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Syndicatë (H) US-Bleeding Hollow - 11/13M


Raids: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST Mon,Tues,Wed
Apply Online:
Trial Period: 1-2 weeks
Loot: Loot Council


- Ranged DPS

- Rogue

- Enhancement Shaman

- Retribution Paladin
- If your class is not on this list - apply anyway - always open to exceptional applicants!

Ideal applicants:
We are looking to supplement our main raid group with mature, and punctual players. Ideal applicants strive to improve their gameplay, and play consistently from pull to pull. You should be open to constructive criticism. You need to be comfortable with log analysis to identify and fix your problem areas. Above all, you communicate with your team effectively. You also research fights in advance, and know that there is a difference between reading about a fight, and understanding a fight.

About Us:
Syndicatë is a hardcore guild looking to progress through mythic content quickly, and efficiently. We are a well organized team founded by raiders that have been playing the game for years. We understand that a guild is like a second family, and strive to maintain a guild with a warm and positive environment. While our primary focus is on end-game raiding, our members frequently enjoy other activities together such as dungeons, challenge modes,, pvp, and even other games (overwatch, diablo, hots, etc…). Great guild for making friends, and progressing through mythic content in Legion. 

We utilize a variety of tools to ensure that the end game raiding experience is as efficient as possible including live logging & analysis, live streaming, strategy documentation (video / images / guides), and addons (such as exorsus, dbm, weakauras, and angry assignments). We also host a forum, and a showcase of our progression to date on our website.

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update as per recruiting demands, and progression

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