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Any tips on dealing with secret hunter?  I almost always just get out tempoed by a cloaked huntress early then beaten to death by a bow.  If I can avoid this, I generally am forced to play around snipe and have to delay my auctioneer turn and end up getting shut out by call of the wild.  This match up feels very frustrating.  Out of the six to eightish games I have played against hunter tonight (around rank 10 currently) every single one of them have been secret hunter, and I lost all but one, because he was the only hunter who didn't get an early huntress.

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On 9/29/2016 at 1:01 PM, VaraTreledees said:

Any tips on dealing with secret hunter?

It might be worth using your mulligan to push hard for removal for the huntress. Evis, Posion, Backstab etc.

Anything that stops her sticking.

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Problem is that quite often, the damage is already done by then: Turn 3 Eaglehorn Bow; Turn 4 Cloaked Huntress + between 1 and 3 secrets... If he gets a Snipe and a Cat Trick out, he's golden, even if the Huntress eats removal immediately. Whatever happens (*) his bow will last him until he can bring Savannah Finemane and Call of the Balanced into play.


(*) You could try teching an Acidic Swamp Ooze in as well. It'll eat the Snipe, but waste the bow.

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