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  1. 20% buffed haste is likely a better assumption, which narrows the gap considerably: 40 / 45 * 1.25 = 1.1111 vs 60 / 61.25 * 1.15 = 1.1265. Active haste changes things more in favor of Invocation (though that's mitigated somewhat by the glyph). More importantly, though, Invocation tends to do a better job of amplifying the effects of other cooldowns. When you pop a trinket that bumps your Int up by a few thousand, that's never going to be multiplied by more than 1.15 with Rune; with Invocation, it's multiplied by 1.25. There's a tradeoff in that you need to refresh Invocation early or late sometimes to line things up, so you lose some uptime, but overall, it comes out ahead. Not by a lot, but consistently. Yes, the threshold is 50%. At 25% passive haste, you hit 50% haste when you activate unglyphed Icy Veins, thus hitting the 50% threshold.
  2. A few quick corrections: Deep Freeze no longer deals damage. It will not be used in rotation, and its glyph is not relevant. It is no longer beneficial to hold onto an FOF charge unless you're preparing for movement. You want to use Frozen Orb pretty much on cooldown. Frost Armor sims a few hundred DPS higher than Molten Armor. Frost Bomb now sims a bit higher than Nether Tempest, but bomb choice is more a playstyle preference than anything. Invocation does not make you lose DPS. The 40 seconds you spend at 125% DPS is worth much more than you lose in the five seconds of dealing no DPS. In simulation so far, the L90 choice for Frost is either Incanter's Ward or Invocation, depending on encounter. Glyph of Icy Veins becomes preferred when your instant spells, not your frostbolts, begin spending any significant amount of time below 1.0 seconds. Instant spells make up a huge portion of your total casts, so once your buffed passive haste exceeds 25% (well before you've achieved full T14 heroic), the glyph is helpful. (Despite this, Frost Armor still sims better than Molten Armor.)