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  1. This is true. Even if I'm sitting at my desk I still overrun my destination a lot. So, what does all this tell Blizz about getting out in the world? Flying and Flight Points are time wasting check-out-of-the-game opportunities. (note: this applies only to when you're busy/bored and want to save time, not when you're enjoying the flights. Either way, HGWT needs to stay. I use it almost every game session)
  2. Thanks, Vlad. I agree with all your points, though with the above my point is that Blizz's main reasoning for removing HGWT is that it helps people "avoid" being out in the world, and HGWT doesn't do that. It facilitates getting out into the world. Now, you're absolutely right that there needs to be compelling content to make someone want to be out in the world, but them blaming HGWT for empty zones is ludacris. I'd go so far as to say low level characters can't accept HGWT summons at all until...40, 60? Make 'em travel and appreciate it later on. They can create a summon so if they have help we can get to them, though. It should be turned off in Mists until 90, maybe even left off during the latest expansion for each expansion so every new expansion everyone has to learn their way around. Yeah, there are isolated problems like that where HGWT can be called out, but here I use the what's good for the goose is good for the gander approach. Everyone has the same opportunity. Well, I gotta say that's the first I heard of that, but grats for you! I'm going to have to race the flight paths to see what a difference it makes.
  3. They are "replacing" HGWT with 25% faster fligh paths. Booo. So instead of getting us out to the world to explore with our friends we have to watch everyone ignore flight paths as we use our 310 speed flying mounts which will be faster. So, they're wrong with their reasoning and their replacement. Removing HGWT is the antithesis of what Blizzard is trying to accomplish. So role players won't be able to summon low level toons to difficult but important role play locations. Multiboxers won't be able to efficiently move their teams like they enjoy (me included), low level players will feel more like an imposition asking people for help and people will be less likely to help when it takes 20 minutes instead of 12 seconds round trip just to reach them.
  4. Here is Tom Chilton on the matter (in the quote box): http://us.battle.net...618992?page=1#1 The above link also features some ideas on how to make old content interesting again. Please check it out and add your own!
  5. Obviously, I agree. Thanks for sharing the EU perspective. There are a lot of the same-old tired "lazy" counter arguments, but it's nice to see people recognizing removing HGWT will have the opposite affect that Blizz is hoping for. Keep up the fight over there!
  6. In light of the information discussed here http://us.battle.net...71779171?page=1 and http://us.battle.net...50107543?page=1 do you think Blizzard is doing the right thing by removing Have Group Will Travel (HGWT) in Mists? All my points are made clearly in those posts, but to reiterate: HGWT is a group tool that helps keep people in the world, yet Blizz claims it helps people AVOID being in the world. The above posts show why their wrong. Playing in a social MMO isn't just about one player. Some people may not be accustomed to helping new players frequently, but as GM of 400+ toons with HGWT I have the ability to help anyone anywhere at a moment's notice. To me that's valuable. HGWT is the difference between 12 seconds of travel time or 20-minutes, depending on where they are. I certainly don't have time to drop what I'm doing, fly to a zep, wait, fly to the spot, help out, fly/zep/fly all the way back and do it again for the next person. And that's just helping one person. Any player can personally only use it once per session, but I can be summoned many times. So, yeah, it saves a chunk of time, both for me AND the person who needs the help. There are many reasons like this that HGWT is a big time saver for those veteran players who've seen all the stale content and want to keep WoW fresh for them. It's got nothing to do with being lazy, I'm a vanilla player who's done the grind. HGWT opens up new play opportunities that would otherwise be wasted flying over stale content. What do you think? Don't forget the poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/9sl