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  1. I try to keep my spirit at/around 9500, and everything else gets forged into crit. But spell selection and cooldown usage plays alot into how long I last on fights; I might use hymn on maybe 4 of the fights, and that's only when shit hits the fan and someone dies that isn't supposed to.
  2. We've Killed Lei Shen 5 times. The trinket has dropped 3 times. The rest of the guild is livid. myself and my new lock = laughing
  3. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
  4. All specs are competitive on most fights. Some are OP for certain, but you'll find you can do relatively well with any spec, as long as you have an idea of what's going on.
  5. dingdingding, winner.
  6. No, for a few reasons. First, if it's a fight where mobs for up for any length of time worthy of using corruption, It is refreshing your duration on that, which just adds to your Demonic Fury generation. Second, since you're in meta form, the damage you're doing in comparison well... doesn't really compare.
  7. If you're secondary gemming, 10% more meta time is *fantastic*, particularly for those who are at a haste cap and dumping into mastery. That's more time for you to be throwing out silly ToC's and Soulfires, not to mention whatever your pet is doing. I foam at the mouth thinking about more mastery at my current haste point, the AoE is just silly. Myself and the other lock already have competitions at who can break 1M dps on AoE pulls, lol. (update; my destro lock got mad that i spoke up about the trink and quit the guild. her replacement plays all 3 specs and is better of a lock than I, makes for fun days competing. also good to get pointers from. /cheer)
  8. Even on normal, we have people who hold onto golems longer than others. The second I get enough DF, EVERYONE'S golem gets doomed, i give very few fucks in that regard. Sure, we can 1-shot him every week, but Being one of 4 people standing EVERY week is retarded, lol
  9. I personally haven't found a fight i was better as aff, than i am as demo. while the AoE capability of demo is (situationally) out of control powerful, Destro's rotation is easier to keep track off and well, easier all around. RoF, F&B, keep immolate and RoF up, and pretend you're doing single target... to a lot of mobs. That being said, Zagam's guide for the current tier has suggested specs for each fight; may wanna check there first.
  10. *cough* SPORE BAT *cough*
  11. My opener, I get off between 3-5.
  12. Off-topic, but the gods smiled on me today, and I got my 522 trink and boots (the only things i had that were still lfr) both today. huzzah. Boots actually TF'd. continue.
  13. To be fair, you should be proficient in all 3 specs.
  14. We lust at the first pool because it was our first kill, and we wanted to be sure everyone was alive for it, lol. After a few more weeks, I'm sure we'll move it to a different puddle. the second puddle was SLOW for us, which it crucial that CDs were ready for the 3rd.
  15. i thought over this today as my guild dropped H Jin'Rokh for the first time. I thought to keep it all for the puddle, but 1) I knew my luck with RNG is laughable, and 2) depending on how long the fight lasts, i may need it again for a final push. I decided to use at the start, and it came up again as we were in our last puddle with him at 23%. Coincidence? Nah. That being said, do what you think is best; if the dps of your group overall is solid, i'd save it for the puddle.