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  1. wow

    Had my huge share of karazhan in the past but was still looking forward to see this, until I saw it was mythic only :( Not because I don't want to do it but imo you can do that better in a guild group instead of a random pug group. Sad Dao.../cry
  2. As for myself, I do like a lot of things, especially the transmogging. Haven't gone through all my chars yet, and I had a short glance in the ptr already, but the shadowpriest yeah I love it :) What I really don't like is the taking away of the glyphs system, it sucks :( This as a first impression ;)
  3. Welcome to the most friendly and helpfull forum of the web. Have fun and hope you find what you are looking for, and never hesitate to ask a question :)
  4. thx for the replies... now another lvl 100 richer lol...
  5. Was finally able to give some more love to my destro lock, still leveling. I'd like to get things straight, but the stats confuse me a lot. (I always follow you guys, but......) Icy Veins: Int - Mastery - Crit - Haste - Multi - Versatility MMO Champion: Int - Mastery - Crit - Multi - Haste - Veratility Mr Robot: Int - Crit - Mastery - Multi - Haste - Veratility What's the best to follow now, as leveing gear is already a hassle. Thx for the help
  6. Wouldnt it be nice to have guilds in HS ? More social, have a laugh together, play together, even setup guild tournaments or something. Maybe even the BM would go away just a thought
  7. there you go http://www.twitch.tv/hero_firebat 4:00pm EST - 8:00pm EST Monday through Friday
  8. vomit
  9. Master
  10. show
  11. Old
  12. All the best for everyone here, let's make it a good year and if possible better then last year.
  13. nightingale
  14. Feet (good to see this game is still going, been away for awhile so great to see :) )
  15. gay