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Heroes of the Storm Arthas

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Good old Arfas, being extremely dangerous with sindragosa in a combo team, with a gazlowe and a KT its really scary to face those 3 togheter


Goodguide, keep the hard work

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Hey guys! 


In accordance with the Chromie patch, we completely overhauled Arthas' talent builds! Enjoy and let us know what you think! 


- Kendric

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I build a slightly "hybrid" Arthas which I find extremely potent as a tanky bruiser - and is not yet listed here. So, here we go :

1 - Frostmourne quest (mainly for the mana regen it provides, although the damage increase is fairly nice to burst a target down)

4 - Biting cold (frozen tempest damage) : allows for a strong teamfight presence - as sizeable as a dehaka's Dark swarm, except it's nearly permanent AoE damage and slow.

7 - Immortal Coil : makes you deceptively tanky, and is a strong single target ability. As a tank, with these talents only you have one of the strongest possible single target burst available in the game. Combine AA with biting cold, Frostmourne Hungers and Death coil and you take a huge chunk of life out of any hero (especially more fragile assassins) while restoring some of your health back.

10 - Sindragosa's Breath. I find this ult to be the best amongst the 2 available for the sheer lot of opportunities it offers to your team. First, it's a very reliable engage tool - or disengage one if you want to cover your allies' retreat, but this is situational. Then, its very long range allows for chases accross the map. Once again, you might not be the one who finishes off ennemy heroes, but the 60% base slow is huge. Also, it usually scares the ennemy team a LOT. The slow makes their positionning very hard, and since you can cast it from very far away, the ennemy team will probably be caught off guard.

13 - Trail of winter (don't remember the exact talent name, the one that allows you to root everyone on a straight line). Now this, to my mind, is the best talent available at this tier because it has soooo many uses. As Arthas, you must think of yourself as a bulky peeler who will frighten ennemy assassins and cover for yours. This talent makes you able to reliably land your howling blast thanks to the increase in range, while also making you able to root both their front and backlane. This is very important because then your assassins can easily go for those pesky backlane heroes (hello Valla/Morales !) who are the only threat to Arthas or his teammates, while your ennemy bruisers will be completely shut down. Although in some rare situations I guess the attack speed reduction might be better (if you have to peel vs an Illidan for example), I definitely think this talent is the best one.

16 - Remorseless winter. This allows your frozen tempest to root, meaning any target that you locked with your howling blast will quite possibly be rooted again very quickly, while any warrior/support that would come to the rescue of said target will be rooted if they stay in your vicinity. Needless to say, this can completely shut down ennemy squishies, and while they will probably use their mobility tools to escape you, that will leave the field completely open to your team. Since you have good self-sustain, you can take a good lot of punishment while pushing your way through, staying into the fray for the 3 secs it takes for remorseless winter to proc, and seeing your ennemies panic as they get rooted while you calmly walk away, casting death coil to keep you alive. Chances are, many of their team will try to slow you advance, or throw their stuns at you - leaving the way completely open for your assassins. And if they don't, well they'd better be ready to pay for it, because your damage is far from neglectible.

20 - 2 choices here, although I often favor Absolute Zero, Anti-Magic Shell is also a viable option. Both are pretty self-explanatory, and while Absolute Zero allows for exceptionnal engages (for real though. The AoE root followed by a slow on a very large area is a game-changer) Anti-Magic Shell should be taken against teams that can burst you like crazy.

Best synergy so far : Jaina. Jaina is exceptionnal with this build, as both heroes complete each other.

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18 hours ago, Guest Gumbi said:

Hey, I think Arthas is one of the best Illadin counters, not other way around.

Can you explain more why you think so? I'm not doubting you, it's just helpful to have more information.

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On September 11, 2016 at 8:32 AM, Guest Gumbi said:

Hey, I think Arthas is one of the best Illadin counters, not other way around.

I'd guess if you take the attack speed slow at level 13 and the root effect on your E, he can become a problem for Illidan. As you can tell, I don't even know talent or ability names here so don't trust me too much on this one.

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Hey everyone! 

It is my pleasure to present to you the newly converted (and updated) Arthas Guide! 

Good luck and have fun on the battlefield! 

- Kendric

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