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  1. Princess
  2. I agree 100%! It's a blessing to be here, because indeed, you can ask "stupid" questions, and actually get an answer. I'm very grateful for all the hard work you guys put into Icy-Veins, Damien. Also, you're from France? I wanna go to Paris. ;-; Took four years of French, and on the fourth year, my school wouldn't let us travel abroad... Like every fourth year class before us. Super jelly! Also... Yay ADD! >:D
  3. I do miss crit, terribly. :< I played back in Wrath (missed Cata altogether), and stacked crit all the way. I loved it! Every single spell crit, and it was amazing. Mana? PFFFT. Never ran out. I was an oasis to a raid's desert. Bah! I miss that. xD I felt powerful! Not that I don't feel like I can save people now, just sometimes, not so much as I want to. But, I suppose that's the tradeoff. But to be honest... I'm really enjoying my Druid more right now. :x Uh-oh!
  4. While that's absolutely true - it doesn't explain the why, the reason they act like... Well... Idiots. It makes me sad, because I rather enjoy a good debate, or sharing within a community. I made the mistake of posting on the Blizzard forums... Oi. I regretted it within hours. Needless to say, I deleted my posts, because they weren't even given the light of day, at least in any constructive manner. They act all big and bad online, but what's funny, is I know these people. They're socially awkward when there's no keyboard, no monitor protecting them. I guarantee my personality would crush them, not hatefully or literally being mean, but they wouldn't know what to do with my comfort level. I, for one, make extensive eye contact. I feel it's respectful to devote your attention to someone, and shows confidence when properly connecting with an individual. If I were to do so with the typical forum poster, they would probably whine about how I'm a homo and to quit gawking at them. I personally believe it's a defense mechanism that they use. They're so unhappy with who they are that they must attack others. But what really makes me laugh, is I personally am quite the opposite of these people. I love social interaction, and have always been, and been considered a social butterfly. I deal well with large groups, love working with others. To me, it's the highlight of modern day society. Especially in this day and age! Communication is at its easiest. And yet, the most people can come up with is calling each other derogatory terms for homosexuals and questioning another's sexuality. It's rather pathetic, to be honest.
  5. PS: Widows kill me, but I don't feel like changing my wording. Tired + lazy = fail.
  6. So... Why do you guys think people are so snippy and rude in forums? I've found that here at Icy-Veins, it's much less a regular thing. Blizzard's official forums? Oh boy. Hang onto your knickers, girls! It confuses me. We're all here to share in enjoying this game, or Hell, any topic online, really. Why can't we have friendly debates? Why is someone else instantly wrong and should just, "delete your account bro?" I just don't get it. I love being social, and especially debating viewpoints, but... People are insufferable and make it so much less enjoyable. Weigh in - what do you think causes these behaviors?
  7. Hmm... Personally, I don't even use Lay on Hands on the tank (who your beacon should be on). If you are having trouble keeping up with damage spikes, I think we need to discuss your way of handling the damage. Could you link your character, and tell me exactly what you do in the spiked damage situations? Thanks so much. I look forward to helping a fellow Healadin.
  8. There's no reason to level as Holy. Not a single reason. Just go Ret. Especially since EVERYONE says to do so. If I could remove my posts, I would. But sadly, I cannot - so, I'm sorry to everyone who has taken the time to respond. Clearly, I am false in my experiences and opinions. Good luck to the OP, who will be playing his new Ret Pali soon.
  9. Healing at top level is indeed quite different, but if you don't do so until 90, suddenly there are all of these abilities, cool downs and things about your spec that you are oblivious to. I've seen Holy Paladins go without using their Beacon, because, "what's that?" Being oblivious to your own class' mechanics is going to hurt you in the long run. But, then again, the overall consensus says Retribution to 90. So DPS your way there, and then brace for impact as groups gripe at you for wiping as you learn to heal!
  10. Chick.
  11. P.S. - I leveled as a Holy Paladin, Restoration Druid, Holy Priest, and Restoration Shaman. You can do it! ;)
  12. I don't understand how people have issue leveling Holy. :o Yes, it's a little slower, but totally plausible. Especially with Denounce! Plus, I think it best to level in the spec you desire to play at top level, so you really acclimate yourself with every ability and intricacy of your spec. People spend all that time in a spec they don't want to play at top level, and then struggle (especially with healing), after making the switch. I know it will be a little tougher, but you won't regret it. You can level to 90 as Holy in three weeks, instead of two, as a DPS would. Unless you're hardcore like two friends of mine (both with full-time jobs) and do it in a week and a half. Either way, don't get discouraged. If you do go Retribution to level, be prepared to work harder at healing and to struggle with it.
  13. I'm glad these guys were able to help you! :o This is why I only heal. Lol!
  14. Yeah, saving valor is a waste. It will be converted to justice. Upgrade upgrade upgrade!
  15. I'm not even a Boomkin, and that 4 piece Balance bonus sucks! D: Poor Boomies.