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  1. Hey guys and gals, Can anyone point me at a cloth belt with a white glow effect? And, If I were to be especially picky, with a gold or crimson coloration. As reference, something that would match Heroes' Mantle of Faith would be perfect. Really it's a white glow shining through in Shadowform that I'm craving. Thanks!
  2. This article by Sheytan of Stormreaver-US addresses BBoY spell priorities nicely. To quote that article: The reasoning/math is included. I'm still trying to the coin that Trinket... I have H Bindings and WF Totem, so waiting behind the the other Casters for it
  3. Yes. Always. This is a very specific situation, in fact this scenario could only be the Klaxxi Council. In which case there's only one priority target, so you'd open as if it were a single target fight. On Protectors of the Endless you're not going to get much mileage out of MF:I, so I'd dot them all before bothering with MF:I (but wouldn't ever use MF:I on this fight!). So in the true multi-target scenario, you'd dot them all before starting to channel MF:I, but you'd gain more DPS via FDCL or Mindbender over the course of the fight. Yes, always. Shadow Orbs aka Devouring Plague is always the priority. The proc should last long enough to finish the channel and then reapply dots... AffdotsPriest provides an easy visualization so you can see if they're worth reapplying. Remember that your MF:I also benefits from that proc, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. You wouldn't use MF:I in this situation, FDCL would be stronger or even Mindbender. If the mobs are persistent, like Protectors, you dot them all. Short lived mobs, like Norushen, you'd use SW:P mostly to get ToF procs, or apply VT/SW:P on Adds at the back if people aren't killing them quickly enough. Dots are always worthwhile if they'll get their full duration. DI is most suited to the single target encounters, Galakras, Juggernaut, Malkorok, Thok, Seigecrafter. Also Klaxxi Council as it's really a single target fight with additional bodies to get procs from, although ToF is strong here too. ToF is your best choice in fight where it has a high uptime, >50%. So basically any fight with Adds. MF:I is strong on most fights, except Protectors since you'll spend most of your time multi-dotting and won't have much of a chance to channel it. Arguments can also be made for FDCL on fights with movement, like Garrosh, or Mindbender on Immerseus. Check out
  4. The trick to Malkorok is Prayer of Healing spammage. Cast Holy Fire/Smite just to build Evangelism so you can use Archangel on cool-down. Use Penance to maintain Grace on the Tanks PW:S the active Tank and people that mess up and get low on health. Cast Halo from the center of the room. Otherwise, just alternate PoH on each group, ideally on Tanks/Melee so groups are in range. People take constant damage, so PoH will maintain their Barriers. During Blood Rage, just use PW:Barrier and Spirit Shell/PoH spam. Bonus points for keeping your Prayer of Mending bouncing around
  5. Depends on play-style and the encounter. In regards to the direct mana recovery talents, if you cast Holy Fire on cool-down, Solace beats Mindbender for mana returns. If the encounter, or your play-style prevent you from timely Holy Fire casting, then pick Mindbender. From Darkness, Comes Light is a dark horse in the race. If you have no mana issues then it could be fun to use (but then you'd be dropping Spirit for more throughput stats anyway), but there's not many normal mode encounters where the 'free' Flash Heals would be that useful for Disc imo. We're predictive healers and FDCL is too reactive to be very useful for us. Sure, a couple of free Flash Heals could come in useful here and there, but it comes at an expensive cost in terms of lost mana from the other two talents. I use Solace on every encounter personally. I'd rather take the extra mana returning talents and hard cast a Flash Heal when and if I need to.
  6. Haste is now our most important secondary stat. Even between +dot breakpoints. There's no reason not to reforge for Hit (to cap) > Haste > Crit = Mastery. There's a recent discussion here between the Ask Mr Robot dudes and HowToPriest (the only relevant exclusive Priest web resource) folk about optimizing AMR for Spriests.
  7. Yeah there's really no good reason not to be hit capped these days. The more damage you do, the more valuable hit rating becomes. Since a miss is also a wasted GCD and the damage you could have done in a GCD increases with gear (and the 5% shadowform buff). And if you miss 1% of your attacks, it essentially nullifies the benefit of 1% extra crit. So you've gained absolutely nothing, but made the fight a little more stressful due to having to double check that all of your dots are landing, or having to recast Mind Blast/DP/Mind Sear/etc. And don't even think about the disaster that missing a Mind Flay Insanity cast would cause to your DPS... End of the day, it's easily capped and the negatives of not capping wildly outweigh any positives gained by a little extra crit.
  8. I use Weak Auras to tell me that I'm standing in my RoP but haven't even tried to get it to show the remaining duration. I personally use a buff/debuff mod (Raven in my case) instead of the default blizzard icons. So I can create a custom bar group for stuff like Rune of Power and move it to where ever I want. Found this addon: Mage Circles which apparently works. Mage Nuggets has a RoP timer option also.
  9. If your time is limited, focus on the Tillers' rep, and the new Shieldwall/Dominance rep. Since these two are the most useful to get tidied away before 5.2. Aim for ilv435 as fast as possible, use the AH and crafted items to get there (if you have coin). Once you can queue for Heroics, chain them until you get ilevel 460 so you can queue for Mogushan Vaults LFR. As mentioned, there's ilevel 450 gear available through quests in Dread Wastes also. At ilevel470 you can do LFR HoF and ToES, so that's your next goal. You ideally want to get to ilevel 480 before 5.2, so you can queue for the Thunder Throne LFR. Klaxxi and Golden Lotus both award ilv489 items when you hit exalted, and the new Domination/Shieldwall faction has a 496 ring that you can purchase with VP at honored rep (IMO the best first item to buy with VP). You could ignore Golden Lotus, Shado-pan, August Celestials, Order of the Cloud Serpent, and Klaxxi reps if you don't have the time to grind them. Buying any 489 VP item at this point is a waste (IMO), since you'll ideally want to hit 5.2 with 3k VP saved up, and the 496 items from Domination/Shieldwall are a better way to inflate your ilevel for LFR. And these reps will be easier to grind when the patch drops, with the additional ways Blizzard is giving us to grind rep. Just focus on getting your ilevel to 480 and maxing out your weekly VP cap (1k).
  10. There's also many more gaming options these days. For Wow to manage 9.6M subscribers today is absolutely amazing. Also, "Mists of Pandaria was the #3 best-selling PC game at retail." Amazing.
  11. A little too easy with google :(
  12. I use Holy Fire and Penance on Cooldown on the Boss, and just spam smite when there's nothing better to do... Some fights I use Penance directly on the Tank, for Grace, but it's not always necessary. Generally, along with the other healer(s), atonement healing plus PW:S will be enough to keep the Tanks up. Switch to Flash Heal or Greater Heal if they're taking more dmg than atonement can provide. When the whole raid takes dmg, use Archangel; switch to PoH spam; keep Prayer of Mending bouncing; use Spirit Shell when predictable damage is coming up (Force and Verve is a good example, but every Boss has some form of predictable raid damage mechanic). That's the basic Disc toolbox.
  13. I literally can't play the game without a tilt-wheel mouse with strafe left/right bound to the wheel. Can hold down the right mouse button and strafe with scalpel-like precision. Autorun is bound to a thumb button so that's 100% of my movement sorted.
  14. Britney :)
  15. Squid