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  1. As much as doing math can be fun, I hate doing it when its already been done, or done better/quicker than I could do it. To that point, check out AMR's Haste tables. Updateable based on anything you can think of! Check it out Kaz Pretty comprehensive and I haven't seen any reason to believe the numbers are wrong since the math is straightforward. As for your formula, this post on the wow forums is from the guy who wrote what used to be the bible for haste spreadhseets. He explains the tickspeed rounding adjustment done by the client which accounts for the slightly off numbers you're getting. Also, a link to his spreadsheet which is cool to look at if you're bored.
  2. Grats mang! Try not swing your OPness around too much
  3. This might have all been covered already, but as Affliction on Twins you should be aiming to toss out DoTs on to Suen during P1 whenever she pops up. It'll be up to you whether just double tapping corruption is all you need, or if SB:SSing a full suite of DoTs is worth it. That'll depend entirely on what buffs you've got rolling. Free damage is good, and getting at least a corruption rolling will give extra chances at shard procs leading to higher haunt uptime which leads to higher overall DPS. During the burn phase it looks like you struggle to keep high DoT up-times on two targets. If you're going to take advantage of multi-dotting, you should aim to do it very well. It's something that can be practiced fairly easily using raid dummies. It can be difficult at first, but with some practice will become second nature. Next tier is going to be all about DoT management, not to say that any tier before hasn't, so mastering these skills now is going to be a huge help later on. Spend a raid night, assuming you're on farm, with the sole purpose of the night to hit 98%+ DoT uptimes on every fight. 98% up-times, and don't die to fire, two goals . You might do less DPS at first because the goal won't be to focus on empowerment, which is weird to recommend, but this is a short term training thing (if you're using Affdots, then dot empowerment is faceroll anyway). Nail down your up-times and then go back to worrying about empowerment the next raid. You could even do this in LFR, but I find that it's tough to focus and actually practice anything in an LFR nowadays. UA is a tough s.o.b. to keep up sometimes, but...ya, its gotta happen.
  4. After taking a quick look through the logs there are a lot of things he can be doing to gain a lot more DPS. Aside from having him check out these two threads, T15 Warlock Style - Normal & Heroic and 5.2 Destruction Tips and Quirks there are a couple of things that really stand out. 1. I don't think he has Havoc on their action bars. I couldn't find one instance of it being used in those logs. Any time there is an extra target out during a fight Havoc should be used on cooldown. This is addressed specifically in the encounter guide linked above.There is really only one fight that doesn't have a chance to use Havoc, which is Jin'rokh. 2. More stuff from the encounter guide will really help with his output on a fight to fight basis. I could go in to specifics, but its all in that guide. 3. I get a feeling his opener might be off slightly. From what I can tell is he is trying to delay CB by quite a bit in his opener until Wush has had a chance to gain a few stacks. Since that is his only significant Int proc, that might actually be okay, not 100% sure on that one. On Durumu he managed to get off 3 CB's before DS faded on the opener which works out because of Tempus repit and Volatile Talisman, although one of them definitely consumed 3 stacks of backdraft. 4. Other glaring things would be, CD usage in general. On most fights he did a good job of using DS, but on Horridon, a 9+ minute fight, he only used it twice on your kill. That's a large loss to his overall DPS alone. 5. Lots of cases of him dumping CB's without any significant procs active. It is a waste and a loss of DPS to do this unless you are about to cap on embers. It looks like he picked up Jade Spirit on his weap since those logs were posted, which is a good thing for sure. Destro needs strong Intellect procs to dump Chaos Bolts on. Hopefully he has some way to monitor his procs, either through Weakauras or Affdots, or some other addon. Without tracking procs he will likely struggle. Sorry if that was a lot lol
  5. @Shade: Got any action shots? I'm always interested in seeing how people place their DBM/Bigwigs timers since that's usually my biggest source of clutter.
  6. I would expect to see more changes in the future for Destro, but there has been no talk of it lately that I've seen, so maybe theyre comfortable with that spec for now with only number changes to come before the patch goes live? If only they didn't have to tune around PvP balance I'm sure they could do a lot more with destro...
  7. icy veins

    Great job on the new layout, big thumbs up to those of you who put the work in! Had similar issues as others with wonky formatting in Chrome, but clearing the cache worked great. Now I just have to figure out how to do it on my phone since the Chrome app has the same issue haha.
  8. Hooray for built-in inconsistency! Just what every player could ever want.
  9. I liked the Breath + UVLS combo when I was playing Destro. Huge CB hits + extra Ember gen. is pretty nice. I haven't messed around with Destro in raiding for a couple weeks though so maybe someone can shed some light on what they think about the trinks, but overall a 510 BotH/UVLS combo is going to beat a BotH/Volatile Talisman combo. A haste proc is fairly lackluster even though the static int isn't bad. If you can successfully get off a CB during a UVLS proc you will get better results with it. Cha Ye's/Wush are decent alternatives over Volatile Tali as well. If you take Wush be prepared to have a ton of Hit to deal with. Reforging for Destro is fairly trivial. M>H>>C is a good way to go for this tier with no real significant, gamebreaking haste breakpoints to shoot for. Broken record coming in, but your reforge isn't going to solve your single-target dps issues. High Immolate/RoF uptimes, proper CB/Int proc timing, maximum uses of cooldowns, maximum uses of Havoc where appropriate, correct selection of grimoire/pet combo are all things that will yield better DPS for you. My personal taste was to go with M=H>>C since I liked the extra little bit of casting speed I got. Purely a playstyle choice since I hate watching paint dry as I'm casting Don't shy away from making a thread if you want some detailed feedback on your gameplay! Just be sure to provide an armory link and some logs of fights you're concerned about.
  10. "Blizzard." @Twinkie: Dayum. Your UI is definitely in need of some work then with how much room you've got available
  11. Honestly, every addon is going to work with ElvUI. Sometimes you'll run in to cases where they both will do the same thing and sometimes override one another. You can easily turn off a lot ElvUI's extra features like its bags function in the options menu. If you're considering giving it a try, just dive right in and find out which addons are acting funky. More than likely there won't be any issues, just cases where you're getting the information twice. Decide if you want your old addon or ElvUI's version of that addon and disable accordingly. Looking at your screenshot I see that you run a fairly low res which I assume means you have a small screen like me. A lot of the people posting their UI's have giant monitors which allows them to make some pretty clean looking UI's. I run on a 13.3" laptop so I run in to the same clutter issues as you. That was, until I installed a UI kit like ElvUI. Being able to reduce the size of action bars and making stuff transparent/mouseover enabled frees up a ton of room on your screen. I know some guilds won't even recruit you if the UI screenshot you link them has less than 60-70% free space available (don't remember the exact number). You can get an idea of what ElvUI looks like on a smaller screen by looking at mine. I don;t post mine to brag because I don't put a lot of time in to making it look perdy like some other people, even though their UI's make me drool sometimes. My lock UI needs some love though since I've been tanking for my guild on my pally. My pally's UI got some serious overhaulin' since I really didn't want anything wonky on screen while tanking/RLing. That's probably the UI worth posting lol. Lots of collapsable/toggleable stuff. I guess a shot with my WA and DBM timers would be more accurate, but I'm lazy. Collapsable Omen, tooltip that hides on combat, toggleable recount( I'm too used to my hotkeys that switch between windows to switch to skada ), mouseover microbar, disabled panel backdrops on the chat panels. It really frees up a lot of your screen.
  12. Ya I have a hard time seeing how getting an extra DS over the course of 3 puddles would outweigh having DS + Hero during a puddle. The time spent before the first puddle is pretty beneficial as well since you can pool fury/embers for the first puddle making CD usage even better than popping right off the bat. The only thing I can see being RNGish is that you might not have your procs line up with the first puddle where they will more than likely be up right at the start of the fight. I still think the puddle buff + hero outweighs this though. Test it out in an LFR or something if you can get them to pop hero at the right time
  13. So first things first, you need to transmog your Firestrike Cord . The model is bugged and causes problems with the way your gear looks. If your cool with that then no worries hehe. As far as reforges go it won't have a huge effect on your overall DPS whichever way you decide to go. Your reforges won't cover a 20-50k DPS gap that you seem to be worried about. That gap is covered by proper use of class/spec/fight mechanics. Give us some logs and we can comb through what you're doing during fights which might cause drops in DPS. If you haven't looked already, be sure to check out the Destro thread on these forums
  14. Sounds more like Clemency for Locks at the moment. Could be good. Still waiting on these glyph redesigns.......