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hearthstone Three Championship Events in the Next Three Weeks

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The Spring Championships for Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Americas begin this coming weekend, in what should be three great weeks of Hearthstone action.

At the end of those three weeks, we will know who is going to take their place alongside AmnesiacNaiman, DDaHyoNi, and Breath in the World Championship at BlizzCon later this year. This time around, the Championship events are going to be played as single elimination best of seven Conquest, with a ban. This format will require a much wider understanding of matchups than usual, and we can expect to see some classes that do not always get much exposure.

First up on June 11-12 is the Europe Championship. This will feature Crane333, Loyan, Thijs, AKAWonder, Iner, Casie, GeorgeC, and Turna. With a stacked lineup like that, it promises to be a great event. We will have a preview of this later in the week. Sottle, from Icy Veins, is a member of the casting team for this Championship.

The following two weeks will feature the APAC Championship, and then the Americas Championship. All three events will be streamed on the official Hearthstone channel on Twitch.


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