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  1. Well i am currently 537 and i can perform very good in Arcane tbh.....Frost indeed does not scale up good with ilvl. For me stay like this.....and see after release what you will do...even though as i have read Bombs are going higher in damage in 5.4 and due to mastery in arcane.......bombs will be the key. On the other hand Frost is not dependent on the debuff applied on your target in 5.4 so that is something to consider. You have probably understood that i just hate Fire :) I personally will stick with arcane till the release of 5.4 and probably stay the first week test it.
  2. currencies

    Am I wrong or they said that Valor will NOT be converted?
  3. that noone could
  4. Just get.... 1. Razer Naga or 2. Logitech G700 or 3. Cyborg R.A.T. 9 If you believe that MMO Mice are not performance enchancing tools.....come and raid with us to feel the hit PS Just a tip.....i can even smoke on a boss fight that has no movement :P
  5. I think with the new changes and inferno blast the fire spec will be also viable for lvling up .....otherwise frost will be the one! PS I hope i wont have to go back to frost for lvling fire is really enjoyable atm!
  6. Inferno Blast = Initial damage that crits and Procs Heating up and spreads dots Fire Blast = Initial Damage and spreads LB While on fire spec you need the proc and the spread so they replaced Fire Blast with Inferno Blast While on Arcane and Frost you cant use the inferno blast proc so they kept Fire Blast in order for you to be able to spread Living bomb in case you spec for it.
  7. I may be a good mage....and using your site since you started.........but i keep on forgeting that i can sign in with my FB account at your site Your welcome.....keep up the good work guys.....!!!!