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    Maybe the last poster should have clicked on "source" before posting and maybe confusing people this has since been reverted and will not happen as per updated paste: Patch 5.2 introduces a new raid tier and PvP season, and so the higher tier currencies will be down-converted during maintenance. This time around there won’t be a soft cap, old Valor items aren’t changing to cost Justice, and we’re adding a new rank of PvP gear. Let’s break down exactly how it’s all going to harmoniously work together. PvE Valor -> Justice 5]All Valor is converted to Justice Justice -> Gold 5]Justice above the 4000 cap is converted to gold at a rate of 47 silver per point So let’s say the realms go down for the 5.2 patch and you have 450 Valor and 3800 Justice. Because of the 4000 Justice cap, you’d log back in after the patch is released with 0 Valor, 4000 Justice, and be 117 gold and 50 silver richer after the conversion. With 5.2 we won’t be changing current Valor items to cost Justice, but they will be much cheaper (discounts from 50-75% off their current costs). You’ll need to acquire Valor after the patch is released to buy pieces for their discounted rate, or to buy the new 5.2 Valor items, but we’re also introducing new items to spend your Justice on, including heirlooms and Pet Battle stones. Valor is no longer being converted to Justice with the release of 5.2. Find out more in the forum postannouncing the change. Charms While Charms won’t be converted, Lesser Charms of Good Fortune will no longer be used to purchase Elder Charms in patch 5.2. Instead Lesser Charms will purchase Mogu Runes of Fate. They’ll be purchasable in the same way; once a week, 90 Lesser Charms can be converted to 3 Mogu Runes of Fate via a quest in your faction’s Shrine. Mogu Runes of Fate will be usable for bonus rolls on 5.2 raid and world bosses only. Elder Charms will continue to be used for bonus rolls on 5.0 raids and world bosses, and will now be acquired as item drops by killing enemies in the new 5.2 Thundering Isle outdoor zone.
  2. Thank you. That is exactly what I was thinking but unsure of. There are those who say that Mr Robot is not correct in the way it does some things but I have never had a problem with it and consider it to be a very good place to go. I always use it to see whats what. Thank you again for your time :)
  3. Please dont get me wrong I am no "Fan boy" of either add on. I just find it easier to cut/paste into Reforgerade. I can not see where you just cut/paste all the weights at one go into reforge lite and being a lazy bugger that stopped me using it. On your points about calculating I take it as read as I have no in depth knowledge of the mechanics of how it works but playing devils advocate here, and hoping you can explain, if Mr Robot calculates the weights it must at some point round up or down to the nearest 2 decimal places. Given that , and I may be wrong, if you then place them "adjusted" figures into reforge lite and it then does its calculations they will be out by some degree? However if you just cut and paste into Reforgerade there is no calculations and it therefore is correct as per MR Robot. I used reforge lite for ages and always logged out and back as you suggest to check my stats and quite often they were out and I would have to go back and adjust. Since switching to Reforgerade I have never had to go back and readjust them. In the end you can get it just perfect and along comes the next tier piece/item of gear and its out anyway. Depends how finicky you want t be lol. I, like I said, am no expert and this is just my thoughts and am always willing to learn from someone who knows better so please dont think I am after an argument . Just like to know the inside outs of things :)
  4. I do not want to start a flame war or say I know better than anyone else...however what is there that says Mr Robot is better than any other site out there. In any case you say to stick the weights from one into the other but fail to inform the OP of how you do this. I have tried to put the MR Robot weights into reforge lite and it is a pain to do and quite often does not come out right. Reforgerade is simple and takes the weights from the export function of Mr Robot and uses them "as is"...simples. It was also already mentioned that some people do not always have the gold to do ALL gems etc or the gear they are trying to reforge is of such low lvl that it would not be worth gemming/enchanting with high lvl stuff. At least reforging it will help them get better dps while they gain VPs or get that lucky drop where it will be worth the expense of gemming with higher cost gems etc
  5. Try using this instead of reforge lite. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/reforgerade Click on the "optimise" button on Mr Robot and then click on " export" at the top, select reforge export and then select and copy (ctrl-c) the list. In game go to reforge guy and when you click on him the add on will open. Press ctrl-v and it will paste the reforge from Mr Robot into the window, click on reforge and your done