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brawlers guild Patch 5.3 - Brawler's Guild Updates

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In Patch 5.3, there will be two new tiers of Brawler's Guild fight. You can count on us to cover them, as well as to complete our offering of guides for rank 8 fights.

Blizzard Official WoW Blog


As more and more Blood-Soaked Invitations have been procured through the Black Market Auction House or distributed by ranking Brawler’s Guild members, the dark recesses of Stormwind and Orgrimmar echo with the sounds of epic battles. In Patch 5.3, Brawler’s Guild will be receiving some exciting changes which will offer members new challenges, unique rewards, and the ability to relive some of your favorite encounters. If you think you’ve mastered the arena, wait until you see what’s in store!

To start, two new tiers will offer Brawler’s Guild members the opportunity to reach rank 10, and will introduce eight new bosses. We don’t want to ruin the surprise and explain each fight, though, so it’ll be up to you to discover who these mighty foes are, and what they can do. Trust us, you’ll need plenty of Healing Potions.

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Also new to the system are Challenge Cards. Whether out in the world fishing, doing some Archeology, or just sightseeing and finding a musically-talented grummle to /dance with, these new cards can be used to open up a quest and gain access to twelve new exclusive bosses! Keep a close lookout for the words, “RETURN TO BRAWLER'S GUILD.”

Now, it goes without saying that certain Brawler’s Guild boss encounters have been memorable for those who were able to survive. In Patch 5.3, we’re adding the ability to revisit past fights! Once you’ve defeated a tier or Challenge Card boss, you can then visit an NPC who sells Challenge Cards for each fight, allowing you the opportunity to repeat the encounter. For those of you who’d love another shot at taking down Epicus Maximus, this will be your chance.

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So, you’ve had a busy day avoiding laser beams and gnashing teeth, and now you just want to relax. Why not visit the VIP lounge? Keep in mind that you’ll need to reach a certain rank to join the upper echelon of Brawler society, but obstacles like that never got in your way, right? For the Alliance, you’re already familiar with the roped-off doorway that leads to the mysterious area overlooking Bizmo’s Brawlpub. Spill blood, earn recognition, and you will be able to head on up! For the Horde, Garrosh begrudgingly loaned out a zeppelin to Brawl’gar Arena, where you can find refreshment and a scenic view!

From new, visually stimulating fights, to boss duos that will haunt you in your sleep, be prepared to laugh and cry, often at the same time! Oh, and if anyone asks, we’ve never spoken to each other. . . .


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