[Turalyon][H] <Durotar Dungeoneers> LFM for Mythic. 7/7H 3/3N

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<Durotar Dungeoneers> was formed in July 2016 but holds a strong bond since 2009. The leaders are past and present experienced raiders that have held a tight friendship throughout the years. We are looking for more players like ourselves to push progression. We seek players that:

  •  are both competent and competitive on a two-night schedule,
  •  can handle constructive criticism,
  •  fit into our fun, mature atmosphere in game and on discord,
  •  hold 90% attendance for raids.

We're especially in need of competent hybrid DPS (DPS/Heal and DPS/Tank).

If you are not interested in raiding, we are looking for players for other aspects such as achievements and MYTHIC+ dungeons.

(7/7H 3/3N) Core Needs:
***WE WILL STILL CONSIDER IF NOT LISTED BELOW! Core spots are available as we're looking to enter mythic ASAP.



** Please have a competent DPS spec and be willing to use it.
Priest (Medium)
Restoration Druid (Medium)
Holy Paladin (Low)

Mage (High)
Shadow Priest (High)
Elemental Shaman (Medium)
Warlock (High)

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 9PM-1AM EST
Thursday 9PM-1AM EST

Loot Distribution:
We use guild masterlooter along with RCLootCouncil to distribute gear. This distribution depends on performance, attendance, and attitude. Also, people that have received gear are recorded so no one is left behind or favored.


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LFM exceptional players

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