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Second opinion on logs- Blood DK

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Our guild had our first go on EN last night and downed 3 bosses and got in some solid work on the 4th.  If anyone has the time and inclination, would you mind having a look at our logs for my performance only, as Shells our Blood DK. 


I had a poke around myself and a few things stick out for me.  I seemed to be low enough on self heals. I reckon I was overcapping on Bone Shield and rune starving myself for HS to build up RP for DS.  (By overcapping I mean I was well over the 5-6 min level  needed and could have been wasting charges)





Thanks in advance.

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I can only tell from my experience on hero, that you need to change your tank-swapping if you want to do heroic mode at some point.

The protwarri took every rend flesh and you every overwhelm. This will be a problem in heroic, consider to tank like this:

Could be a little bit difficoult to taunt at the right moment but after 3-4 trys it will get easier.

And Il'gynoth, i personaly use dancing rune weapon 5-6 secons after the pull, so im able to get 10 stacks boneshield for the fury and ~60% parry (on the first fury not necessary but on high stacks you cant rely on parry, tried DRW on a 4 stack fury and parried one hit, so purgatory got me). It also means you will have DRW ready for the second p1 when the tentacles spawn again. The delay of 5-6sec will give you ~3-4sec DRW on the second fury, so you can delay vamp blood and get a few seconds for the third one and use runetap for the last few seconds (if talented), or ask for an external, or play with purgatory and our holy pally gives me lay on hands.

If you dont want to rely on externals or purgatory you could use blood mirror for 20% DR and little extra dps on the tentacles but it could be a close one based on the stacks. For the laser-add I like to skill runetap, first cast only runetap, second cast runetap & antimagic shell. After you taunt the add back (when your stacks expired) you can use first the first one runetap again, and for the second vamp blood. I think 25% DR is more usefull than ~10% more stamina on this burst damage.

Cant tell much about the other fights. Based on your healing-setup dk will end up overhealing. Some times more, some times less. If the healer finished a cast just after a melee hit your DS will overheal. But to cap your RP the whole time and wait for a moment where you drop dangerous low and heal you with DS is false. Just dont cap RP, keep 3 runes recharging. Overcapping boneshield isn't that big of a problem, on Il'gynoth I was overcapping it often just to avoid that it runs out. Cant see any big problems in your logs

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One thing which catched my eye ist, that you have a lot of time where you have more than 3 runes available. There are even several situation where you cap out at 6 runes.

You are blood boiling quite a lot in fights like Ursoc where there are no adds. Blood boiling is fine, if you don't have resources to spend on other things, but you have >= 2 Runes ready for the majority of the fight.

Usually there is not need to hold on to Runes as a Blood DKs. Check for example Shiro:

For the entire fight he never has more than 2 Runes ready.

So in summary, do more useful stuff instead of boiling blood.

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Cheers guys


I found myself holding back a bit on Ursoc on the tank swop as my threat was still high on and our wipe I was taking threat back quite easily (which lead to the wipe).


Your point about the bloodboils is a good one, thank you Benhoof. Also, me capping at 6 runes is not good at all, will fix my WA to help me track that. 

Really appreciate the feedback.

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I looked through the logs and i am a little lazy so i just check ilgynoth.

i noticed that ams had only been used once on the adds explosion(if i can interpetat logs correctly xD)

On normal it might not be a problem but if you plan on going hc at some point and maybe even mythic
you should have it for the 3rd eye of fate, as that normally does around 4-5m dmg without mitigation.

other than that i think things have been higlighted :P

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Thanks for that Desruc. 


I need to use AMS more as its an awesome ability. My co DK tank pointed out that I need to be more proactive with DRW too and not to save it for later.

We are progressing Heroic atm and struggling on Ursoc with the tank swop. Here are logs of last nights attempt, we spent an hour digging away at it. Tried the updated DBM, then tried a set of WA for Ursoc, the charge seems to bring an issue with messing up timers which is a bit of a pita.

Its one of the worst fights I have tanked in a long time. This could be just down to me messing up swops with my co tank ofc but its frustrating. Reading more on it today and I am wondering if I am just over complicating it. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  

Id like to think that I am a good enough player for Heroic and by extension, Mythic + but Mythic raiding would be out of my comfort zone. (Probably, as I have never tried it and its too late to get in a tank in this expansion)

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