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hearthstone Hearthstone Ladder Update: Luffy and Chessdude Fighting It Out on NA

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We previously reported that Sjow was the early pace setter on the American and European servers. He has since lost both top spots. Chessdude123 and Luffy are fighting it out on the Americas, while last month's European number one, Loyan, is currently back in the same position again.

Luffy is not often seen around the tournament scene, but is regarded as one of the best aggro players in the world on ladder. He tweeted out the deck that he made legend with, and later implied that it was also the deck he claimed the top position on NA with.

However, while Luffy was keeping an eye on Sjow, Chessdude123 was making a seriously strong run at the lead. Chessdude was nearly five hours into his stream and, after winning at number 55 legend, had decided he was done for the night after "one or two more games". He won a couple more games and then declared he would stop when he lost a game. After another three hours, and a total of sixteen consecutive wins, he was on top of the pile. This surprised Luffy who asked Twitter:

Chessdude tweeted out his Malygos Rogue list:

The two players have since traded the position back and forth, and we will be sure to let you know how it ends up.

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