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  1. The pretty colors
  2. he crashed into
  3. This hit me right in the feels as well... I personally was too afraid of that kind of bullying when I was new to the game, so I refused to raid, and instead stuck with battlegrounds. Finally, I had a friend notice how terrible I was, and he instructed and guided me, molding me into the player I am now. I have done my best to pay it forward, doing the same for some guildies that my husband and I picked up a couple years back. They were a mage and warlock, husband and wife team, whose DPS was inconsistant and usually below the tank as well. My husband, being a warlock, helped out as best he could. I didn't know anything about mages, but the friend that taught me all I knew, did, so I grabbed him and asked him to teach our new guildie everything he could. Point A. Helping these guildies out earned my husband and I some wonderful friends, and they always come to us with questions about mechanics or rotations, because they know we will not make them feel more inadequate than they already do. It would behoove us all to remember that we all learn differently, and sometimes it takes being shown and verbally explained before something clicks, rather than just reading a thread online about rotations or a boss encounter. Point B. The amount of elitism, and just plain bad manners due to not being held accountable, is rampant. LFR, LFG, all those things that have been implemented to make the game more accessible has really only served to make players whine more, sit back and be carried, not have to learn mechanics, and not have to form core groups of friends or guildmates. Nobody has to be civil to each other if they don't want to, and its just sad. I know the community here at Icy Veins is wonderful, but perhaps we should all go out of our way to show some of our guildmates and friends the article that sparked this thread, especially those ones (you know who they are) that have sounded much like those elitist bullies. Sounds like an anti-cyber-bullying campaign, lol... I'll get off my soapbox now. =) Cheers! Edit: Typos!
  4. I started raiding with my guild at approximately 470 item level, so I imagine you're good to go!
  5. Salemm, as a rogue myself, it really boils down to whatever spec you prefer to play. I personally have been Assassination since day one back in TBC, and I still refuse to switch specs. I have tried the others, but assn just clicks with me. Play around with the specs and find one that you understand and can master, and the dps will come! Just reference the guides on here for the proper rotations!
  6. Rogue evasion tank. It needs to happen =P
  7. aced
  8. mind
  9. For me, it was getting Mountain o' Mounts way back in Wrath. I farmed, I grinded, I leveled and dropped professions... Took a long time and sacrifices from a couple guildies on some drops... But there was no better feeling than sitting on the bank steps in Dalaran on my beautiful Blue Dragonhawk
  10. Greedy
  11. tractor When my dad and I played this years ago, we counted things like that as valid. Small phrases and short movie quotes too, but I don't think those apply here =)
  12. Dalies, LFR and quests for me... And you forgot PvPing as an option! Battlegrounds take up much of my druid's time!
  13. As a first time player rolling a rogue, it took until level 12 to realize that I had abilities to use and I didn't have to just sit there and auto-attack things. And then later, (level 60 later) I learned that food was actually useful and not just stuff I could sell for gold. >.> I used to kill a monster, stealth, and wait for my health to go back to full. Took me a full year to get to level 70. xD