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  1. NEEERRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Just kidding! Very informative! Enjoyed the read!
  2. Well... If you must know, I honestly don't have an active WoW account. I'm simply a former player from the WOTLK era and am still staying interesting in the game!
  3. Can someone please test or confirm if multistrike procs produce demonic fury? Also, do demo pets (or lock pets in general) benefit from multistrike? Discussion: So if they don't, do you guys think that they should? Do you think that would be too OP or would that bring multristrike up in value as a stat?
  4. Has it been tested if Multistrike hits generate demonic fury?
  5. Please explain how you pull off this 3 demo bolt opener.
  6. Hope you get your heroic warforged ring to drop!
  7. Numbers haven't been balanced yet. So what it is currently means nothing once the numbers are finally adjusted. Right now they are testing mechanics of spells and rotation.
  8. Zagam, do you think it'd be OP to do both Agony and UA?
  9. Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator) Talents Cataclysm (Affliction) Conjures a cataclysm at the target location, dealing [ 375% [ 750% of Spell Power ] Shadowflame damage to all enemies within 0 yards, and applying Agony. The fact that Cata now applies Agony changes the dynamic of the spell a little bit. Does that change any of yalls minds about Afflic and Cata?
  10. Me love you long time if you do a fire one. Of course this is at your earliest convience :)
  11. I once flew across the country to pound out a 19 year old female that was a hunter in my guild at the time.
  12. Drain Soul animation > MS animation. That could be the nostalgia kicking in as i've been DSing mobs since vanilla.
  13. So Drain Soul is back and Maelific Grasp is gone. Drain Soul now has the same effects of Maelfic Grap. How do you guys feel about it? Can someone post the exact information from blizz? I'm at work and websensed!
  14. I'm really glad they are squishing the stats. The numbers seem easier to read at a glance. What is the difference between a crit of 4175289 and 42598275 at a glance. It's easier to read and understand at a glance.
  15. Stupid