. Now they can indirectly affect your healing becasue if his gear is stronger he will heal more quickly and when there's nothing you heal your hots are useless. , but don't get caught up on if his hots are affecting yours or not, just heal like you normally would. 3) I don't know what trinkets you have, but having the Soc mana trinket is huge, 1) becasue of the amount of haste and intellect on it, 2) the mana it saves for rejuvs (the more spells you cast the more 'value' you get out of it which makes rejuv perfect for it). Come back with logs and your armory update as well as take a look at this post to deterrmine how you're doing in logs.
  12. First, its mainly how long the fight went. Its pretty long for anything that would help your overall performance. Next is when you pop lust, its like the worst possible time for you (it ends like 15-40s before your CD's come back up. If they used it on the first set of green hands 1) you would get more dps out of lust with your cooldowns, 2) your whole raid would do more damage with the ring becasue of all the burst damage on the hands going to the boss (assuming you kill the hands quick enough to not split off the boss) Without looking too hard at your own performance,, which looks decent enough, you need to kick all the really bad mages, warlocks, hunter, and rogues that are beneath you and get people who actually know how to do damage. Hell, there is a 715 DK there doing more damage than some of them.... (hint its probably becasue those people died which is a huge indicator of how potentially bad they are) Oh wait..... Only one of those guys under you actually died (a mage) what are your warlock, frost DK (what frost? play unholy pls), enhance, and rogue actually doing.... edit oh the DK is 715, playing frost and beating ppl..... yea... ITs not really too much you, its more the people around you not killing the boss fast enough to pull their own weight. Here is my last log, I still feel like i do terrible on that fight, but theres not much I can do when the hands come out and everyone rapes them (hell our kill times are still way too long because we usually have 2 carries)
  13. side note: I have like 800 crit rating. I don't see a real problem with Shooting Stars procs. In fact to me, it helps me predict it better since there is less of a chance of it coming very consecutively. in short: It doesn't matter. ilvl > (most) stats.
  14. There isn't anything like that as far as I know, you're better off just getting Cyous' Balance bar and just playing the spec from there. Starfire in lunar, wrath in solar, starsurge for buffs in lunar, starsurge for buff in solar ONLY if you have too many starsurges. Basically there can't be a weak aura for what you're asking because the very basic one would be just wrong since it would tell you to be using a lot of starsurges in solar, where you want to save them for lunar, but only a play instinct will help you to determine when yo starsurge in solar as to not cap out on too many charges. The rotation is pretty straight forward, its with practice where you'll learn to master it. Lastly, its going to slightly change in Legion and be a bit easier to understand.
  15. No, becasue they are not demons.