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  1. Damn right they reverted it! :D
  2. And I'm pretty sure it will give you lung cancer.
  3. Honestly I don't like many of the changes. My thoughts: Affliction - As stated, the loss of Drain Soul is huge. The skill is far too iconic to allow it to be slipped in with pruned skills. It's just not acceptable. It feels good to pump out crazy damage once the mob is in a weakened state. Everything makes sense and they need to revert that ASAP. I'm agreed on the fact that with snapshotting in WoD, Affliction will be a bore in its current state. I'm not worried though. I can't see Blizzard allowing Affliction to be a super easy and uninvolved spec. Looking forward to seeing what new mechanics they add to spice it up. Demonology - Why Carrion Swarm, why??? Such a cool ability tied to a different skillbar, which means that you don't need to prune it. Having options in Meta form is fantastic. Losing Void Ray on top of it makes gameplay during Meta uptime less exciting. Given, I never really liked Void Ray and I always thought it played out pretty clunky. It got the job done, but it left much to be desired. With the loss of these abilities *and* snapshotting, I feel like Demonology will be much less intimidating for people who always wanted to try out a pair of wings, but didn't want to be abused for not pulling off the numbers people expect to see. Destruction - While Immolate has been buffed greatly over the expansion, I don't feel people worried over much about snapshotting it as well as possible. People who played Destruction on the daily got a pretty good feel for it. It's the only DoT you have to manage. That is to say, going forward into WoD, the loss of snapshotting won't feel like a huge hit in gameplay. I don't understand the meaning behind removing mana gains from Shadowburn. They said they simplified it, but it looks like a straight up nerf. It's not like I'm calculating my mana gains on the fly while using up Shadowburn charges, I just know I'm getting mana back at an increased rate to supply the increased amount of Incinerates you cast during the execute phase. Are they trying to balance all the specs on not worrying about the low HP burn phase? If so, is Soul Fire exempt because it isn't as comparatively strong as Drain Soul/Soulburn? Maybe they are just sick of balancing classes that excel in that aspect. If that's true then I'm a little disappointed because I look forward to finishing off mobs like that. It's actually pretty fun. I'd love to see the reasoning behind those changes. General - I like the simplifed gateways. It was needed for balance, so the 1.5 min CD seems legit. Warlocks no longer seem necessary for Healthstones, due to the overall nerf to self healing during an encounter. The nerf of course being you now only get one use of a healing consumable. I *do* like the baseline curse changes, that's a huge quality of life improvement and possible balance for losing some of our raidwide Warlock perks. (HS/Gateway) The only other questionable topics for me are Fel Flame and Soulshatter. One is pretty damn nice on the move and the other is a safety blanket due to our insane DPS output. It makes you wonder if Demonology will lose their taunt due to it being tied to Soulshatter. Here's hoping they add in other outlets to pump out DPS while on the move with the loss of Fel Flame. All of the above is not taking into account the new talents and how they work with these changes.
  4. They should add a castable buff to the pets that improve some of our spells for the duration. Something needs to be added to make Doomguard/Infernal less boring and feel like they actually synergize.
  5. What's a havuk?
  6. What Locky said. Unless you have a lot of procs running, use Havoc to keep Immolate applied or with Incinerate for Ember generation.
  7. Lol almost forgot about that. So glad they combined it into Dark Intent.
  8. Yay for Pyro nerf! One of the most boring classes to play against. Ice Block/Pyro/Freeze stall.
  9. WoL's is showing your misses under the 'immune' column. Are you attempting to cast it on something that can't be hit yet?
  10. I would move Captain Greenskin to the lowest tier. Warlocks don't get weapons, which makes him a 5/4 for 5 cost. I would also think about moving Tinkmaster Overspark to Average+. Warlocks don't have a whole lot of options when it comes to complete minion removal. Tinkmaster can turn Tyrion into a squirrel for 3 mana *and* you get a minion. He can also be used as an early gamble to transform one of your own minions into a 5/5, or even a minion that you know may die next turn.
  11. It just doesn't work on bosses unfortunately. It works like an actual taunt for anything else. You're right though, it can definitely be fun.
  12. I updated the thread title to reflect what this thread is about. (haste instead of demo)
  13. I am so confused as to what your question is. Are you referring to haste rating?
  14. Look into 'NeedToKnow'.
  15. They're frustrating to play against as an aggro deck. They have so many ways of easily clearing your board (Pyromancer, Equality, Consecration, Avenging Wrath) it's silly. Most aggro decks also don't have a way of dealing with super nasty minons like Tyrion. The luckiest I ever was on my Warlock was popping the shield with an engineer, running a Scarlet Commander into him along with another small minion and then dropping an Acidic Swamp Ooze after he died.