Need help with Ask Mr. Robot weights - 480 ilvl spriest

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I've been using Ask Mr Robot optimizer for ages and now it seems that they're focusing only on well geared folks - the option to use Sub Tier 14 gearing strategy was removed from the optimizer. Now Mr. Robot forces my spriest to optimize into haste, while there is no way for me to reach 25% haste at 480 ilvl (I dinged 90 not long ago).

Can you guys help me on how to set the weights myself so that they're equivalent to the 'sub 25% haste' profile?

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Haste is now our most important secondary stat. Even between +dot breakpoints.

There's no reason not to reforge for Hit (to cap) > Haste > Crit = Mastery.

There's a recent discussion here between the Ask Mr Robot dudes and HowToPriest (the only relevant exclusive Priest web resource) folk about optimizing AMR for Spriests.

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what's the toon you're trying to tune?

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