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hearthstone Hearthstone World Championship Standings

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With the format clarified and the competition in full effect, Blizzard has provided an official leaderboard for point standings in the quest to reach the year-end Hearthstone World Championship.


The original post follows:


The road to the Hearthstone World Championship has begun in earnest, and players are already dueling away through Top 100 finishes on the Ranked Play Ladder, officially sanctioned Hearthstone Tournaments, and select Fireside Gatherings to earn Hearthstone World Championship points.


Follow your favorite players on their quest to become the 2015 Hearthstone World Champion with our new Hearthstone World Championship Standings page! The Hearthstone World Championship Standings page will be updated after point-giving events and at the end of each Ranked Play season.


Who will sling their way to ultimate Hearthstone glory? Join us and see as we make our way down the road to the Hearthstone World Championship.


You can find the new leaderboard over on the Hearthstone site, and see up-to-date rankings at any time:


Household names in the Hearthstone scene like Kolento, RDU, and Firebat (last year's world champion) are all currently doing well on the ladder with early point acquisitions.

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