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  1. well so far i heared it about the RoP but there was a big chance it'll be the same as it is now so yust hope on that :)
  2. nah, i'd keep using Rune of Power, the way how to do this fight is 1) use arcane explosion glyph so you got 5 more yards (no idea if you did or not), 2) try to stay in your rune of power during the Blade Tempest and try to get scorches done, this is very tricky and req some practice 3 use your arcane explosion after each unseen strike and during the blade tempest you do this at like 2-3sec left during the blade tempest and time it right on the unseen strike otherwise you lose the 6stacks (this req to be -15y from the boss), for the rest it's really yust the normal DPS rotation, and hoping on luck with timing.
  3. patch 5.2

    i hate the chances they make to mages lol :),but y, around half march is also personally what i think :)
  4. I'd personally go for the Loshan one, 1, it has the sha-touched socket and 2 it yust looks a lot nicer :), due your being a gnome you'll notice that you gain 1% hit from the loshan or the Regail's Crackling Dagger. Also the stats on the dagger is a bit better the 1ste one will have a use for the future a lot more :). What you can't atm simulate craft is the enchant you'll gain after i think hitting 6k vp's + revered with the black prince. Anyway i hope this helped you out and as said this is yust my personally PoV :)
  5. Expertise these days gives also spell hit so 1expertise is the same as 1hit point so if you got gear with for example hit and mastery on it you can reforge teh mastery to expertise to get more hit chance. So the expertise gems are now pretty nice for any caster . But you only use it in red socket gems if the socket bonus is pretty nice or you really miss like 320points in hit to reach cap
  6. awesome

    lucky you :)
  7. Is this rotation been checked out? yust wondering due i'm still doubting to go from fire to arcane or stay fire héhé, my raid says both something else anyway if it's confirmed i'm at least going to get this one up to point for me :)
  8. oooooh thats such a cute kitten goood luck everyone :)
  9. There are a few mistakes in the arcane mage rotation page. 1) 4.2.1 mastery adept part you say at the bottom of this part (+132%) while it should be 150% 2) in 4.2.2 you say arcane blast at 6stacks cost 38.250 mana per cast that chances now to 24750 (if i didn't miscounted myself) 3) in the arcane missle part on the same page you say between brackets that the dmg is still increased by 22% should been 25%. It are yust a few mis types i point out nothing bad :), and surely time enough to chance héhé get the HC tacts from raid bosses first :)
  10. Those daily quests i only think you can do 1 of the 3 i done the crane one (killing him at the arena) and gain my 200+rep but i then killed the crab afterwards and didn't even gain a quest that gives me rep
  11. well not suprised they nerfed it but yust suprised it's so badly nerfed
  12. Since today (EU) blizzard putted a hotfix in for Fire mages and they reduced the damage over time from combustion by 50%. And they reduced the crit multiplayer from 1.5 to 1.25. So you after all this is it really still worth going for fire? or does it turns out frost or arcane seems more suitable to go with?
  13. euhm well, mayby a quiz or so héhé (with a poll)
  14. well i wish you all good luck. But still i yust wanne join the brawlers guild yust because it'll be amazingly fun. That's yust the main reason why i wanne do brawlers guild. :) HUP HUP HUP, and enjoy^^
  15. guess the opposite off what they do during day. It was in LFR i saw it but they quite of died a 2-3sec after night phase started.