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  1. just got out from tes raid and i have noticed a little improvement,like for exam protectoros in tes,when combat start i have used all cd and my burst was 180k+ and when the fight was finished i was 72k,not bad with that formula i have made ,but still i thnik retri can make at least 85l+ with this gear tbh but wil see ty again and i ll keep this monitoring .(still having problem to understand this logs of combat how to post ...)
  2. ty man for the help,will try that in the raid asap ,will post the result
  3. i have registered acc on world of logs but now it tells me to join some guild or make one,i have migrated yeasterday from outland and now i am without guild so dunno how to make that yet but will investigate,meanwhile if u can post the best result formula to input in clc ret addon it would be great meanwhile i ll try these 2 option u posted and let u know
  4. hello there,i am looking for some help if any1 can do it well for some time when panda comes something is happening with my dps ,well in the lfr i am usualy top dps when i want to play (slackking often:) but when i do 10 man normal or hc problem appear as the fight start i usually pop all i got for max burst and that result i high dps but as fight goes on my dps is droping and usually finish like 50-60k depends on the boss i am using addon clc ret but imo something is not right in that rotation or i have messed up something,as far i can see there is a lot of discussion based on priority rotation for clc ret in the section rotation to type so far i was using defaullt build as i instaled clc adon and that is : inq tv5 how exo cs j tv3 with this combo testing on dummy my burst was at 80k and slowly falls till 55-60k,have tried couple other formulas to type but no luck to increase dps,so i am doing something bad and i cant figure out what,so i need advice from exp retri players this is my armory char http://eu.battle.net...aleriuss/simple and my world logs didnt track so far but if need i can create acc and post that but dunno how yet here is the ss for clcret and default rotation formula http://i49.tinypic.com/24l1qf8.jpg i am using mr robot for enchants gems reforge,as it tells me i am full tuned up but still no idea why dps loss so conclusion retri 495 with 65k dps ,hm bad thing