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  1. I'm hoping that they are tuning the priorities at the moment, from what I heard ToC was better than SF and devs said it shouldn't be. This could have been done with buffing SF aswell but they don't want to overtune us I think. When they think priorities set as they wanted, everything should be buffed same amount. Right now Shadow Bolt has lower coefficent than Scorch which considered as "trivial" damage ability so current iteration cannot be correct in any means. I hope in the end demo can be competitive.
  2. Seriously though, I hope it's the part where Celestalon said demo is gonna be clunky on next builds.
  3. All guilds have more than enough warlocks at the moment, lots rerolled to warlock in MoP and giving a total overhoul with new mechanics, a class specific quest chain and giving enough tools to be competitive on every single boss attracted many. My current guild has 4-5 active warlocks and I doubt any mythic guild would want more than 2 in current situation.
  4. So he has lots of them already!
  5. Am I doing it correct now? I see %36 now so I doubt it EDIT: I guess it is immolate casts not ticks. EDIT2: Nvm found it.
  6. Sometimes I drop RoF before MCs but I usually forget it and cast it later but tip noted. My gear isn't crit heavy, I only have 5314 crit rating which translates into %21 unbuffed crit chance. Unless I'm doing wrong which is quite possible, I see my immolate crit tick chance %47 on wipe 14. But it's likely to me failing on warcraftlogs because I'm new on it. There is a screenshot of what I see. Garrosh Hellscream-Immolate-Wipe 14.
  7. @Meaty thank you for your response and I will try to focus more on single target. @Liquid Yes, if I play destro on thok(hope not) I will know what to focus on. First of all thank you for huuge wall of text I really appreciate it. I'm a fan of KJC myself but when I saw myself falling behind other warlocks(not for this boss only), I swapped to AD. My guild's other warlocks seem to play with AD on every single fight, I think issue is them and not me. Also I don't remember going oom while moving for empowered whirls but I don't like spamming fel flame either. I don't think I missed that much uptime on immolate. Crit % is low because we only dot weapons on p2 so I kept immolate ticking on 1-2 weapons all the time and I prioritize casting 1 chaos bolt with 4pc proc than immolate refreshing, this might be an issue. I wasn't tracking icd of 4pc but I could mostly guess it when it procs and when it doesn't. I'm adding icd tracking to my ui today. For havoc on p1, if I try to cleave 3 shadowburns on wolf rider, I miss cleaves on 2nd add pack. I usually mouseover from nameplates not bodies but still I might have targeted garrosh or our raid leader told us to focus on garrosh so we wouldn't get 2nd engineer. Probably not having KJC explains my lack of havoc usage on p3. We move a lot on p3 so either I couldn't find a close enough weapon to havoc or I distracted from all that movement. Getting distracted should be the reason for PBI-DS sync too, god I should have taken KJC but on another side KJC will be gone soon so I should also be getting comfortable with heavy movement and that's another reason I've been favoring AD over KJC. Capping embers is an issue I had when I had 30+ bits and cleaving immo-incin with havoc on weapons. I'm usually between 20-35 bits because I cast one chaos bolt when I got 3rd full ember and 4pc procced and next ember doesn't proc it because sometimes it regens so fast with 3 immolates up. This can be solved with better planning I think. Again thank you so much for sparing time to write so much helpful information. Taking KJC alone should comfort me a lot. I think I'm fixed for destro, most of the issues were thing I can forsee but I cannot analyze my logs deeply because between work and raiding I find myself tired all the time. I hope I can fix my demo play too.
  8. Thank you for your answer but as I said I didn't want to play destro on thok because I never did before. I got interrupted while bats were alive and it gut all my damage. I panicked when I got interrupted and couldn't havoc or havoced but couldn't cleave because of mouseover-shadowburn issue. I thought it would be fixed in last 10 months :D As destro, only fight I cannot understand is garrosh. I was behind on other warlocks on total damage even though I use 2nd dark soul for 2nd add pack on phase 1 to boost my damage but I was miles behind on garrosh single target.
  9. Hello everyone, I've been back more than a month now and I'm clearing SoO weekly but my performance is still underwhelming me. Before I went on break, I killed most heroics only 2-3 times so I know there is a learning curve to get tips-tricks sorted but especially today's garrosh attempts made me go nuts. First, I realized mouseover-shadowburn-havoc triangle is still buggy so I had to swap something around and my shadowburn damage got a lot better. Also I noticed my overall chaos bolt is lower than other locks. They have 6-10 ilvls over me its a factor but it's almost %25 less so I need to be more careful about chaos bolt casts but if I'm missing something else compared to other warlocks, I have no idea what it is. More importantly, Demonology. My guild keeps insisting on demo sucking donkey balls but I cannot describe how much I like to play it. I'm doing okay on some fights but results are never shiny. I'm just a trial in this guild so if I want to play demo, I must be damn good on it. So I would appreciate even the smallest help-tip you can give to me. When I look myself on epeen, comparing before-after break results I seriously get weepy :( Some notes: I didn't realize mouseover-shadowburn problem until today so my results on spoils and maybe other fights I cannot recognize should be low because of that. I got asked to play max dps spec for all fights so I went to respec for affliction on protectors, misbind my CoEx and ninjapulled so that fight is completely void for me. My result on dark shamans looked better on last week compared to other locks but this week I was lower. I wanted to play demo on thok but I got forced to play desto because "bats must die asap!" and interrupted a lot. Today's logs containing 15 garrosh pulls: Wednesday's clear until klaxxi: All personal logs so far:
  10. Holy shit, congratulations! Any plans on little demons yet? :P
  11. Yo Zag!
  12. I also visit MMO-Champ forums but I almost never post there. Issue with bnet and mmo-c forums is simply more people, it is like a cozy small house in here where other forums are huge convention centers where everybody speaks and mourns and argues about stuff. Also more people speaking means less refined content. Although I don't have beta access yet(killed garrosh just after last wave of invites :/), I really want something to do while moving as destro. I don't mind going meta and spending some fury as demo or even recasting my dots as affli but you cannot cast anything unless you save conflag charges for conditional movement.
  13. When do you use 2nd charge of Dark Soul? Most of the time we open with BL and I try to use both charges in first 50 seconds (sometimes I delay 2nd charge 5-10 seconds to gain some fury) but is it better to save 2nd charge for a possible double trinket proc or execute phase?
  14. [21:28:15.656] Sifon Chaos Bolt Rik'kal the Dissector *3535159* It's world of logs but when you click the link, it automatically executes the query, I wasn't hitting anything above 2.7m but suddenly I hit 3.5m I had no tricks.
  15. The thing about Iron Juggernaut is, last time I killed it was 9 months ago so I didn't want to pop my cooldowns on Seismic Activity. Next thing I saw was boss being below %20 already. I only use backdrafted CBs when I can squize another CB with huge procs up, opener is easily one of them. About Spoils, with everyone being almost BiS gear sniping SBs becomes harder than ever. I have macros set to cast SBs focus and mouseover and I don't have problem sniping unless target dies before SB is registered.