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  1. Having played a shadow priest since Cataclysm, and sticking with it in Legion, I would like to see Anduin in the order hall, at least during the Order Hall or artifact campaign, and I would LOVE if he would be placed in a situation in which he would have to tap into shadow magic in order to handle a situation. Too long has he put his faith solely in the Light
  2. On Dark Shamman Heroic, we 3 healed 3 tanked the fight, with 1 heal 2 tanks on Harom, and 2 disc priests on the other one. The best tip I have is to use Divine Insight here, and communicate which player you will use the proc on. Basically, we had every single Iron Prison covered between the two of us. Time the Penance cast just right, so you have the proc around the 4 second mark before the debuff does its damage. Divine Star for healing on cd, or helping on DPS, especially on the poison adds.
  3. Thank you very much for this. Still rolling on it on a weekly basis, still nothing. I'm the only caster in our team without it, still using the Troll Council one in ToT.
  4. While it is true that lined up against a similarly geared pure DPS class played by someone who knows it well, it is hard to keep up in the meters, you would be hard pressed to find a pure DPS class to offer as much raid utility as a spriest. Preety much what has been said above, the offfhealing is fantastic, HoH is a lifesaver for healers, and do not underestimate Vampiric Embrace (even more so glyphed), which, if lined up properly with a 3orb DP and SW:I, can outperform almost any healing cd out there.
  5. killing an add that spawned from a Stout crate gives 4 Energy; On live servers, Stout crate adds give 3 energy.
  6. Immerseus : Twist of Fate combined with either Halo or cascade can work wonders, especially if you are already buffed from killing an add. Void Tendrils as far as I remember, worked just fine on snaring. Use mind spike glyph for that extra bit of burst when downing the first add. Compensate with Divine Insight. Don't be ashamed to dump a 3orb DP into an add for an almost 1shot hit. Watch your feet, and maybe body and soul towards the back to avoid the rotating geyser ability. Heroic :Cascade seemed to work best for me, especially for the first few waves of adds that spawn during the normal phases. With some luck on positioning, it can be used very effectively in split phase, for damaging or for healing in the later waves. Void Tendrils a must, in order to root a group of adds, kill a second group, then return to them, in order for maximum efficiency and reducing the chances of a potential wipe. DI for multidotting opportunutits, SW:I for the best damage on immerseus, Mind Spike glyphed for add efficiency. Achievement: Void Tendrils is the way to go here + Angelic Feather + Inner Sanctum Glyph. The second you see Immerseus split, move toward the most dense hostile add spawn area(Feather for the longest speed increase, helps if you are a worgen as well, remember to switch to Inner Will), and use Void Tendrils on them the second they spawn. Since tendrils only last for 20 seconds, and you need to cc for around 30, they will break out, so you will have to wait for them right on the edge of the pool and use tendrils again immediately after it's off cd. This is risky though, but also remember you are not alone in the raid. We had a 2 priest team handle one side, while boomkin(Mass Entangle/Entangling Roots) and Frost Mage(Circle of Frost/Frost nova) handle other side. Finished it in 2 split phases. Protectors : Have SW: I, because excessive movement is not needed (maybe just a tiny bit when He goes desperate). Also one could argue (will try it on next reset) that Twist of Fate might be better off once all desperate measures phases have passed, but otherwise stick to DI. Heroic : After a 1% wipe due to hitting enrage, I had to rethink my standard build and rotation in order to squeeze some more DPS. The result was an almost 20k increase on the kill attempt compared to the enrage wipe. Went with DI, SW:I, Halo, Desperate Prayer, Body and Soul. Glyphed VE for the moments leading up to He's desperate, since that's when the damage in normal phases tended to increase. What changed for me is that during the non-desperate phases, I normally would have followed a 3orb DP with a full ~6sec channel of MF (with proper clipping and haste procs, I could squeeze 4 full channels), but since I had all bosses dotted up, I was wasting DI procs while channeling. In the end, I decided for DI proc > MF channel on normal phase, with all 3 bosses dotted at all times. What I ended up with was with the possiblity of a 3 orb DP cast before the previous 3 orb DP finished its duration, on quite a few occasions. Even moreso when Rook entered desperation, and I had 5 SW:P ticking. Only when no procs were up did I allow myself full channels. To a lesser extent I used the same approach during the desperate phases, although I still used LMG proc + 3 orb MF before DI procs then. Achievement: Use 5 players to make a star shape before the pull, always measuring the distance to the person to your left, so that you have them in range, at the very max distance. The first 4 players can do that with no worrries (160 yards covered), but the 5th will have to go towards the center in order to be in range of #4 and #1 again, so in this way, 200 yards will not be covered by doing a full throw cycle, so you might have to throw it a bit more. Otherwise use 6 ppl around the edges, however works best. Remember the damage increases, and the add starts to hurt a lot, even on flex, so don't treat it lightly and for that reason try to leave the healers out of the rotation, so they can move and be in range of whoever has the debuff. NOTE: If you die, you will not get ach credit. If you get a ress/soulstone/reincarnate, make sure to hit ALL 3 bosses before they die in order to revalidate your achievement. Norushen: I usually have no problems avoiding stuff on the ground so i took DI + SW: I to go through the test phases. Glyphed Vampiric Embrace and Fade to help out the healers (2healed him), did not put DPS through tests under 50%. Heroic: The fight plays identically to the normal version, just with buffed numbers. Used the same build as the nomral version, just paying more attention while in test realm, spammed Mind Spike a bit more to make sure I killed all of them before the timer expired. Achievement: Easiest way, provided you have enough DPS, is to never ever ever ever send a DPS through the test, and just tunnel vision the boss, while switching just for the under 50% adds. Tanks and healers are free to go in test realms as they please, and should do, for the soaking, and more damage on the boss(disc/MW). Otherwise, if you need to send DPS, make sure they do not kill any small adds while inside test phase. Downside is they contribute with 0 DPS on the boss for 1 minute. I used tunnel vision mode spec, with SW:I + DI + DS + MS glyph for add. Sha: Body and Soul to run towards the prisons should be enough of a boost. Take the best single target talents you are confortable with (SW: I + DI for me, and DS for the lower cd and since we were in mellee range of the boss most of the time, so Halo would not have been optimal). Heroic:Used the same build as normal, although my team managed to handle the rifts under control quite well, so I had time to take full advantage of SW:I. If rifts are ignored most of the time, then you are probably better off taking FDCL, even though this is not the optimal strategy. When banished go left-> left -> pick up 2nd yellow orb -> 180° turn -> 180° turn -> follow closest add until team breaks you out. Achievement: Have Silence at the ready, also your best burst talents (MS Glyph + SW:I + DI) to make sure the big add never finishes a cast. Also Angelic Feather or Body and Soul to stack on top of it when it dies, IF you have the titan buff (the only way to not get pride is to have 2 players with titan buff closest to it when it dies). After 30%, if the achievement tracker shows it is still white and valid, execute fight as normal, and kill the add without any worries. Galakras: Glyph VE + Fade for Phase 2 to handle the damage. DI works best here, because of all the multidotting opportunities. Used Halo on our kill, might try Cascade next time, although it is almost worthless as a damage dealer in P2, but could work as a healer spell (we were stacked in 3 separate groups to handle the fire orbs). Heroic: Same build as normal, went with Halo since it helped our phase 2 positioning best. We decided on a triangle position, and rotating flames on either left or right group every 3 stacks, so that the other's group stacks would have had time to expire. Have the grunt as top priority in order to open the towers asap, so mind his timer and have 3 orbs at the ready, in order to melt him. Recommend that you have someone else helping out as well. Achievement: Execute fight as you normally would, making sure to save a 3orb DP for the adds that charge the NPC's. They need to die asap. Big metal scorpion : Single target DPS tunnel vision mode, glyph of VE + Fade for siege phase, remember to avoid stuff and keep your back to something solid (camera might do some weird positioning). Heroic: Same talents, but took Glyph of Inner Fire, Glyph of Dispersion, Glyph of Inner Sanctum, to be as capable as possible to soak as many mines as I could, as well as give the healers less headaches from all the incoming damage. If possible, keep PoM on cd. It really helps. During siege phase, after the first pushback, we loosely stacked where we were thrown, so offheal spam PoM/Renew/BH/FH as much as possilbe. Also a symb Tranquility won't be a bad addition. Achievement: Took the Heroic talent/glyph build, to be able to stomp on mines in a pinch. When siege phase begins, we stacked to the right of the boss as we entered the arena, near a fence. After the oil puddles spawn, we all ran and stacked on the other side of the boss, near the small hill, so we don't suffer pushbacks. When mines spawned, we ran on top of them, so when laser began chasing us, a mine would be superheated instantly, then quite easily superheat the others. A bit annoying, but doable. Maximum of 3 siege phases to do this before enrage. Shammys : Surprinsgly easy, was a 1 shot for us, I not knowing exactly what i was up against, used spec from galakras and juggernaught. Heroic: The first truly challenging fight for us, primarily because we had to bring 3 tanks (and later 3 healers as well) for this. Glyphed Dispersion, Fade and Inner Sanctum, because of the Iron Prison debuff, and the RnG of damage in general during this encounter. Also, I recommend using Angelic Bulwark here, for the simple reason that it provides an extra survival cooldown, in case you have few seconds left on iron prison, and just before that, Falling Ash finishes, or you accidentally get hit by a tornado, and in those cases, Desperate Prayer cannot save you. Divine Star was my 90 of choice, because Halo has too large of a cd to be viable, and usually the adds tend to get clumped up while chasing us, making them easy targets most of the time. Otherwise, use it on cd to help healing or boss dps. P.S. : For a few attempts, and the actual kill, I had to go Atonement Disc in order to help out on healing, since it was becoming unbearable below 25% for 2 healers. Spec into DI as Disc, it's an absolute lifesaver and brilliant here after the 100% proc rate buff. Achievement: Does not involve the bosses in any way, just the trash preceding it. What I did was(for the group with Theramore Prisoners and orc workers) run with a shield up (Body and Soul, in my case from a disc priest for better absorb), get initial aggro on all of them, pop Void Tendrils, Disperse and Fade, while in the meantime, tanks got aggro on the hostile adds, ranged broke them out, DK grip, and focus down the (Overseers I think they are called?) adds, so that once the neutral adds break from tendrils when they expire, they run to safety, and not to attack the raid. It is very important to know that the adds that need saving have reeeeealy low HP (around 4k), so they can die before you know what has happened. We unequipped all gear that could accidentally AoE them down, like legendary capes, trinkets, etc. and made sure to only start dps'ing the hostile adds once they are far away from the tendril'd neutrals. Also, do not use any Mind Sears, or any form of AoE attacks while near cages on the upper left side, because the hostile adds in the cages have to be freed with the key from the miniboss in the bank(at least I hope it's the bank, never played Horde, anyway, the annoying add that bribes and mc's players). NOTE: The orc worker group will probably need some cc help, since they are quite spread out, so what I could not get, boomkin(roots), mage(poly), hunter(trap) were ready and waiting to help out. Nazgrim : Same, even easier than shammys for some reason. Replaced Fade with mind spike to burst the important adds faster. Avoid preety looking ground effects (body and soul enough). Heroic: Void Tendrils, Silence, Psychic Horror at the ready. Have assassin rooted as much as possible, while making sure mage is interrupted as much as possilbe. Multidot for DI procs, and even glyph psychic horror. CC is paramount here. Add priority was shamans=sniper>mage>assassin>warrior. Avoid Nazgrim's heroic leap because the subsequent flame line can 1shot. Body and soul towards the wall in case you have Hunter's Mark debuff. Heroism is best used at around 10% HP, make sure you have cd's ready for that time, since it will become really bad really fast. Achievement: Execute the fight properly, making sure Nazgrim never goes over 75 rage to use any ability that can damage Gamon. Be ready to offheal spam him in order to bring him over the HP threshold for a roar in case things go wrong. It's probably better to just force him to 100 energy, and handle the spinning axe, than to have to spam heal Gamon(not tested, just a thought). Otherwise, a (possibly) much easier way is to not kill the big demon trash at the bottom of the den of shadows leading up to the Ragefire instance entrance. Leave someone out to free Gamon, kill all other adds, be ready to pull the boss. Free Gamon, he will run in and engage that demon trash, while taking around 0.6% damage every few seconds. 10th player moves to Nazgrim (make sure you are all fully buffed/fed/flasked before), and engage immediately. If Nazgrim dies before Gamon, gg. Think the achievement is bugged in this way, but it worked for a few of my guildies on flex. (I got it the normal way, after going oom 2 times because of the flash heal spamming). Malkorok : Halo for helping with healing in P1, Body and Soul and really fast reactions to soak up the void zones, Fade and VE for P2, with our DPS i will feel comfortable enough to use twist of fate next time (DI normally). Heroic : Take the best single target nuke/high burst build that you feel confortable with. For me, it was DI, SW: I and Halo. Thought about using DS, but the distance from the boss was an issue in that case. Glyphed Embrace, Inner Sanctum and Dispersion. Used Embrace after 1st and 3rd breath of Y'rsarjj attacks, to compensate for the healers potentially repositioning themselves temporarily. After the second breath, right as soon as Blood Rage begins, I used Darkfilght (Goblin boots or Angelic Feathers otherwise for increased speed time) combined with Dispersion to clear as many of the orbs as I could. Body and Sould does not provide nearly enough speed time to clear that many orbs, as to feel confortable going into the second Might of Kor'kron phase.Situational awareness is paramount here, because you do not want to soak any orbs during the Might phases, or end up dead or close to dead quite fast afterwards. Achievement : The second to last trash pack before this boss is composed of 1 Corrupted Skullsplitter (which respawns after each boss pull, even if you killed him previously), being chained by 4 mobs. He will kill the 4 guys regardless of your actions. Have a tank take him into the boss fight, and make sure he gets hit by the breath of Yrsaj ability. Tank him away from the boss, so to avoid any accidental cape/trinkets AoE/cleave. He will transform into a sha-looking creature if hit by the breath. Nuke it down, then execute the fight as usual. Glorified Trash Encounter : Had a lot of fun "competing" against the other team on who cleared their side faster (it was us by 5 seconds). Multidotting + DI worked just fine, had Fade and VE, because the damage can get up quite fast if not careful. Halo worked quite well. Think i'll try FDCL next time, had to move more than I wanted so SW:I was not optimal. Heroic: If there ever was a fight for which Twist of Fate was designed, this is definetly it. Because of all the "get out of stuff" and "run around" mechanics, I used FDCL, and Halo. Glyph Mind Spike for that extra bit of burst, especially on the Unstable Sparks. Glyph Fade as well, helps a bit on the really burst-y damage that the Mogu large adds deal. Other than that, the strategy might be different for everyone, depending on which monk spirits spawn, and add priority. For me, I started on the mantid side, prepot (while running in, attack the polymorphed orcs in the big room <only for Alliance> for 3 orbs), and nuked down the 2 monks. With pot still up, opened the first large, and at around 5%, started opening small and mediums until 36 energy, then 2nd large. On mogu side, started with monks, then TW on the 1st large (kill the statues he spawns ASAP), then at 5%, opened 2nd large, pot+shadowfiend to take him down, then mediums and smalls for the remaining 16 energy. Note: If mantid is your 2nd room, pay extra attention where you drop the bombs. I ran to the other room to help out, since they were lacking behind, and had to disperse my way through bombs to reach their lever. Achievement: Used SW:I now, since my gear allowed me to kill the mobs way faster, and not that much moving was required, especially since I got assigned to the mogu side. Not sure how it is in 25man, but with 10 players, we set the objective of finishing the first rooms with 100 seconds to spare, so we had enough time to use the crane hooks. Not sure if it was LoS issue, or encounter limitations, but could not use leap of faith to grab someone up. After either all of us switched rooms, or timer was on 5 seconds, we pulled the levers to reset the timers, but did not start to open crates until we made sure that the groups were fully switched in the rooms. Thok : Beast of a fight. Fade + VE on top of Devotion Aura or BoP to cast through roars and help healers. Angelic Feathers are a must here in my opinion, since Thok starts ramping up his speed quite fast, and in the 8 seconds he chases me, Body and Soul boost just won't suffice. Also throw them on top of the other players' kite path to help them out. Had DI specced, but once the fire guy is released, the raid gets a buff that makes most of our hits do an extra 100k damage or around that value. Twist of Fate + Devo Aura + VE Glyphed can work wonders here as long as you break just long enough to move out of the quite probable fire patch. Heroic: Preety much the same build, and mechanics. Also remember Mind Sear for when the bats come (if you're assigned to them ofc). Divine Star is the way to go here, because of the close proximity to Thok for most of the fight. Achievement: Feathers now is a must, since Thok will need to be kited for quite a bit longer, depending on your prefered approach. Since we overgear flex quite a lot, we decided to open the snail cage 2 times during the first intermission, so Thok reached quite an impressive speed by the time it ended. Myself and another priest were standing near the entrance/exit and throwing feathers around for anyone who needed them, so Thok would run as much as possible, After 2nd intermission, when snail cage was opened, we had the annoyiance of avoiding the snail, which in true ToT fashion, could 1shot if it got in mellee range. It got chaotic and some of us died due to not stacking up because of the snail, but we accounted for that, and had thok leave 2nd intermission with ~7% HP, so that he would certainly die, even with some casualties. Once it's dead, whoever is alive, make sure Thok is between you and the snail. It will run to the corpse and make quite a mess. Siegecrafter : Preety easy fight. Lots of movement involved, so DI + FDCL + Halo worked best for me. Hardest part was actually aiming the pipes correctly to get down from the conveyor belt. Stuff can be preety easily avoided once you understand how the weapons work. Had glyph of VE for a bit of extra healing towards the end when people were starting to get anxious and make mistakes. Heroic: Switched glyph of VE with Mind Flay, to be able to move fast at a moment's notice, because of all the s**t going on around the arena. Also, replaced DI with ToF because now the mines were being spawned preety much on all the belts, so I was able to keep good uptime on the buff. Just keep DoTs rolling on mines and adds (at least SW:P for the buff), but the hard part comes just from managing to stay out of everything that's on the ground. Achievement : Done it in one go, we basically never went to the conveyor belt, and just focused on executing all of the resulting mechanics. Fight took longer, but it was less risky in this way. I took Feathers here, in order to make sure that I have enough run time for to avoid silly combinations, like lasers following me while also running away from the electromagnet pull. Paragons : Beautifully realised fight, had a blast. Spec into single target spells, because the nature of the fight prevents the need for multitarget DPS. SW:I + DI + Halo + Body And Soul + glyph of mind spike for the best burst i could get. Dotted all active klaxxi with SW:P to get MB procs, and used the swarmkeepers ability on all the current klxxi. A good tip is to prioritise klaxxi that can spawn adds over the others. So Dissector, Bloodseeker, Manipulator, Prime had immediate kill priority over the others, in that order. Heroic : Spectral Guise !!! this talent alone completely negates Swarmkeeper's aim ability, as well as stops the mesmerise effect that the kuchongs have on you. Other than that, used the same build as on normal. Again, awareness is paramount here, especially when fire lines and amber pools will start to hurt (provided the respective paragons aren't killed). Achievement: Done it over 3 weeks time, just make sure to interact with a different corpse every time, and try not to die, so you can show off the (quite cool) temporary title. Garrosh: Finally got him yey! Used a standard build, SW:I with DI for some procs, really helpfull during the temple intermissions. Halo worked best in P1, when all the adds were stacked up on Garrosh, also done quite some damage on the adds in ToeS and the ones spawned by Empowered Whirl of Corruption. Body and Soul for moving away from Desecrate, or to run towards Engineers if assigned on them. Void Tendrils is useful if you want to root some Empowered Whirl adds. Also, this marks the first PvE fight I got to use the Psychic Horror spell. If Empowered MC is cast, you might need to have both Silence and Psychic Horror at the ready to interrupt that respective person. Also for mc's, have Mind Spike glyph to burst them down faster. Achievement: Got it, even though not aiming for it. Tooltip is wrong, or achievement is bugged, since we used 3 iron stars to kill 18 adds. P.S. Wasn't expecting THAT outcome (and yes, somehow I actually managed to keep myself spoiler-free until I got the kill and saw the movie). Edit: Normal mode tips for all bosses. Not sure if it's the proper thread, please let me know, but I've added my perspective on the bosses' individual achievements for whoever is interested in eventually riding Galakras. Edit: 27.10.2013 Yey Spawn of Galakras mount finally . 6/14 HC tips. (bosses 1->6) 28.10.2013 7/14 HC (Nazgrim) 04.11.2013 8/14 HC (Shammys) 18.11.2013 9/14 HC (Malkorok) 12.12.2013 10/14 HC (Spoils) 13.08.2014 13/14 HC (Garry remaining, just a few more % to go)
  7. Small input for 10man. It was a quite underwhelming fight,easily 1 shottable. I would make a suggesstion, due to the fact that the DPS check is not that high, and the adds go down quite fast. It is better to 3 heal it, due to the fact that there will be A LOT of friendly globules near the end. In my quadrant, on the very last add phase, I had no adds to kill, so i had to offspec heal around 5 of them.
  8. Yes, as it is at the moment, DBM shows a 10 minute enrage timer, however note that you will wipe after 7 minutes. Bigwigs has it right though. We went at him with only 2healers, purified them and some DPS before 50%, after which we only sent tanks, so not to risk overlapping 2 big adds in the normal realm. Had to use a few offheals, but it went down preety smooth (around 10 wipes).
  9. In order to avoid the Ancient Miasma damage on the pull, is it viable that disc priests precast and spam Spirit Shell a few seconds before pull, in order for the raid to have at least some initial protection until the proper healing can commence ? A similar mechanic is in effect on Tortoss HC, trying to top everyone's shields up before the pull, but those shields are reset after the pull. Is this happening here as well ?
  10. On a sidenote, does anyone know if Alani can still be farmable ? Try as I might, I have had crap luck at getting the skyshards and I doubt I will be able to get them by the 10th.
  11. In 10man, the corrupted prison is chosen at random from the 4 around the room, or it's the same one every time?
  12. That's the optimal raid setup, but it depends heavily on player skill, ilvl, and spec. For instance, Iron Qon has to be tank-swapped to handle the tank debuff, however with pally tank + healer, it can be easily 1 tanked. You would also be hard-pressed to find a team that 2 heals Megaera HC. But in the end go with which setup suits your team and encounter better, and make sure to play to your team's strengths.
  13. Looking through the log and checking it against your current gear and build, it is quite OK. However, there are a few things that will get your DPS higher. 1. Do a proper regem/reforge. Go to, select your toon and optimise it. Since at the moment you do not have the LMG, I think that T14+ build is still for you. Regem and reforge accordingly. 2. Try to get your BiS trinkets. As awseome as UVLS trinket looks, it barey procs, and it is not optimal for spriests. My suggestion is to try and farm Troll Council and Megaera for their trinkets, those are the BiS. 3. Talents and Glyphs. Although, apart maybe from mind spike glyph, none of the others provide any dps boost, I am struggling to understand for what you would pick dispersion and MD for. In my experience, MD Glyphed is only good for fighting HC Spirit Kings in mogushan vaults, for boss #1. And I never found myself wishing I had 15 seconds shaved off my dispersion. Now, depending on the fights, I would choose Mind Spike and Inner Sanctum over MD and Dispersion. Since Mind Spike has been changed to not take into account FDCL procs, that glyph is also next to useless, unless you have fights that need adds burning down and you might need a bit of burst. But since 5.2 if I remember correctly, Solace and Insanity has been redesigned, and it now destroys FDCL in terms of DPS output. Unless the fight requires A LOT of movement, PW: I is almost mandatory, since the DPS spikes if used properly on a 3 orb DP. Give this a shot and see how it goes :)
  14. It would be nice to at least have Nazgrim admit defeat instead of just killing him entirely. Not that familiar with Horde MoP story, but from what I understand, he is a personal favorite of many players.
  15. Jade Spirit on weapon would be a start. Also you have UVLS. Don't have it yet, but you might want to open up with MB, in order to activate its proc (trinks usually proc on fight start), then use both dots and shadowfiend. If they are cast within the 4 seconds, you'll have full dot duration of 100% crit, +15 seconds of shadowfiend crits. Otherwise, your gear looks OK to me. When you get the LMG, then Tier15 stats should kick in on mrrobot, and you can go haste without a cap. (I am sitting on 35% atm). Hope that helps :)