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  1. Playing in EU but if this is true I couldn't be happier, people have been starting to hype hipsterstruction and mastering demo is looking a lot more attractive than mastering the abomination that is post wrath destro!
  2. I feel like I lack lots of DF during this opener, and if I meta for every single double HoG I have hardly any DF throughout the fight. Is the idea to only meta to refresh corr, amplify the dps of HoG and to do increased dps?
  3. I totally agree with you on the corruption thing, it would be functional, but out of hand, After tonights raid I think I got it slightly better, just need to get used to it. One thing I found was that I was holding back using HoG if I had dark soul coming up in 30 secs, unsure if this is the right thing to do. I was also using Meta whenever I used my 2nd HoG, which left me never ever having this 700-800 DF phase that is expressed in most guides. That being said when I used meta on my 2nd HoG I think I was dumping all my DF.
  4. I see your point, i'm pulling stupidly high numbers as affliction as i've got it town to a T, not to imply that it was a challenging thing to do. I can't ever remember struggling with affliction ever though, and demo has totally done one over on me,. This is purely my opinion but managing corr/doom on all targets is really horrible to do, it feels so much more streamline with affi, void ray is extremely unreliable too, really selective in what it targets, demo needs something to get corr on everything, it would get the ball rolling much faster. Pretty subjective rant this has been, but hey-ho, I always feel like there is something I can be doing as affi, and demo just doesn't have that, I find myself staring at my hotbar for a second or 2, and i'm not even using GoServ/impswarm as i'd rather I had sustained dps as opposed to burst as trinket procs are a harsh mistress. *Edit* Should really re-read by previous posts to stop repeating myself and sounding like a silly goose
  5. Starting to think this spec isn't for me. I just feel like it has no burst, like if I switch onto a mob that has low health I have nothing to do at all. Multi dotting is horrible, my opinion my change on boss fights but corruption just feels so hard to manage on trash pulls, too many mobs, having to maintain doom, having to use HoG to get 2 stacks as often as I can. There really is too much going on, facerolling GoSac is far easier than this!
  6. Much obliged. I'm TOTALLY new to this spec so it's gonna take some serious adaptation in the final week/two of this patch! Just need to try and not put myself off with the low numbers before the 5.2 buffs kick in, I will note that on the dummy i'm doing a bit more for a long long period of time as demo when compaired to affi, but affi scales crazy and eventually beats demo Edited because I thought about Heroic will and fights like Horridon in next patch, for adds I just wanna corr/doom and start ToC'ing them yeah? And no doubt soul fire when I have no fury as i'll have MC procs out my ass?
  7. Gonna have to ask another question yet pal :P In situations like elegon HC what spells do I want to use on the sparks as demo? Do I want to time HoGx2 when he finishes draw power? I'm just worrying about my burst for HC Elegon/HC tsulong since with affi i'd just pound my face into the keyboard
  8. Oh and yet another question. Why isn't the wrathguard grimoir miles ahead of a 20 second extra demon? 100% uptime 20% extra damage is surely superior? (except in AoE scenarios for double felstorm)
  9. Clusterfuck is very apt choice of words! Yeah I keep on getting mixed up with the grimoir names since I quit due to LH 25 HC boring me to death and skipped cata :P Really appreciate your advice anyhow dude. I've actually had to install affdots i'm getting that confused (i'm really minimalist) when previously I could keep track of which DoT's were affected with int procs manually I was that used to affliction!
  10. One final thing i'm confused with is using an even number DS. Do I want to DS then first HoG? or DS for my second HoG Meta? The second DS confuses me in general, basically if i'm popping DS as soon as it comes up (with 4pc) does it become more optimal to wait for 3rd DS to line up with 2nd GoSup/imp swarm or to just use 2nd GoSup then impswarm without DS? Or should only my intellect procs dictate these decisions? Whilst writing the thing about HoG my brain starting running riot, my bad. Does higher item lvl change anything as i'm 500 atm
  11. So it's just about using the 2nd HoG when you meta, using meta for excess fury/procs and using meta for when your wild imps/lolguard/darksoul are up? Guess it's not rocket science after all!
  12. Wow a bigger nerf to GoSac affliction. 5% was really plenty, demo is such an ugly spec, well at least that's what I could tell from playing it for the first time since I started WoW in black temple patch!
  13. This is gonna be really horrible and vague and contain a lot of questions so I apologize (again) in advance. I actually took the time to try demo today and whoa boy was I confused. I just can't get my head around opening and intellect procs at all! after reading this: **Hand of Guldan- The 'correct' way to use Hand of Gul'dan is to wait until there is less then 6s until you get 2 charges of HoG. You then want to use one charge, cast a few spells, and then clip shadowflame right before it runs out so you have ~5s of a one stack shadowflame, then 6s of a 2 stack shadowflame. Doing this correctly will make Hand of Gul'dan out-preform Chaos Wave virtually always, and makes Chaos Wave pretty useless in PvE. I got totally thrown, does that mean when I pop CD's at the start of the fight I want to trigget this 2 stack HoG before I pop meta? I really didn't even understand the part I copy pasted to be quite frank, basically I never want to HoG until I have 1 charge and 6 secs till another charge?
  14. Aye that's exactly what I meant with regard to the haunt/dots thing, doesn't hurt to cast the would-be uber dots with the haunt flying toward the boss incase you're only 2/3 shards and would rather not soulburn/soulswap so you can haunt right the way through procs/dark soul if you understand what I mean? You might waste 1/2 seconds of haunt but it beats wasting a full 8 second haunt! Assuming you assume that you are lucky enough to get a nightfall proc during darksoul time. BUT MORE TO THE POINT OF THIS THREAD! Glad to hear i'm roughly spot on with demonology and i'll take the time to read about imp swarm, thanks a lot for the advice!
  15. Zagam, your input is extremely appreciated, thanks man! One last thing though, with regard to procs. As with affliction it is bad for dps to use haunt with no intellect procs (I only use it when I have 2 or 3 of the following: jade spirit, lightweave, light of the cosmos) Are there any demonology specific spells that are unopportune to use without intellect procs? Or is it just metamorphisis? I realise I could probably save myself a lot of time by reading the icy veins demo guide more intently but I found with affliction only skilled player input (evrelia) really helped me play affliction to a higher standard. Once more thanks so much for your advice!