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  1. Never have to pay for WoW subscription again. Basically for those still paying, thank you.
  2. MooMoohere on Velen here. I've recently started back with the Boomking for WoD. Things are different for sure, and I know the guide is intended for Raiding. But things are different. I actually like the way the phases move back and forth now with the additional screen tip. Casting still seems a bit clunky as everything except moon/sunfire have a casting time - a long casting time in game terms. I guess on the bright side, it's not constant button mashing - so if that is what you are used to (me on Skuulz tanking for sure) - this is not your toon. I absolutely love the Incarnation! That is cool and I get lots of compliments on my sweet gear. I know we get a few more perks as we level making a few things easier and instant cast. But still feels slow. Not that I'm not able to handle 1x1 or 1x3 battles in PVE, just plays/feels slow. I want to do more than just upkeep the DoT.
  3. I would hope so. I spent the G to upgrade a few things since you can't take more than 3 WoD crafted items. But they did not scale well at all. I'll check them out today.
  4. I am also having this issue with Velen-Pananarama. During raids I can heal wonderfully! But during Heroics I was having trouble keeping up. I had no problems during Pandaria for either Heroics or Raids. I've had to switch to Brewmaster to get my initial Heroics completed as I kept getting booted from Heroic runs. Really frustrated as I will run OOM and I feel I am overhealing most of the time, but can't figure out where to slow down and focus.
  5. Thinking about starting up a Shammy and wondering if either spec is better with 2 - 1h or 2h weapons?
  6. I am still enjoying my Blood Knight. The changes take a bit to get used to and soloing garrison group quests (The PIT for gods sake! How many times am I going to visit that place?) takes a bit longer than it used to, I've found the rotation is pretty close to the same. The biggest thing to me is getting the damage reductions and keeping them up. A dps blood seems like an oxymoron to me, but I usually don't have 3 sets of gear either and just run the best of what I have all the time. Enjoying the expac though!
  7. The reagent bank would be total win for me, and the ability not to have to have the item in my current inventory? Yes please. I was stoked to see the personal bank received the upgrade. With the current set up, farming mats and selling on the bank is out and I have 5 accts/professions running at the same time. It would be great to just have one bank to share between all toons and still have the guild bank to share other mats. Especially for those soulbound mats that I'm never going to use but one of my other toons desperately needs. Otherwise, yes the mail system is terribly outdated and forces you to log out/log in just to transfer items.
  8. It took me a few hours to get used to the new rotation, but overall Blood seems to play just like before. Having Death Coil as a mana dump just seems like gravy as I wasn't using death coil at all before. I don't mind have less buttons to put in the rotation and with the new health pools I'm not having any trouble keeping my head above water. Now just to get to 100.
  9. Could you add a link to the types of decks/cards you are referring to during the breakdown? I would make it more interactive and give folks a better idea of what you are referring to, especially new players. Thanks!
  10. This is going to make enchanting a bear again. I'll be there when it goes live next week, but seems like they are making enchanting hard again. Not so much about the limitations, but I bet gathering mats is going to suck. Reminds me of Burning Crusade. Looks like we are going to have BC 2.0 . . .
  11. My Monk is monked up at the moment. My abilities have been changed and I'm trying to figure out how to best use what I have. We now have new spirits and abilities. When is 5.2 update coming out!?
  12. First glance, I'm leaning towards the polearm. But I also feel like Blizz underutilizes the fist weapons - so... I'll let someone else maybe chime in.
  13. I would say Arrowflight and Relic of Xuen. Pumping up Agility and Critical Strike at the same time. Do you dual wield or 2h?
  14. Pananarama; dedicated to three hot women back in the day...
  15. That would be most good.... I've tinkered with the tillers, but nothing more than friendly as I've been trying to get exalted with Shadow-Pan. But definitely on my list now.