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  1. I'm partial to But that might be too silly.
  2. The short answer to your question is: Yes, there are reasons to take Arms over Fury. The long answer is that it depends on a lot of things: What the exact fight is, the gear and set bonuses you have, etc. Generally speaking, if you don't want to bother switching specs on a fight per fight basis, Fury should give you overall better results, mainly due to the fact that without the T18 4pc, Arms ST is lacking, and with it, it becomes a RNG fest. That mostly explain why most of the Warriors you see around are Fury. On some select fights however, when there's 2 targets up for most of the fight, or when you have the opportunity to use Sweeping Strikes + Execute on a lot of adds during the fight, (Tyrant Velhari and Archimonde are the 2 best examples of this atm) Arms does exceptionally well. On most other situations, however (single target and AoE) Fury usually ends up being better. As far as Glad goes, it's barely played on the hardcore raiding scene, since it lacks in damage behind the 2 other specs at the moment, and it's lacking the only raid utility DPS warriors have, Rallying Cry. Assuming you're not Mythic Raiding (and to a certain extent even if you are), you should be able to play the spec you enjoy the most and still be able to kill bosses. What I outlined in the previous paragraphs is simply what is the "general consensus" on the warrior specs atm. I hope this answers your question.
  3. That's not entirely true. While sims aren't perfect, they are very good tools to help you figure out a lot of information. To answer your question though, SMF and TG are pretty much equivalent, and Weapon item level should be the factor guiding you there. Quoting directly from the Fury Warrior giude right here on IV:
  4. With Fury's T18, the priority literally doesn't change. Recklessness isn't powerful enough to warrant casting WS over RB, since RB's damage per rage spent is much higher than WS's. Basically, just play like if you didn't have T18 (Use Bloodsurge procs asap, and otherwise WS only to prevent rage capping) except you'll get Recklessness more often.
  5. The exact point where mastery becomes better than crit varies from player to player depending on your gear. A general rule of thumb with T18 is to start switching out crit enchants for mastery ones once you reach 25% crit unbuffed, as you said in your post. However, doing that will leave you Enrage starved most often, so I'd recomment slowly switching out Crit for Mastery once you're comfortable with your enrage uptime.
  6. Just fyi, I edited your post to put the code between some spoiler tags, that way it didn't take infinite scrolling down to see it :)
  7. Sorry for the super late answer... just getting in the habit to get back on IV after a crazy summer... For most intents and purposes, EDH is always best for Fury, despite the nerf. For fights where targets live long enough, you want to couple it with the class trinket, otherwise Cleave or UH depending on the situation. For Arms, UH and class trinkets are pretty much BiS in all situations, with EDH being extremenly underwhelming.
  8. As Daraelic said, Sudden Death is nearly always the better choice, as with Furious Strikes you'll have trouble getting rid of all the rage you generate. There are still some very rare edge cases where FS is better, but they are rare enough and barely better, so you can take SD all the time and never feel bad.
  9. You'll pretty much always keep T17 in your bags, since it is still better than T18 on any kind of fight where you can do some Meat Cleaving. On pure single target/no Meat Cleaving fights (Fel Lord, Kormrok, Reaver to a certain extent) T18 is very slightly better than T17, by ~5% or so when you're talking about dropping from 1 level of difficulty (M vs H, H vs N).
  10. I can't really answer that atm. I personally haven't touched gladiator since it got nerfed in early Highmaul progression. The best info I can find right now is that it should put Mastery close to Glad's best stats, but still not quite as good as Crit or Haste. --- Anyways... on to set bonuses. It'll be more of a subjective analysis here since I don't have the time to go through sims and whatnot atm. If you find something that proves - or disproves - what my intuition says, please correct me :) -- Fury: The 2pc is pretty nice. Much better than the "X spell does Y% more damage" route we used to see a lot of in the past. It is however going to emphasize even more on not wasting Bloodsurge charges. Also, it should increase the value of haste slightly, to a point where all our secondary stats might be exceptionnally close to each other. The 4pc, oh man, does it look nice. To give me an idea of how much exactly we're talking about, I looked at one of my Gruul parses. In a 5 minutes fight, I ended up casting Recklessness 3 times, and Wild Strike 72 times, of which ~35%, or about 25, were crits. If I had had the T18 4pc, I would have been able to cast Recklessness about every minute to minute and a half. Stat wise, this is going to push crit even farther ahead for Fury than it already is imo. Also, it very well could push Furious Strikes that far ahead of Sudden Death, since casting Wild Strikes will be close to our top priority at all time. Personnally, I really like these tier bonuses, because they are far more creative and actually affect the way you play a lot more than previous set bonuses would. As far as the trinket goes, it looks pretty plain. Should be pretty nice against single target, since more haste = more BTs = more rage = more WS = more 4pc procs, but it is nowhere near as interesting as the set bonuses. -- Arms: I'm going to be pretty biased here as I think that at the moment, Arms is absolutely boring and horrid to play. The T18 set bonus and trinket however, is (hopefully) the bandaid Arms needs to be somewhat fun to play again. Before I go farther though, I would simply like to point out that what's being added to Arms here is only stuff that was removed from it before. The Rend ticks resetting CD of mortal strike is simply the Overpower mechanic from way back then, though simplified a lot, and the CD resetting on Colossus Smash is something they took away from Arms just a couple months ago. The 2pc is interesting, and as I said above, might actually make the spec a bit more lively. ++bonus to haste, and should be pretty nice in 2 targets cleave situations. However, the set bonus will be pretty worthless once you add a 3rd+ target to the enounter since MS isn't really worth casting at that point. The 4pc ties in nicely to the 2pc, but it is pretty boring. It is going to be a nice DPS increase for up to 3-4 targets, and will actually help you a lot in this situation with the rage income from Taste for Blood. The trinket is, as I previously said, simply the old sudden death mechanic back. Good on single target and cleave, worthless on AoE. Overall, I'd switch the 2pc and 4pc, since I always prefer to see the more interesting bonuses on the 4pc, though, to be honest, I'd rather just have the 2pc and trinket effect baked in to Arms (just like they never really should have been removed) because while they might make the spec interesting to play again, they are only a temporary band aid.
  11. Ideally, you'll want to take Anger Management, especially if you have the 4pc. This will bring the CD on Recklessness to ~2 minutes and Avatar to ~1 minute, which should line up pretty well with the trinket. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the best avenue is to use the trinket on the pull with your CDs and then delay it for every other recklessness.
  12. No. Switching to 1h's mid fight triggers an ICD on the SMF damage buff (or at least it used too, haven't checked recently but I'd be surprised if it changed). Either way, both 1h and 2h are super close to each other, so just roll with whatever the best weapons you have are.
  13. 2h is better for AoE, 1h is better for single target, but the difference is by ~1%.
  14. You do not even get extra time on the set bonus with the glyph. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1606028-6-0-Guide-Fury-quot-I-just-spent-10-seconds-mastering-Arms-now-what-quot?p=32135339&viewfull=1#post32135339 The gif on this post explains it much better than I can with words.
  15. Not worth it. The 4pc caps at 10 stacks no matter what and doesn't get any bonus duration form the glyph. You can test it yourself in game, but basically what you're getting is the same exact 4p, but with the weakness of the glyph on top of it.