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  1. hello, i read your guide for frost mage, and i dont understand why in orange, you say 80 intel 180 haste In yello you say 310 haste why this difference? why not always 320 haste or always 80 intel + 180 haste? thank you
  2. hello solacespecs: You don't understand what I was saying. perhaps I use wrong words (english is not my first language), apologyse me. here is my gear: I think it is good. I am on the turtles, not on tortos. And melee dps are on tortos and when i say i have no time, I mean I have no time to cast: when I start casting, A turtle come and bump me. And when it is not a turtle, it's a rockfall so i have to stop casting and move. Oltier. the idea of cone of cold is interesting, but how can you do so much frostball? I'm always interup when i cast this (bump of turtles, earthquake, or rockfall)
  3. hello, it's me again, thanks for your advice for Horridon for my frost mage. He is not a problem any more for my raid. And my dps on him is now good. We also kill easily the concil of elders. my Dps was also good (never tempest I love you) and there is no difficulty on this fight. And now, ... we try Tortos It's not the same level :P We are 3 ranged DPS, (me( frost mage), a warlock, and a hunt). And they succed a lot of more than me. We are on the turtle, and only. not anought time to do other target. I just put my frosen orb in the bat to have fingers of frost. I use Never Tempest on the turtles, and then, i'm alway in move, because of turtle and rockfall. I cant stand to incant fostbolt. i'm not far to just dps with ice lance. I have even not the time to refresh my invocation. So I choose incanter's ward, but it's weak :/ If we don't regard the burst on tortos at the beginning of the fight, the warlock and the hunt are about 100kdps, whan I am about 65kdps... I feel a little weak have you ever done this boss in frost? have you some tips for this fight? thank you :)
  4. thanks for answer. In my case, our raid is well packed, so the add too. That's why i think Frost Bomb is better in my case. But effectively, i cannot buff horridon when fighting add. So i will try this for use nethertempest, do you use a sort of macro? /cast nethertempest; focus nextarget; /cast nethertempest; ... ? or you focus add one after one? Have you special macro for this fight?
  5. hello, I try to improve myself on horridon. I read the guide for frost mage on the site, and i have some questions about best choice for glyph and talent on this fight. 4 glyph seems to be good, for 3 places only. I think about Glyph of Ice lance Glyph of water elemental Glyph of cone of cold and Glyph of remove curse (for the last door) Most of add seems to be insensible to stun, etc... so, do you use Ice ward, freeze, and frost Nova? thank you for your answer, and apologyse for my english, but it's not my first language :)
  6. thak your for your answers, i will try this.
  7. hello, when I use Rune of power, i have the icon with my buff, but no timer. Do you use any addon to have timer? I try with Weakaura, but i fail. thank for your answers