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  1. I guess it's a good time to be getting back into things. can jump into some of the early theory crafting on the beta. Maybe update the weak auras to be ready at launch, although I need to check and see if Bitten's spellflash is still a thing, because I don't want to reinvent the wheel if his addon is already better than anything I can make in weak aura.
  2. EU, although it'd be cool if we made a US clan too
  3. I wouldn't claim to have the fastest method for leveling, but I cleared all of A1 bounties which took me from level 1 to about level 12 or so. Then I did rifts all the way to 70. I don't know if Wizard is extremely OP now, or I was just getting good drops, but I was able to do T1-T2 from level 20-70 and it only took me about 3-4 hours to hit 70.
  4. Hi Kaz! welcome to the dark side. we have tea and cookies in the back, help yourself.
  5. I'm planning on playing DW Frost, but I need to get 2x 1H again to do it, but I'll definitely be updating the weak aura soon.
  6. Hey, I know you! I think we need to fix that low priority DK though, DK's are always high priority.
  7. Beard, that's insane. I've seen/known a few trolls on a few different servers that spent way too much time in trade chat. There was a time when i was probably one of those people that spent way too much time in trade, and had a few people block me, but I'm talking like so long ago it was back when people would block you just for using trade for non trade related stuff. But that guy sounds like he has some serious issues going on.
  8. Avoidance can be ignored for the most part when comparing upgrades. It's a very situational stat since it only reduces AoE damage, but the majority of AoE damage can be avoided so at best it just saves you a little bit when you make mistakes. Technically it's probably the best stat while you're standing in fire, but just don't stand in fires. Although avoidance can be situationally strong, I'd always favor better constant stats whenever there's a choice. whether it's from higher ilvl, warforged, a gem socket, or just better itemization. I would use avoidance as sort of a tie breaker though. if you have two very similar pieces, like for example one with mastery+crit, and one with mastery+vers and they're the same item level, but one of them has avoidance, then take the one with avoidance. In your case I'd go with the 651 axe. Crit offers more survival benefits than multistrike, and although the socket in the 645 will give you more stats than the WF on the 651, the avoidance kind of makes up for that little bit of difference.
  9. wow

    Lol, so true. Is there any way to beat him other than 3 aquatic pets with pump?
  10. I agree the necrosis nerf is a bad decision. I could understand unholy being considered a little bit too strong in aoe situations. we aren't the top, but we're definitely top 3 +/-. but nerfing Necrosis is mostly hurting unholy's single target, which is the one place we're pretty much in line with all the other melee classes. It just doesn't make sense. And I also agree that frost needs to be buffed to at least make it a viable single target spec again, but these buffs aren't getting to the core of the issue. 2H Frost damage is already 40% obliterate, The spec desperately needs something different to make it fun. How about reducing obliterates base damage, but change it to frost damage so it benefits from mastery. 2H will still favor obliterate over howling blast because of higher weapon damage, but since they will now benefit from more mastery on gear, frost strike and howling blast will become more useful for 2H. This will also make obliterate a much more viable choice for DW frost, and essentially kill the mastersimple rotation since obliterate will be far better than plague strike + 1 howling blast when it comes to dumping unholy runes.
  11. You definitely don't want more haste for unholy. I'm 20 ilvl higher than you and only have 7% higher haste on the armory, and I feel like I have as much haste as I could ever need. I was playing frost in Highmaul so I had a lot of haste/multistrike gear when I first switched to unholy, and I had a lot of issues with rune capping, especially when I was going through a scourge strike spam phase of my rotation. The rotation is a lot smoother, and my dps is a lot higher now that I have more mastery/multistrike gear and a lot less haste. Definitely post some logs though, like our resident possessed ant eater said, there are a couple main points/concepts to necroblight that will make up the majority of your dps. Just rolling 15 stacks of NP correctly will do 20% of your total dps on gruul, and 40% of your dps on operator. and soul reapering immediately at 45% and then on CD afterwards will do another 10-15% of your total dps in just 15-20 attacks.
  12. Gargoyle does scale dynamically and since the trinket proc is only 10 seconds long. it's best to continue using gargoyle immediately on pull to get the most out of your pre-pot with gargoyle.
  13. In my experience the more healers the better for kromog, as long as you can still break everyone out of hands. a standard 2t/3h/5d or 2/4/9 is fine, but the hardest mechanics will be on your tanks and heals. and I've done it with a group that was something like 3/7/12. which eliminates most of the difficulty on your heals and tanks, but your aoe dps needs to be high to break everyone out during grasping hands. so really the priority goes like this 1.) Strong enough dps to break all the grasping hands quickly 2.) as many healers as you can fit while still doing #1 easily 3.) a third tank if you really need to 4.) ??? 5.) Loot
  14. Awesome, I'll check it out sometime and see what I can do with it
  15. iv

    So, heads up everyone, we have about 48 hours left, and 5 people signed up, 8 if you include mods, 9 we if throw Odinn in there too for being the news machine he is. That means as it stands everyone who's posted anything in this thread gets a shirt, and Storm gets 2 for being extra awesome. Tell all your friends, send your whole guild over here to post before the contest ends. at the rate we're going anyone who posts has a very high chance of getting a free shirt.