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  1. I don't like it. The idea of a smaller, less conventional map is really nice, but it feels really anticlimactic on winning (and even worse on losing). Every other map has a good alternative to taking the objective, but I've never seen anyone win without winning most of the objectives. That feels kinda bad. Still, it's a fun map for teamfights and ganks. =)
  2. heroes

    I suspect that some of the issue with Lunara is that people aren't used to seeing her in the team yet. The few times I've encountered her in Quick Match, her success has very much been dependent upon her positioning and how good the team peels are. She actually did quite well in half of my matches alongside/against her. I also disagree with the Morales idea. Honestly, if you have a Morales you need to worry about her being blown up - so you need to peel more for her. The same is true of Lunara, only if you have both of them then you need to worry doubly so! It seems to me like pairing her with an aggressive support like Tyrande or Tassadar might help, especially if they can shut down Butchers and so on. I certainly found that ETC could keep her going alright for the same reasons. Then again, I play Quick Match, so take all that with a pinch of salt.
  3. Hey, I like the Zeebro guide but I was wondering whether other Level 17 talents are worth a mention. Dead Rush seems to be quite popular and remarkably effective, and it would be nice to have some insight into why that is. Cheers!
  4. I think that bigger heals are not what we really needed. Let's face it, one never feels like ones heals just don't do enough on their own. But then, I guess there's only a limited amount you can do in a smallish update.
  5. I commented about this on Twitter today: Chain Heal. Chain Heal. Chain Heal. Pop big cooldown. Chain Heal. Everything is grey/red and Orcish. This is just SoO again, right? :P
  6. *shudder* Less absorbs all round. The fewer, the better! :P
  7. I'm only partially joking when I say that anyone seriously suggesting this is going to feel Mod wrath. NO. I actually really like that idea. It's never going to make CBT [note: it's not called Condensation Totem any more!] OP, but it does make it more interesting rotationally. My only concern is that it's a Water totem and therefore makes one feel like Persistence is essential if you spec for CBT. I'd move it to Air totems as a result, but that's a comparatively small change. All RSham healing spells should benefit from Mastery already. While this seems fun, I really don't think that Shaman in general need yet another cooldown button to press. We have plenty of those and not everybody needs a tank cooldown, that would be dull. Now, I was going to try to respond in detail the the OP, but honestly I think it suffices to say that although Chain Heal is part of the problem, I don't think that the problems are as outlined above. I would say that the main problem with Chain Heal is that it is the entirety of our response to raid damage, which pins our spell choice to "Chain Heal or don't Chain Heal". Additionally, I think that the targeting choices which Chain Heal forces are actually really interesting in terms of gameplay if it's part of a toolbox for tackling raid healing. But it's on its own, which ruins everything. I think that two things would be interesting; 1) introduce a lower healing, lower mana cost alternative to Chain Heal without the chaining mechanic, 2) make Tidal Waves a resource for RShaman. By that, I mean that we should have more ways of generating (and more ways of spending) Tidal Waves. That introduces a kind of dynamism into our rotation that doesn't entirely exist at the moment. I think that I'd be okay with much of Shaman mechanics staying the same, it's just that at the moment the combination of poor mobility, poor spread healing, low health prioritization, and poor efficiency is conspiring to make us difficult to play well. If we could alleviate some of those limitations (in my examples, the latter two) then we can play around the others. I don't think that all of the limitations of the class should be taken away, because that would actually make gameplay more boring. Anyway, that's just what I'd thought about before reading this thread. I'm sure I'll think of something better.
  8. I do think that you can be positive about the class, though. It's not like we're completely irrelevant right now, so holding out and just trying to play your best isn't actively punishing your raid in most cases. That's an upside, right?
  9. Updated a typo in my original post, so the penultimate paragraph makes a lot more sense: I think that the final part of that quote (bold is mine for emphasis) is the real discussion point here. When a lot of the theorycraft around this was being done, we had only initial estimates of the healing model and a lot of hype from Blizzard about triage healing. The most relevant question to ask now is whether we are actually in the type of situation where not immediately topping someone from 70% will get them killed. That's perhaps a better way of phrasing "at 70% HP, do we really care about our throughput?". Up until this point, the answer has been broadly "no". I can point to a lot of Highmaul fights and show you situations where players in my raid were at 50% or lower for an extended period of time and survived, but I'm starting to think that that's no longer the case in BRF. The more I play of it, the more it looks like we're drifting back towards the "a player not topped is a player about to die" mentality. Perhaps we're not quite in that position yet, but I am really starting to question whether next tier we will be looking back at Highmaul and saying "Hey, remember triage healing? That was fun." And at that point, Mastery is going to be a very niche stat indeed. So, right now I think that Mastery is still just about the best, but the healing environment feels like it's drifting rapidly towards the point where Mastery will stop being de facto the best stat.
  10. Maybe I misinterpreted the thrust of the OP a bit in my response (though I do stand by what I said). What I think it boils down to is that RSham are still viable to run in high-end Mythic content, but somewhat harder to accommodate than other specs. Is your raid willing/able to take the extra difficulty of using an RSham to its potential (and mitigating its weaknesses)? If so, there's no real need to switch classes unless you really want to. On the other hand, if your raid isn't able to take the hit in difficulty (or you personally are feeling like the hit in difficulty isn't worth it), it's definitely a reasonable decision to change to a different healing spec. You wouldn't be crazy to do so in the current environment, that's for sure. I guess that was what the thrust of my first post was trying to aim towards. Either way, good luck and let us know how you get on =)
  11. So here's an interesting thing; the extra Chain Heal procs only on cast not on hit, so Multistrike doesn't help. Hast might gain some weight if you really cared about proccing it as often as possible, but (say) 10% Haste gets you 10% more Chain Heals which at an 8% proc rate (IIRC) gets you 0.1*0.08=0.008, i.e. 0.8% more procs Chain Heals. That doesn't seem massively worth it to me on the face of it. [Edit: slight change to wording in red to remove ambiguity.] Personally, I think that Spirit weighting has more to do with your trinkets than your procs. Actually, I think that the 4pc proc is more likely to increase the number of Chain Heals you cast rather than decrease it, so if anything your mana spend goes (paradoxically) upwards. That does depend on your playstyle though; if your style is just to use the proc whenever you can and not try to proc it more using more Chain Heal casts, it will actually be more efficient that way. So the question is; are you going to be spamming Chain Heal more anyway? If not, then Spirit's weight might go down slightly (but I wouldn't change the priority just due to the 4pc proc). Otherwise, Spirit is actually going to be even more desirable! :-)
  12. I liked to use Windwalk and SLT at the same time on Ko'ragh when the Unleash Magic: Frost came up. Mitigated some damage, kept people alive while running around, and made it all happen faster. There are small things like this which crop up all the time, it's just hard to notice them in the middle of a fight sometimes.
  13. I spent a lot of time looking at the relative benefits of different stats during the MoP -> WoD transition. I definitely have ideas on this topic, and if you want to know where I'm getting my numbers from you can find it well documented here. What it boils down to is this; are the relative stat weights for Crit and Mastery reflective of what we care about? Well, that very strongly depends upon the target's health. Most stat weights for Mastery (certainly the recommendations which we make in the IV RSham guide) are based on the assumption that the target health is 50%. At this level, Mastery outweights Crit by a long way. However, your question is looking at the numbers for when target health is at 70%. What happens then? I can run the numbers with my little program and tell you that at 70% health, Mastery is worse than Crit by about 7% for a general rotation in terms of raw throughput. So yes, you are technically accurate when you say that if your target is at 70% health you'd be better off having Crit. However If a target is at 70% health, do you really care about getting 7% more out of your stats? I would say that in that case I don't, because in that range my Druid friend is going to stick a Rejuv on him and I can move onto a higher priority target. My concern is for those people at 50% health, which I tend to see often. In that case, I care very much about getting extra healing out (and Mastery is massively better). Where do they cross? At about the point where I start caring about the target's HP; roughly 65%. That's the real difficulty with the discussion around Mastery - you have to make a value judgement about when you want to start caring about your overall throughput. But then again, if you're worrying about your throughput at 70%, why are you stacking Crit? Mastery Multistrike [typo] is significantly stronger than Crit at all item levels and is free and has a slightly lower chance of overhealing. To me, that would make it a more attractive stat. To still further question; if you're that worried about your throughput near 70% HP, why not go for Haste? Its throughput is close to that of Mastery even when the target's HP is at 50% and at 70% it massively outshines all other stats. Let's face it, if your raid is at 70% for most healing then you can afford to adapt your playstyle around Haste to try to snipe the HoTs. So that's my perspective. You may disagree there, but my value judgement (and that of other theorycrafters) is that we care much more about middle-low HP players than we do about high HP ones, and until this point the WoD healing model has broadly supported that. :-)
  14. You know, this is the Resto Shaman topic that turns up again and again and again over more raid tiers and expansion packs than any other. I have seen this crop up so often and every time I have different thoughts. This time, I think that Vixsin's recent appearance on FinalBossTV had a good go at the discussion. Put short: RShaman have always been designed into a niche, but it's a niche that there is limited demand for in any given tier, and the demand for that niche tends to lessen as expansions advance. At the root of it all are two factors; Chain Heal and Mastery. We're effectively bound to the niche where everyone is stacked up tight and staying on low health for extended periods. That's where the class has the highest potential. Problem is, those two caveats don't intersect very often (if at all). We see time and time again that if you have a RSham in your raid you feel forced into taking decisions which keep your group as clumped up as possible. While that can be made viable, it's not exactly fun to feel constrained like that, either for the raiders or for the healer themselves. In every other aspect, Resto Shaman are middle-of-the-pack at best. One can compensate for that. One can just play better and be satisfied by having to work harder than other classes to achieve similar results. Arguably, that's what RShaman do in non-Mythic groups. But overcoming the barriers put in place by class mechanics doesn't feel rewarding because one doesn't actually get any tangible reward for it. As Vixsin said; our Mastery and our Chain Heal are full of history, full of flavor, and work beautifully and elegantly in a niche. But those niches aren't in much demand, and we have little recourse outside of that. Maybe, just maybe, after years of trying to make this model work, RShaman need to be rebuilt. Maybe Mastery needs to be changed. Maybe Chain Heal needs to be replaced. Maybe. Until then, if your RSham is keeping up with you in your raid, you know they're better than you are. That's just enough to keep me playing.
  15. Pandacho's comments are pretty comprehensive. Nice to see you back, Amygdalla. :)