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  1. Prepare all three specs. You can get all 3 artifact weapons to two gold traits before you make any reasonable headway towards a third gold trait on any one artifact. Be prepared for all types of fights.
  2. Grimoire of Synergy is REALLY good. Feel free to go through logs and inspect. We did Manno - Archi - HFA - Fel Reaver, and then I did some napkin math and swapped to Synergy. Was more than pleased. Kormrok forward, I used Synergy. 80% uptime makes your Felguard a MONSTER.
  3. How many iterations did you do? A single iteration with two independent variables isn't a measurable evaluation.
  4. I strongly suggest you get used to Destro as its utility, burst target swapping, and superior cleave makes it the most useful in Mythic dungeons and will probably spearhead Mythic progression as we will be the best class to cleave onto priority adds while still damaging the primary target. I'm heavily leaning on powering up Destro artifact first for this reason. I'll also be leveling a DK right behind because they are awesome to play just in case Warlocks turn out pooey.
  5. Power trip adds the necessity to apply Doom. Its what I'd call an elite talent in that you should be of an elite level to utilize it properly. Hand of Doom is safer and more reliable and removes a button from your rotation outside of your opener. This means results will vary and there is no "right" answer from anyone but yourself. Echoing Furty - Soul Conduit v DB is a situational one and has no "correct" answer. The difference is small and relatively negligible.
  6. All you'll add to that in Legion is Thal'Kiel's Consumption which requires an addon to properly use. Have fun generating any valuable DPS switch without TKC available.
  7. Playstyle remains. You just want more Imps. Overall DPS cut looks to be 75% of what used to be 15% of your damage, so around 11.5%. And Demonbolt and Soul Conduit are close but SC wins with good RNG. DB also took a hit since we will have less demons out. I want to preface this that this is NOT how you'll play in Legion. Min maxing for prepatch should be for fun but do NOT get into bad habits if you're new to the spec/class. You WILL use dreadstalkers at 110. The trinket creating Imps is still overstating DPS right now.
  8. Need new logs from nerfed Demo stuff.
  9. All this does is expose how bad Demo is at 110. Ya'll knew this was coming. This should be about an 11.5% decrease in DPS. Now your top damage source will be your Imps. Dreadstalker use is probably still a no if you have the class trinket. You still want copious amounts of imps. This will just give you a closer taste of Legion Demo as the Felstalkers and Satyrs won't exist soon. So now is a great time to see how the spec will really play. We always get nerfed. Always. We find ways to overcome. No point complaining. It's not going to reverse itself. Get out there and test away because Demo will only get worse without some necessary changes.
  10. Right now? Definitely yes. In the future? Remains unseen.
  11. Destro is not better than Demonology currently. You will see abusive logs where someone used other Warlocks to stack Roaring Blaze inflating Immolate damage to asinine levels, but that has been fixed. Demonology is the spec to go during pre-patch so long as the 4pc remains unchanged.
  12. 1111322. You don't use Improved Dreadstalkers since you don't use Dreadstalkers. Everything else is self-explanatory.
  13. You won't be able to do any of this without 4pc T18 and the class trinket. They're what's breaking the meters right now. Since you're new to Warlock, I recommend that you try all the specs out since they are brand new. It's far more important to enjoy playing something right now with the high probability that things will be tuned number wise. Don't roll something for the numbers.
  14. Nice work. You have to go down the rankings pretty far to see any Dreadstalkers. I find that humorous.
  15. Seriously. top parses from the first night. Dreadstalkers not on the list of the top players because the DPET of Imps > Dreadstalkers. Going to be tailoring my gameplay for the pre-patch. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL PLAY LIKE THIS IN LEGION. Just for now. If you feel like you can't change your habit, don't.