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  1. overwatch

    Haha, these are great skin concepts! I think my favorites are volleyball Winston and tennis Junkrat!
  2. rawr!
  3. Icey Veins... YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE!!!
  4. little spoon
  5. pencil
  6. finger
  7. Tried it, confused the heck outta me... Had no idea what I was doing! I guess I'll have to say don't enjoy SimCraft....
  8. Good point! Here is my question now that you've got me thinking about it... So my opening moves go, Unleash Elements, Flame Shock, Stormstrike, Lava Lash (I'm using Echo of the Elements and Unleash Fury). When it comes time to refreshing my Flame Shock on an enemy would you suggest using Stormstrike/Lava Lash if they are off cooldown, or is it more important to keep the 100% uptime on Flame Shockl?
  9. Voted for Dailies and Raiding! Besides that I think most my time is spent looking for transmog gear or leveling alts!!
  10. Doesn't that all depend on what you pick for your tier 6 talent? With Unleash Fury doesn't that put Unleash Elements as top priority?
  11. Yup! That is one of my favorite places to quest!!
  12. Alright, here's mine!
  13. Thats in Org!! Its the west side of VoH!!!!
  14. How about Icy Vein Challenges? Send people out in the world (of warcraft) to do weird, unusual, cool, epic, unheard of things? A way to let people show off their skills!!
  15. Gumdrops and lollypops, yum!